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10 Things Your Girlfriend Wants You To Do But Won’t Ask

Things Girlfriend Wants You To Do But Wont Ask

Have you ever wondered what your girlfriend wants from you? Maybe she’s too shy to ask but it can be confusing so, here are the things your girlfriend wants you to do.

Ah! The biggest question a guy ever had in his life: What does my girlfriend want? How will I keep my woman happy?

No matter boys being a science aficionado or whatever, they go crazy trying to figure out how to keep up the chemistry with their girlfriend all fiery! Nevertheless, it’s really sweet of you that you’ve landed up here which means you are looking for ways to keep your girl happy.

Being a girl, I too have been there. I have been wondering what really makes me, or the other girls happy. Is it that difficult to know as my male friends claim? Well, on retrospection, I came up with utterly simple things which will definitely keep your girlfriend beaming.

10 things your girlfriend wants you to do but is too shy to ask

1. She wants you to look at her with love-filled eyes (at times)

eye contact

Memes are really useful. Especially the ‘I want someone to look at me the way..” memes. Guys, you just have to get the hint. Come on! Look at her, like you are admiring every inch of her, with those love-lined eyes.

I wonder who made that meme!

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2. She wants you to appreciate her efforts

10 Things Your Girlfriend Wants You To Do But Won't Ask
What Does Your Girlfriend Want? 10 Things She Wants From You

This one is a very urgent need. She needs you to praise and appreciate her efforts and the dedication she puts to you and the relationship. However insignificant her actions might seem, appreciate her for the difference her presence brings to your life, and to the relationship.

3. She wants you to be patient with her when her world is falling apart

She has her bad days too. She has her break downs. Even when she looks effortless with her work and life, she might really be shattering inside. When you see her all worked up, frustrated, willing to give up, be her strength. Be patient with her emotional reactiveness. She needs you the most when she is about to fall apart.

4. She wants you to hug her after a fight

hug her
How To Keep Her Happy: Things Your Girlfriend Wants You To Do

Hugging helps release the ‘feel-good’ hormone, oxytocin. This hormone will make her calm down and also increase the warmth between you two. Just make sure, you hug her as soon as you get a chance between fights. Your girl will melt in no time.

Also, who needs an excuse to hug his girl?

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5. She wants you to let her man-up (sometimes)

She can also be your savior. Sometimes, let her be the one to protect you, care for you, console you, hold you tight when you are hurt. Let her be the one to make you smile, surprise you, and pamper him.

10 Things Your Girlfriend Wants You To Do But Won't Ask
How To Keep Her Happy: Things Your Girlfriend Wants To Hear

What are you to do here? Just enjoy!

6. She wants you to introduce her to your friends with tags

Who doesn’t want to feel appreciated and special before their other half’s friends? N not knowing where you stand in a relationship sucks. So, introduce her with tags like “Meet so and so, the person who entirely changed my world.” “Meet so and so, the love of my life.” If it needs to be a bit formal, go with, “Meet my girlfriend, so and so.”

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7. She wants you to surprise her

10 Things Your Girlfriend Wants You To Do But Won't Ask
10 Things She Wants To Hear From You

Not all the time, but don’t forget to surprise her from time to time, with her favorite flowers, with romantic poems, with things she loves and also with ‘I love you’. Do this especially when they least expect you to.

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