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‘Am I Ugly?’ How To Respond To This Uncomfortable Question

Am I Ugly Respond Uncomfortable Question

If someone asks you, “Am I ugly?” and they’re asking from a vulnerable place, they’re probably having a very hard and self-critical moment. And they’re asking you for help out of it.

If they appear to be joking, there may be a level of seriousness motivating this kind of self-deprecating question.

You can assume there’s some level of self-criticism going on, and they’re trying to ask you for a reality check about their attractiveness or about their attractiveness to you.

They’re probably asking for your supportive feedback in a safe, self-protected way, in case you respond unkindly.

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Even the strongest people may ask, “Am I ugly?”

Everyone gets their self-confidence knocked off-balance at some point, even the strongest people. And everyone has an inner-critic voice that makes them say surprisingly mean things to themselves.

Some people appear very confident and are good at hiding their self-doubting feelings. But even the most confident people have to spend energy talking back to their inner self-defeating tendencies.

And even a very confident-seeming person may take a risk to ask you — either in a half-joking, self-protective way or in an openly vulnerable way — for your supportive feedback.

This is your moment to show up as supportive and empathetic.

Remember that this may be the person who you ask to help when you are having your own very hard self-critical moment.

So, now is your opportunity to not only show up as their understanding support person but also to set yourself up to have a good support person when you need one later.

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Cracking a joke at this moment could be really hurtful, even if you think it’s funny.

That’s because you’d be emotionally out of sync with your distressed friend when they are asking you for help.

And cracking a joke when someone is vulnerable and taking the risk to reach out and ask for support feels insensitive and ridiculing to the person who is in pain and reaching out to you.

It may be a hurtful lesson to them that it’s not safe to ask you about sensitive things.

Being asked, “Am I ugly?” is an opportunity to deepen your relationship.

In her book, Not Just Friends, Shirley Glass describes how to make a relationship feel more intimate emotionally by “opening windows” for a trusted person into your more personal and private feelings.ADVERTISING

When a person asks you “Am I ugly?” they are offering to open a window for you into the self-doubt they’re feeling at that moment. It’s an honour to get this invitation.

And it’s an opportunity to demonstrate yourself to be a trustworthy and supportive person who is interested in hearing their more personal feelings.

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Do you want to be a close, trusted friend to the person asking you this question?

Attachment research tells us that in healthy, securely-attached romantic relationships, each person is emotionally accessible, responsive, and empathetic to the other.

That means that when your significant other (or the person you want to become your significant other) reaches out to you in need with a vulnerable question like this, you become emotionally aligned with them, listen and respond to them empathetically and supportively.

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