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If Your Partner Does These 6 Things, Never Let Them Go

if your partner does these things

What do you usually look for in a partner? A good smile or a good heart? Let’s face it, finding that special person who supports you in every way is rare. It all comes down to them being a good person or if they’re the right fit for you.

So sometimes all you need is a few reminders that your partner is a keeper and why you should never let them go. In tough situations, they’re by your side. The easiest way to do this is to be able to recognize the good things they bring to the table. 

If Your Partner Does These 6 Things, Never Let Them Go…

If Your Partner Does These 6 Things, Never Let Them Go
If Your Partner Does These 6 Things, Never Let Them Go

1. When They Know How To Deal With Your Anger And Calm You 

It is essential to have a partner who knows the things that make you happy and what pushes your buttons. They try to avoid bringing up topics that may trigger you.
When others make you angry they try to shift your focus from it.

They do the sweetest things to calm you or by just talking things out in a soothing manner. If your partner does this don’t let them go. Most people would run from anger, but if they stick around through the storm, they’re definitely a keeper.

2. When They Trust You Entirely

A relationship that focuses on the negative instead of the positive is something not worth putting effort into. Being with a trusting partner means knowing that they won’t check your phone when you’re not around or ask you to share your password with them because they trust you.
They communicate in a healthy manner if something bothers them without fighting or lashing out. These are the kind of people you should never let go.

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3. When They Believe In You

It is important that you grow with your partner as a couple, while also continuing your individual path. You need a part who supports you and not someone who belittles your efforts or tears you down.

You should be with someone who makes you feel as though anything is possible, and constantly give you pep talks and motivation. They don’t try to compete with you or outshine you, instead, they see you as their equal and want you to succeed as much as they want it for themselves.

4. When They Respect Your Friends And Family

You definitely have a keeper when your partner respects them not because they are related to you but they’re genuinely caring and friendly.

Moreover, when they have the approval of friends and family members, it certainly says a lot about them. Invite your partner to family gatherings and see how they interact with them. If your family and friends are happy about your relationship or partner, it can only mean one thing and that you should never let them go!

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5. When They Make Your Fears And Worries Disappear

A good partner is a safe haven in times of distress or disappointment. They don’t point out your “flaws” instead motivate you and ask you to work on your strengths, you know you’ve found the one.

They understand your insecurities and help you to heal. They love how your quirks make you interesting and not annoying. They love you no matter what and don’t try to change you into someone else. If your partner does this for you, you can be sure that they’re a keeper.

6. When They Give You Space

Space is a healthy boundary that allows you both to do your own thing, grow but also care for and love each other. An ideal partner understands your need for alone time and encourages you to spend at least once a week by yourself.

They will let you have your space, and not become jealous when you tell them that you’re going to hang out with your friends and won’t text you a zillion times about your whereabouts.

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Wrapping Up

It can be a struggle to find a person who does these things for you without asking. But that doesn’t mean having a healthy relationship isn’t important.
Even if you haven’t experienced relationships like this before, it is absolutely achievable and necessary to find someone who appreciates you and trusts you. If you find someone who does these 6 things for you, never let them go.

If Your Partner Does These 6 Things, Never Let Them Go
If Your Partner Does These 5 Things, Never Let Them Go

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If Your Partner Does These 6 Things, Never Let Them Go

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