Signs She’s a Keeper And You Should Cherish Her


Signs She’s a Keeper And You Should Cherish Her

Dating someone and not sure if she is looking for something serious or just casual hook up? Well, this is not uncommon, many people get into relationships these days just in an attempt to get rid of their loneliness or just for the sake of lust. Well, we need to be cautious but be careful, don’t cut the moon in process of cutting the stars. Know if she is a keeper and that you should cherish her more.

Signs she’s a keeper

1. She gives you her undivided attention even when you give yours only when you’re bored

Whenever you’re with her or just on the calls or texts, you have her full attention. You’re on top of her priority list. You never have to wonder if she is busy or not interested. No matter what you’re talking about, she is all ears and will listen to you with full interest


2. She is kind to you despite your recklessness and abuses

No matter how unkind you have been to her it doesn’t change how she treats you. You may go hard on her at times, you may push her but she will never push you back. No matter how you treat her, she will be there at the same place for if you ever go looking for her.


3. She answers you texts instantly even after you ignored her for days.

She answers your texts or calls even though you had ignored her for a long time because for her there is only one choice and that is ‘you’. you may be moody and text her only when you want to but at the other end, keeping her aside she will reply you.


4. She is excited to meet you even though you canceled the plans many times before

She holds no grudges and has the smile on her face when she sees you though you have turned down the plans many times before. She instead likes to be in the moment while with you and is always excited to see you.


5. She holds the ground and doesn’t give up even when you push her away

One day you shower all your love on her and make her feel special and next day you treat her like a stranger because she got too close. But no matter how hard you push or where you go she will stand right there knowing you will come back.


6. She doesn’t lose faith in you

She always sees the light in you. No matter what you do or how you treat her she never loses faith in you. it doesn’t matter to her that you don’t treat her the way she deserves, no matter how hard it gets she will always stand by you and support you.


7. She wants you to be happy even when you every action makes her sad

You disappoint her each and every day but still, all she wishes is to put a smile on your face. She will put all her sorrows aside and will cross an ocean if she has to just to bring that smile on your face.


8. She walks an extra mile to surprise you even though you don’t deserve it

She never puts off the efforts and constantly works to surprise you and bring that smile on your face. Though you’ve become used to it, never take it for granted.

9. She is committed to you even though you show no sign of commitment

You are not sure about her or anything in your life but she is already sure about you. Though you haven’t taken her out on a proper date she already is committed to you because she feels strong for you.


10. You know she deserves and can get better but she still chooses you

You know she can get and deserves better even she knows it but she chooses you and wants you. You’re love for her and she is serious about you. She didn’t leave when you didn’t reciprocate the love and treated her with ignorance because she has this strong feeling for you.
Don’t let such keepers go and cherish them, only once in a lifetime you come across such love. If your partner has these qualities then don’t let them slip through your fingers and do realize she is a keeper and stop fucking with her.


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    What a funny article!! How can you imagine a woman sacrifices her happiness just for your nonsense

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