The Color Of Your Aura Based On Your Zodiac Sign

What Color Is Your Aura? Aura Based On Zodiac Signs

Do you know that everyone has their own aura color according to their zodiac sign? What color is your aura? Let’s find out!

Have you heard about the trend of photographing one’s aura? It’s not just limited to the common folk.

Be it, Gwyneth Paltrow or Emma Roberts, the celebrities too are loving this trend. It’s not just about following a common trend. There’s more to getting to know about the color of your aura.

The color of your aura says a lot more than you think. And auras are not just associated with individuals. Even your zodiac sign can decide the hue of your aura.

Each zodiac sign has its own powers and this is manifested in the energies they emit. The aura color is associated with the 7 colors of our Chakras

Have you ever wondered “What color is my aura“? A clairvoyant person can easily interpret your aura color to give you details about the sections of your birth chart that are most active.

This, in turn, is an indication of the planets controlling you at that particular point in time. And what if your current aura color doesn’t say much about your chart? That would be an indication that you are transcending it!

Get an aura photograph immediately and here’s how you can interpret the color according to your zodiac sign

What Color Is Your Aura? Color Of Your Aura Based On Your Zodiac

1. Bright Red: The Aura Color Of Aries

Aries are known for their fiery temper and passion for adventure. Hence bright red is the aura color of fiery Aries.

Red is associated with aggression, strong will, competitiveness, as well as passion, and sexuality. Do we ever come across an Aries lacking any of these factors?

2. Forest Green: The Aura Color Of Taurus

The nature-loving Taureans have forest green as the color of their aura. These sensual beings are also great healers.

Green indicates healing properties and also the ability to bring out the best in people. Taurus’ down-to-earth attitude and determination match perfectly with forest green.

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3. Bright Yellow: The Aura Color Of Gemini 

Fun-loving Geminis are associated with bright yellow. The optimism, playfulness, and positivity of Geminis are best reflected in this vibrant color. They manage to stay in touch with their inner child throughout their lives and openly express their enthusiasm for life.

4. Pink: The Aura Color Of Cancer

Cancerians are always in love with love. Hence their aura color is pink, signifying affection, love, and romance. The empathy, compassion, and gentle nature of Cancerians are perfectly reflected in their pink-colored aura.

5. Reddish Orange: The Aura Color Of Leo

Reddish orange or the color of the sun best matches the royal Leo. They are the rulers of the world and this hue reflects their healthy ego and self-confidence. The color also resonates with their passion to win and excel at all things- something all Leos love.

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6. Royal Blue: The Aura Color Of Virgo

Royal blue is the aura color of the highly intellectual Virgos. Royal blue can be related to seriousness, a logical and practical approach to life, and high powers of communication. Virgos love to speak their minds and they don’t sugarcoat their words.

7. Bluish Green: The Aura Color Of Libra

Libra loves all things beautiful and aesthetic. So obviously their aura color is something unique and mesmerizing.

The bluish-green hue of their aura is a perfect harmony of blue and green, a balance Libras strives for. The forever calm and diplomatic Libras are also very caring and nurturing about their close ones and this color represents them perfectly.

8. Indigo: The Aura Color Of Scorpio

Those born under this intense zodiac sign are known to be intuitive, passionate, and rather mysterious. Indigo is their aura color and it represents their ability to discover the truth. Indigo is itself an alluring color that also represents sensitivity and wisdom.

9. Bright Orange: The Aura Color Of Sagittarius

The adventurous and wild soul of Sagittarius is best represented by bright orange. The color indicates their creative side and their deep-seated confidence. Sagittarians have immense stamina and always seek new things.

10. Deep Red: The Aura Color Of Capricorn

The resilient Capricorn’s aura radiates a deep red hue. They are extremely driven, ambitious, and resourceful and the color represents their ability to survive when things get difficult.

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11. Bright Green: The Aura Color Of Aquarius

Unlike Taureans, Aquarians are associated with bright green. They have the greatest healing power among the zodiacs and are always at the front when it comes to bringing changes in the system.

These changes are aimed at the betterment of their close ones and Aquarians love to help and heal them.

12. Violet: The Aura Color Of Pisces

Pisceans are known to be intuitive and have a vibrant imagination. This is best reflected in violet as the color of their aura. Violet people love to daydream and often resort to escaping reality via artistic visions.

So, what color is your aura? Colors can reveal a lot more than we tend to think. Did your or your best friend’s aura color and zodiac signs match? Let us know in the comments!

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Frequently Asked Questions

How to take advantage of your aura?

Your aura is the link between your physical self and the higher vibrational dimensions or the energetic fields that we call the universe. Through your aura, you can send and receive messages and attract your manifestations.

Can your aura become part of your environment?

Yes, your aura is your personal energy field that surrounds your physical body, wherever you are. This electromagnetic emanation of your energy is your immediate environment.

What does it mean to have a strong aura?

A strong aura means you radiate positive or high-frequency energy that makes you hopeful, attuned with the universe, confident, creative, intuitive, sensitive, empathic, and all in all a positive person.

Can a cat read a person’s aura?

It has been believed since ancient times that cats are mystical animals who can see our aura and also any shift in our energy field.

The Color Of Your Aura Based On Your Zodiac Sign
Color Of Your Aura Based On Your Zodiac Sign pin
what color is my aura color of your aura
what color is my aura color of your aura

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