Keep Choosing That Person

Keep Choosing That Person

We all do have that one person that we keep choosing over everybody else. And if you don’t have it yet, wait for it. It takes time.

I mean, it really takes time to get to know someone. To know their tastes, their flaws, the way they do things or the things that make them happy. It’s just about patience.

But, how many of us do we really have that patience?

Because, nowadays that’s not the main point on relationships. People tend not to dedicate their whole time to their couple. They just sit there around expecting the other one will show more interest in them, that they just wait. And it’s easy for some. Because even if they do or don’t get the attention they want, they stay cool with that.

I mean, people have get to the point that as long as you don’t show your truly potential or keep doing more effort than the other, it’s ok. Because sometimes you feel vulnerable and be afraid that the love you are giving is more than the one you will receive. Everyone has their different reasons for that decisions. Some of them might say because they have been damaged, others might say that it’s better for both sides. And the less brave ones will keep making up excuses.

But, besides all of this, will you keep choosing that one person that might be on your mind since you started reading this article?

I know it ain’t easy. If you have one truly special person in your life, at some point you will be scared if that person decides to leave you. Because it has happened to you before. And you are scared it will happen with every one you met.

But let me tell you something: it’s not like that always.

In your life, you will find someone different. In every way. You will look them in the eyes and think about yourself “It’s him.” or “That’s the girl I been looking for.” You just get it. The way that person makes you feel gets you to the point you start feeling more alive. You start wanting to become a better person for them. You are hoping to see them every day. You just want to give them the whole world.

And maybe your friends or the ones close to you will start questioning “Why?”

That’s where I want to get. When you feel that way about someone. it comes naturally. You don’t really decide what are you willing to do for them, it just comes from your inside. You even put them first than yourselves, which I think it’s one of the biggest proves of love. You think in their good even before than yours. When you give your love, you just want them to know how special they are to you. You don’t doubt about that person. They have gained all of your trust. They show you how good life can be, how easy is to give your all when you really love someone.

Now, what happens if you are the one receiving all of this attention?

What happens if there is someone that is willing to give all of them just to see you happy? Just to help you forget your scars? Your flaws? The people who damaged you?

I’ll tell you what happens:

You chose them.

Over and over again. Because that person loves you with all their soul. From their very deep, they just want you to be happy. Even though they might love you more than you will ever love them, they don’t care. It’s their nature. You might be afraid that you are not good enough to receive all that good things. I know that. People get hurt so often in these days they forget their true worth. But don’t be afraid. From the bottom of my heart I’m telling you there are still good people in these world.

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