How to Read Auras And The Meaning of Each Color

How to Read Auras And What is the Meaning of Each Color

All living creatures, including us, humans, have a special connection with the universe. Learn to read auras and meaning of each color.

The ancient spiritual teachings from the far East teach a lot about the energy of the universe and the relation between the micro and the macro cosmos.

All of us are the universe and the ‘creator’ is the universe too, there is a huge energy circulating all around us and all of us have their own energy fields.

In most of our articles on this kind of topics, we explain that probably the best advice to make a person happy and fulfilled is to vibrate positive (HIGH FREQUENCY) energy all around them.

Negative people are blasting out of low-frequency vibrations. However, this is just the basic, something that we all know.

The extra-sensitive people and the empaths are way more advanced when it comes to recognizing, absorbing and accumulating energy.

They see the energy auras around our bodies. Sometimes when u walk past someone you can steal his energy and vice versa.

Sometimes if you enter/ someone enters yours/theirs energy field, it may result in confrontation or conflict situation without any particular sane reason.

This all happens because of the energy auras all around us that most of us are totally unaware of.

If we know a couple of things about the auras, their colors and meaning, we will be better prepared for ‘the real world’ and spiritually stronger.

Explanations of the color in any aura

Different Aura Colours and What They Mean

Explanations of the color in any aura


The people surrounded by red aura are most enthusiastic and energetic individuals who are always ready for a new adventure.

They may be impulsive and fast, they want to try everything and taste everything. However, their dangerous approach may put them in unpleasant and dangerous situations.

Read Aura people are also quick to anger and have a tiny temper. On the other hand, they are mostly intelligent, self-confident and brave.

Red Aura people are risk-takers and they adapt fast, so they are very successful professionally and, also, can become extremely wealthy.

The worst side of the Red Aura people is their constant deficit of attention. They want and need to be always on top, the center of the universe.



People with dominant yellow aura are the analytical, intelligent and logical people. They are not careless, but very cautious.

They over calculate everything and most of them are workaholics who are strongly focused on their material world.

Yellow aura people are not the ‘relationship’ type of people, but at the same time, they are very resistant to stress, depression, anxiety etc. They have a strong mental profile.

They are happy with their own and extremely self-sufficient. Unlike the others, they enjoy loneliness and at the same time, they are great communicators and know how to socialize.

However, their socialization is seen as an obligation, not need. They don’t make friends easily, and if they do, their friends are also people with yellow aura- intelligent and hardworking.

Intense self-criticism and perfectionism is also common for yellow aura people.