Aura Test: The Magic Stone You Pick Reveals What Your Aura Thirsts For

Choice Reveals Aura Thirsts

Ever taken a crystal-based aura test? This fascinating and mind-blowing test might tell exactly what your aura desires.

Have you ever thought to yourself, “what stone do I need to understand my aura?”. This detailed list of magical stones is there for you to give you information about your energy levels. Try it out for yourself now!

Aura test with crystals in Chinese Medicine, this complex yet ancient and sophisticated system, it is believed that we tend to like and therefore wear colors that are somehow “missing” from us.

For example, if we tend to wear black color all the time, we try to replenish the missing (Chinese) element of water in our life and aura. Likewise, there are many “tests” which try to determine what your aura thirsts for. This Aura Test is different though.

To begin with, we chose 6 magical stones, 6 distinctive gems which radiate different cosmic energy. In Witchcraft, we believe that each gem interacts with our aura, healing, or helping it to adapt to certain circumstances.

Magical Aura Test Instructions For Energy Reading

Look at the chart, gaze upon each stone… Let’s see what this Aura Test can bring out,

Step 1. Clear your mind…

Step 2. Which stone attracts you the most?

Pick A Stone Which Resonates With You
Pick A Stone Which Resonates With You

What Is Your Aura Quiz With Magical Stones

Magic Stone You Pick
Pick a stone test reveals what your aura thirsts for

1. Ruby

Magic Stone You Pick Reveals Aura Thirsts Ruby

If you picked the Ruby then you probably need a passionate stimulus in your life. Your Chi levels need a boost as you’ve probably wasted much of your energy in the past months. Is there something or someone draining your energy? Ruby can help your self-confidence and make you feel strong again.

Ruby is a great stone to ward off evil sorcerers and increase energy levels. Once was believed that a Ruby could actually increase the body temperature, symbolizing our zest for life! It is also a great stone to help you get your sex life back on track. Do you miss that?

2. Agate

Magic Stone You Pick Reveals Aura Thirsts agate

If you picked the Agate then you probably need to refresh your relationship with nature and yourself. It was believed that burying an Agate in the Earth will turn the place magical again.

This is what you probably need right now, revive hope in your life. Maybe you” ve got doubts and you need something to remind you that you the world is Magical, that YOU are magic!

Agate is a stone very famous for helping humans get in touch with their higher selves. Is your faith broken? Faith is being restored by wearing an agate. Valor is also being restored with Agate.

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3. Turquoise

Magic Stone You Pick Reveals Aura Thirsts turquoise

If you picked Turquoise you” ve probably neglected yourself, letting yourself drift apart in stressful and unhealthy situations. Turquoise is an excellent healing stone capable of strengthening and repairing the aura. It was worn also worn by healers in many Native American tribes to heighten their healing service to the world.

By picking Turquoise, you probably also want to increase and empower your charms. The wearer of Turquoise jewelry always emanates an aura which is difficult to pass unnoticed. Many really swear on the Turquoise’s effect of making them glow and look magnificent.

4. Moonstone

Magic Stone You Pick Reveals Aura Thirsts moonstone

If you picked the Moonstone then probably something that haunts you – for a long time – needs to be released. The Moonstone acts as a magical bridge with our emotions, and therefore it is the stone that helps us unleash all these feelings we try to hide.

Moonstone helps fight insomnia by helping us tap into our hearts and increase self-loving and confidence. It also helps us connect with the Divine Feminine, nurturing our needs and hopes.

5. Obsidian

Magic Stone You Pick Reveals Aura Thirsts obsidian

If you picked Obsidian then grounding your energies is what you probably need right now. Obsidian is one of the most Earthly Stones, dark and mostly black is associated with the Element of Earth and its planet it Saturn, the lord of time. You need to meditate on your life and find ways to make it better.

Did you go through a stressful period and you need to tap into your divine pool of energy? If yes, the obsidian can help you get in touch with reality and replenish your energy.

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6. Amethyst

Magic Stone You Pick Reveals Aura Thirsts amethyst

If you picked the Amethyst then you probably need fresh magical air to dust off your spirit. We live in a world where diverse and disturbing stimuli harm our senses and our magical powers. Amethyst helps us stay sober and perceive what is really important to us. It also helps our imagination be creative once again.

The Amethyst wards off the energies that cloud our minds and magically vaccinates our aura against malevolent influences. Moreover, it will assist your intuition and will help you open up to the unlimited love of the Divine.

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Aura test pick a magic stone.
Pick A Stone Test And Reveal Your Aura
Choice Reveals Aura Thirsts Pin
What Stone Do I Need To Reveal My Aura
Magic Stone You Pick Reveals Aura Thirsts pin

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