How to See your Aura and the Colours Easy way to see your aura and examine its colours. See what each colour means!

How to See your Aura and the Colours

Aura is the Energy vibration radiating usually 3 feet around our body and all kinds of living creatures. Aura may seem like a matrix surrounding us but in fact it’s the result of our energy flowing inside our major and lesser meridians as well as outside of us.

Energy, or as Chinese masters love to call it “chi” is what connects us all. Moreover, since Aura is the result of energy flowing, it “contains” information. Those who are capable of “reading” the Auras, are also capable of learning and diagnosing flaws in our energy system as well as much more useful information.


Why is Aura Important?

The information Aura “contains” can be deciphered. The universal Code system is the Colour Code, which is in fact basic and powerful at the same time. Colors are different frequencies of Light’s vibration. In a metaphysical and Witchy way, this actually means that colors are energy waves of magical power, ever shining and radiating their mystique powers. Taping into a color’s magic is not difficult at all.


How to see the Aura

To begin our Lesson you have to find a quiet place somewhere outdoors. The artificial light can raise issues when trying to read the aura for the first time. Moreover, due to my experience, it’s even better to try during Sunset or Sunrise especially for the first times. The palette of colors is more vivid and easier to see.


Step one- Blocking

For the Purpose of “blocking” other colours and stimuli, you need to face the Sky or a white Wall, or a – quite large- white piece of paper.


Step two- Heavens

Now put your hand facing the Sky / Wall / Paper but in a comfortable way – if possible. Choose to focus in the space between two fingers or in the border of one finger.


Step three- Focus

Keep focusing on the same spot. You may begin observing that the outline of the fingers starts to fade away or you may notice something like a transparent smoke radiating. Keep FOCUSED. This is not what we want. In few seconds you will begin to see or “feel” colours. This is the Colour of your Aura! This is our goal!


Step four- Examination

Invite a friend to “examine” him/her. Tell him or her to stand 3feet away from you. Tell him to keep his/her arm in a stable position. Now, Let’s take a look at some Colours.



Practice daily for 2-3 minutes. Don’t force the result from the first day. It’s very usual to feel tired after trying to focus on a very spot for more than 20 seconds. You’ll soon manage it. If you lose focus try once more and if you lose it again try tomorrow.


A brief chart of Aura Colours and their properties


RED Coloured Aura:

If red is the colour of your aura then your energy levels are raised probably due to vitality, enthusiasm or anger! Red is the color of our blood, the liquid life force which runs in us. It is also the color of passion and sexual arousal while it”s also appetite stimulant. Red is ruled by Mars, the God of War.


  1. When I was in my early to mid 20s I was seeing everyone’s Aura. But one day I told my (now )ex husband about it and told me it’s just a women’s intuition and nothing more. I started to lose it after a while. But before all that he had this dark Aura I can still remember till this day. I didn’t feel fear but that was the thing i didn’t feel anything when I saw it. Now is it still possible to get my gift back after losing it!?