How To Read Aura Colors: 14 Aura Colors And What They Say About Your Personality


Aura Colors What They Say About Your Personality

Why are some people highly intuitive, some are adventurous and some are innovative while some others copycats? How can some people be highly ambitious, while others are satisfied with a mediocre life? Why do we get negative vibes from some people and positive vibes from others?  The answer is Aura colors!

You must have heard about the energy of the universe. Right? There is also energy all around us but most of us are unaware. This energy is AURA, originating from the Greek word for “breeze.” It is an unseen field of energy surrounding our physical body and indicates our mood, vibes, and emotions. Different people have different levels of energy and hence different aura colors. 

There are highly sensitive people and empaths who are gifted with the ability to identify, absorb and accumulate other people’s energy. They can also see the energy auras around our body and some are capable of stealing your energy. 

The aim of this post is to give you insights into what are the different aura colors, how to read your own aura color and the meaning of each aura. This post is to help you gain aura awareness and start with your self-discovery.

Knowing your aura color and type of energy you have and how it influences your personality can help you know yourself, better, prepare for the real world and become spiritually stronger.

what are the different aura colors
Human aura colors meaning

How to read aura colors?

First method –

Relax your mind and stare at your hand for one minute. Stay focused and scan the outer lining of your hands without moving your eyes.

The glow radiating from the outer lining of your hand is your aura color. 

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Second method –

Here are few simple steps to read your aura:

  1. Stand in front of the mirror.
  2. Make sure there is a white background behind you.
  3. Start looking at yourself in the mirror.
  4. Concentrate on the focal point in the middle of your forehead.
  5. Now without moving your eyes scan the outer perimeter of your head and shoulders.
  6. The color you see outlining your head and shoulder is your aura.

Please note that initially, you may see a white or transparent image, a nearly-clear form of energy. When you stay focused it starts expanding and then you will see a noticeable color. As you start thinking about it, the aura disappears. 

If you remain focussed, your aura will glow brightly and you can clearly see the true color of your own aura. And if you are unable to see any color then you need to work on your concentration and spiritual strength. If you are a spiritually advanced person, you can also see waves glowing out of your body. All you need is good practice. Try a few times and you will surely see your aura.

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What do aura colors mean?

Here are different aura colors explained. Read on to know what the color of your aura says about you.

People with negative thoughts mostly have low-frequency vibrations and those highly optimistic and positive tend to have high-energy vibrations. Every individual has their own energy field and the frequency can be high or low depending on their mood, emotional state, and life condition.

Please know that aura colors may change over time depending on your life state. And not all the meanings of a specific aura color are relevant for you because there is a range of meanings. A person having a baby pink aura color may have slightly different personality traits than a person having dark pink aura color. 

1. Red Aura

aura colors and what they say about your personality
what does it mean if my aura colors is red

Red aura people live by their passions, desires and emotions. They are energetic, enthusiastic, impulsive and always look forward to the adventure. They want to try new things, explore life and live it to the fullest. However, their impulsive attitude can at times put them in danger.  

Red aura people are short-tempered and exhibit a deficit of attention, but very intelligent, self-confident, and brave. They are good at taking risks and adapting to a situation. Also, they always want to be on the top of everything and aim for greatness. Hence, they are highly likely to become successful in personal and professional endeavours and become extremely wealthy. 

2. Green Aura

aura colors personality test

This aura color denotes love, compassion, and forgiveness. People with green aura are music and nature lovers. They are hardworking and grounded people. 

They are open-hearted but are easily likely to be influenced by other people and the environment. Setting boundaries can help them preserve their peace and energy. 

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3.Yellow Aura

14 Auras Color And What They Say About Your Personality

People with a dominant yellow aura are optimistic and have high energy. They are analytical, intelligent, and logical people. They are very cautious, tend to over-calculate everything, and focus mainly on the material world. 

Most yellow aura people are workaholics and not the ‘relationship’ type of people. They are self-sufficient and enjoy their loneliness. But, they are prone to self-criticism and perfectionism.  That said, they are mentally strong and very resistant to stress, depression, anxiety, etc.

Although they have great communication skills they don’t socialize with everyone. But, easily make friends with people who are intelligent, hardworking and have a yellow aura.

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4. Pink Aura

14 Auras Color And What They Say About Your Personality

People with pink aura color are sensitive souls and have a strong desire for love and peace. At times their behavior turns unpredictable especially when chasing unconditional love or trying to run away from unjust situations. 

Pink aura people live from the heart, have psychic abilities and self-discipline. They have lively imaginations and are extremely loyal. These qualities make them highly liked by friends and folks and increase their chances of success.

5. Blue aura

what does a blue aura colors mean

Blue aura people are good communicators, highly intelligent, intuitive, emotionally sensitive, honest, and self-expressive. They make excellent dancers, poets, politicians, and writers. They love to gather and share wisdom, which is why some great philosophers have blue aura color. 

They make difficult decisions and choices balancing heart and mind. They are well-organized and are excellent at motivating and inspiring others. Although they have powerful minds, they operate more in the mental realms and must remember to ground themselves. 

6. Turquoise Aura

Auras Color And What They Say About Your Personality
14 Auras Color And What They Say About Your Personality

People with this aura are gifted with good communication skills and loads of compassion. Such people are highly dynamic and energized personalities. Also, they are powerful healers and good organizers.

They have a knack for multitasking and feel bored when they continue to do one thing for a long time. Being empathetic and strong communicators, they can easily handle negative situations. 

7. Purple Aura

Auras Color And What They Say About Your Personality
14 Aura Colors And What They Say About Your Personality

This aura color is strongly associated with intuition and sensitivity. Purple aura people have psychic, empathetic, or intuitive abilities. They are dynamic, charismatic personalities and are more inclined towards spiritual awareness and psychic sentiments.

Most visionary leaders and those with progressive ideas and open-minded insights are more likely to have purple aura color.  

8. Indigo Aura

Auras Color And What They Say About Your Personality
14 Aura Colors And What They Say About Your Personality

People with this aura color are wise and old souls. They tend to operate from the depth of feelings vs logic. They love to go with the flow of life and enjoy the present moment. 

They rely on intuition and are nature lovers. Although they are sensitive, they tend to be empathetic toward others, which makes them great connectors. 

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9. Gold Aura

Auras Color And What They Say About Your Personality
14 Aura Colors And What They Say About Your Personality

People who have unleashed their spiritual power tend to have gold aura color. Such people have a strong spiritual foundation and relationship with the sublime. Even when it is not seen, one can feel it’s high energy and vibration. 

Gold Aura people are proud, independent, loving and caring. They don’t mind being the center of attention and can naturally please people and gain their admiration. No wonder why they have so many friends. Having artistic flair, they love to adorn themselves and their surroundings with beauty, class, and extravagance. 

10. White Aura/ Silver Aura

Auras Color And What They Say About Your Personality
14 Aura Colors And What They Say About Your Personality

White aura color is the rarest of all aura colors and represents a well-balanced personality. People with white aura color are calm and always open to possibilities, but never proud or egoist. They seem to be blessed with special gifts, which helps them learn life lessons and become wise. 

People with silver aura have the quest to know the truth which pushes them towards spiritual divinity. They tend to have strong intuition and some psychic abilities. As a result, they attract people wherever they go. 

11. Brown Aura

Auras Color And What They Say About Your Personality
14 Aura Colors And What They Say About Your Personality

This aura color indicates a selfish persona. It’s a clear sign that a person is experiencing some sort of confusion and fear. Those low in confidence or always feeling discouraged also tend to have brown aura color. People who are self-centered, egoistic, and deceptive are likely to have a dark brown aura color. Those with tan aura color tend to be very logical, analytical, and security conscious. 

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12. Black Aura

Auras Color And What They Say About Your Personality
14 Aura Colors And What They Say About Your Personality

Often people who are pessimistic, unkind, and inclined towards hatred, negative thoughts, and actions have black aura color. It also denotes depression or other major illnesses and can be treated as a warning sign. 

13. Magenta Aura

aura colors meaning
aura colors meaning

A combination of red and blue frequencies, this aura color denotes intuitive thinking and a good understanding of the physical world. Magenta aura people are creative, highly energetic, authentic, innovative, and true originals. 

Wherever they go, gain positive attention from people. Also, they are thinkers, independent, intelligent, and optimistic, and don’t believe in blindly following the crowd. They want to live and experience the world in their own way. People who are passionate about the latest gadgets and inventions tend to have a Magenta aura color. 

14. Orange Aura

aura colors and what they say about your personality

People with this aura color are creative and tend to learn lessons from experiences rather than theory. They value friendships and are relationship experts. They resonate with vibrations of joyful exchange – when it comes to work, love, money, or anything. 

They always look for something new and thrilling, thus monotony makes things hard for them. This aura color also denotes sensuality and a stable emotional body. 

What color Is your aura? What does your aura reveal about your personality? Leave a comment below.

Please share this article with anyone who you may think will find it valuable and helpful.

Aura Readings: How to read auras?
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aura colors reveals personality
Aura Colors What They Say About Your Personality pin
Aura Colors What About Your Personality pin
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