8 Things Men Look For In The Women Of Their Dreams and its not related to looks!


8 Things Men Look For In The Women Of Their Dreams and its not related to looks!

“A strong woman builds her own world. She is one who is wise enough to know that it will attract the man she will gladly share it with.” ― Ellen J. Barrier

There’s no dearth of beautiful women in this world. It’s not the primary attribute a man wants in his woman. Rather, there are other things men find attractive in women which we tend to overlook.

What do men really want? It’s not all about the trophy wife, or the submissive servant. Real men always look for these 8 traits in the women of their dreams:

(1) Intelligence:

Intelligence is the key to a man’s heart. It’s more titillating than your revealing cleavage. Every man wants a partner who will be able to satisfy his intellectual needs apart from always talking about shoes, dresses and make-up. He wants you to discuss things with him, about life, about world, teach him new things and learn from him too. You don’t need a degree from an Ivy league for that.  It’s your basic intelligence, the ability to reason is what  your man is looking for.

(2) Character:

A man gets turned on when he sees a woman laughing her heart off, helping a blind man cross the road or playing football with kids in the mud without worrying about messing up her dress. It’s your true nature, the ability to mingle with anyone, to make others laugh, to be yourself without faking is something that makes a man fall in love with you. You don’t need to pretend. Just be the woman you are and he will appreciate it.

(3) Confidence:

Every man loves a confident woman, a woman who will be his equal or even better than him. You don’t need to be a damsel-in-distress to get the attention of your man. He will be there for you when you need it. Confidence makes a woman look sexy. Life isn’t a bed of roses and when a man is looking for a life-partner, he’s looking for someone who is strong enough to be with him in times of need. You are flawed but don’t obsess over them. Nurture your positive sides and bring out that confidence quotient in you. The man will know that you value yourself and you aren’t seeking any validation from him. That will draw him closer to you and he will value you too.

(4) Respect:

One of the key things a man seeks in a woman is respect. If you make yourself an open book, chances are little for men to get interested in you. As human beings, we are always attracted to mysterious elements. Having your own personal time and space without socializing all the time not only helps you grow as an individual but also shows you’re not someone who is easily available. This creates a strong sense respect in a man for you.

(5) Ambition:

While men love to take care of their families, they have a strong liking for women who are ambition. We never know what holds for us in life. With an ambitious woman in his life, a man gets inspired and also becomes confident of the future. He is secured of the fact that in times of trouble, you will not walk away because you know how to struggle and your ambition will complement him.

(6) Affection:

While it feels great to be loved back, it’s good to express love in return too. Not just women but men love affection too. They appreciate it when you hold their hand or hug them or take them in your arms. It shows you care for them, for the person they are.

(7) Humility:

A humble woman is more attractive to a man than the one who is always snooty and snobby. Knowing that you are better than others yet keeping your pride to yourself and talking to everyone with respect, without beating your own drums draws a man towards you. He knows your worth and it’s your modesty that makes you fall in love with you more.

(8) Diligence:

A man appreciates a woman who is hard-working. Instead of indulging yourself in luxury, if you work hard, it means you understand the value of work, the dignity of labour. To the man, you are more than a pampered doll; you are someone he can look up to, he can admire. This makes him fall in love with you.

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8 Things Men Look For In The Women Of Their Dreams and its not related to looks!

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