15 Signs She’s A Keeper

1. If she answers your texts even after you ignore hers.

She answers you every time even though you pick and choose when you want to give her your time and attention. She never makes that choice. The only choice she makes is you every time. And maybe she’s easy to read but she doesn’t want to confuse you.


2. If she’s still nice to you even when you don’t deserve her kindness.

No matter how you treat her or what she says it doesn’t impact how she treats you. You test her just to see how far you can push her but she never pushes you back.


3. If she’s still excited to see you even though the plans before you canceled.

She always has a smile on her face when she sees you even though countless times you’ve canceled on her. She holds onto and appreciates the times you don’t.


4. If she meets all the way even when you won’t meet her half.

She gives 110% when it comes to you and you barely give 50. But she cares and you matter and she’s never once stopped trying to prove that.


5. If she doesn’t play your game even though you are trying to play her.

She knows the game you play. Like something even though you ignored the call. Send a snap just to see if she opens it. Look at her story first just to get her hopes up. The truth is no matter what move you make or what type of game you are looking to play it doesn’t change her. The only type of game she plays in one that includes honesty and loyalty.


6. If she gives her undivided attention always and you give her yours when you’re bored.

When you’re with her, when you are talking to her, you have her complete attention always. You’ve never had to wonder that.


7. If she stands still even when you push her away.

One day you care about her and completely show it, the next day you completely retreat because she got too close. But no matter where you go or what you do she stands there confidently knowing you’ll come back.


8. If she believes in you in enough you’ve given her every reason not to.

Maybe you don’t know why she views you in such a light especially because you know you aren’t treating her the way she deserves. But she still believes in everything you are. She stands behind you and supports you 100%.


9. If she wants you happy even though you’re making her sad.

She’s always trying to put a smile on your face no matter how much you disappoint her.


10. If she surprises you with things even though you don’t deserve it.

She’s always shocking you with one thing or the next and while it’s something you’ve become used to don’t take it for granted.


11. If she’s committed to you even though you haven’t committed to her.

You flip-flop with everything in your life including her. And you haven’t even taken her out on a proper date but she’s committed to you and only you because she feels strong about you.


12. If she makes an effort even when you haven’t.

She’s always making it easy for you because that’s what comes very naturally for her.


13. If she’s always there when you need her even though she’d never ask the same.

You know if you call her at any moment the answer will always be yes and she’ll be there. But she’s rarely asked the same of you and if she has, you’ve let her down countless times.


14. If she says she loves you even though you don’t say it back.

She’s always telling you she loves you and you know she’s not saying it to hear it back she’s saying it because she wants you to know she loves you unconditionally.


15. If you know she can do better but she’s still choosing you.

You know she can do better and the thing is she knows it too but she chooses you and wants you and only you.

Don’t let someone like that slip through your fingers just because their love comes easily to you.

Written By Kirsten Corley
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she is a keeper

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Kirsten Corley
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