12 Signs She’s The Woman You Should Marry

12 Signs She's The Woman You Should Marry

12 traits in women that men are looking for the most.

1.  She doesn’t get jealous or bothered easily

This is usually a very tricky slope because a couple is bound to be a little jealous and possessive towards each other. But being sensible and trusting each other is important if you want a happy life. Personal space is important for growth and it is up to both the partners whether they have enough trust in each other to allow them that. This is a better use of your time and energy, not just as a couple, but also as individuals.

2.  She is intellectually compatible

We all know the role physical attraction plays in a relationship. But the truth is that it can never be enough to hold the relationship for too long. It is necessary that both the partners share views and opinions which are intellectually stimulating for each other. It is the basis for a strong bond that passes the test of time.

3.  She is a genuine and straightforward person

As the first point proves, it is very important that both the partners trust each other. And trust cannot be built if the other person is not honest. And if you ignore this point in favor of a pretty face then that is the biggest mistake you can ever make. It will give you momentary happiness but not a strong relationship.

4.  She supports her partner and is empathetic towards his experiences

In life, we need a person who will believe in us even when we don’t. And someone who can understand the tough times we are facing. Nobody wants that their life partner should be nagging them when they are already doing everything that they can. A mature woman understands the struggles of her man and wants to make things easier for him, not the other way round.

5.  She has ambitions of her own

Just like she supports her man’s dreams, she is also working hard to chase her own. She knows that together, they can conquer the world. A woman who is ambitious and fearless about chasing her dreams is truly the best kind of partner you can hope for.

6.  She is not volatile and her demeanor is consistent

Being consistent means that you always know what your partner is going to react to a certain situation. Being consistent means that her personality is not one that has changed from what it was when you initially dated. In opposition, if she is volatile you will always be left guessing to what is going on in her mind and what not.

7.  She is willing to put effort into the relationship

When she puts in effort for you and for the relationship, you know she is as invested as you. It doesn’t even have to be grand gestures. Little things are enough to show you that she cares and is willing to go the extra mile for the happiness of you two. This is something both the partners should be very particular about. It also helps keep the flame alive in a relationship.

8.  She has class and anyone can see it

Now, most people think that this is about wearing branded clothes and moving about in expensive cars. No. The class is about who you are, how you express yourself, how you interact with people around you. It has nothing to do with what you put on. And true class and elegance shows. It is hard to miss a lady who is poised and polite to everyone. She far outshines the one who is all decked up but can’t treat people with respect. 

9 She knows the importance of family

Now it doesn’t mean that you expect her to be very close to her abusive father in the name of family love. It means that she understands the importance of a happy family and understands what it takes to have one. When you marry someone you obviously want a family with them. And a woman who understands how families work is someone who will make sure hers is as good as it gets.

10.  The two of you share your most core beliefs and values

The importance of this point cannot be stretched enough. When you set out to make a life with someone, it is important that the two of you agree on some of the non-negotiable values each of you hold. This doesn’t mean that you are not allowed to have differences. It is just that some things are too important for individuals that if they are attacked, they cannot live happily with each other.

11.  She believes in self-improvement

She knows that no one can be perfect but that shouldn’t mean you should stop trying. Every day she strives to be a better version of herself from the last one. She engages in debates and conversations that widen her horizons, she reads up on things that she wants to know about. She is always looking for new ways to gain more knowledge and in this quest, she takes you along. Together you learn so many things and this experience in itself is something out of this world.

12.  And she inspires you to do the same as well

She encourages you to push your boundaries as well. And she supports you when you fumble. She knows how important it is to always keep moving and never settle down lest you become stagnant. She is all the inspiration you need to be a better version of yourself, every step of the way.

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12 Signs She's The Woman You Should Marry

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