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11 Things He Subconsciously Does In a Relationship Which Prove His Worth

11 Things He Subconsciously Does In a Relationship Which Prove His Worth


1.  He Reveals His Exact Nature in Front of You

There are no facades and no pretences when the two of you are together. He might have to wear a thousand different masks to deal with the outside world, but with you, he is nothing but his genuine and true self. In you, he has found his perfect haven where there is no need for hiding any of his flaws. With you, he has found the comfort to be happy in his own skin.

2.He loves you the Way you are and Listens Carefully

And just like he’s comfortable being himself with you, he will make sure that you feel the same as well. You will never feel as if every move you make is being judged by his careful gaze. He will never ask you to change because he does not think of you as something that needs improvement. That being said, he will also not stand by and let you make a fool of yourself and will interject when he thinks you could use a little help.

3. He Does Not Keep any Secrets

There are no secrets and no skeletons in the closet when it comes to him. He is comfortable enough with you to not hide anything. And he also respects you enough to not cause you any grief over such matters. He trusts you and the bond you share with him to reveal everything about him, good and bad.


4.  His Actions Speak Louder than his Words

He loves you and he makes sure that you know it. He is always straightforward about his affection for you. There are no hints sprinkled here and there which are supposed to keep you hooked on to him. His words and his behavior leave no stone unturned in making you feel like the queen of his world. He doesn’t want or need you to be constantly on your toes just so that he can feel powerful. He’d never want to cause you any anxiety over the relationships because of his conduct.


5. He is Concerned about your Convenience

If he sees that you are too tired after a long day, he will volunteer to cook the food even though it was your turn that night. If he knows that you need something, then he will try to get it from the supermarket so that you don’t have to go out of your way. He will take care of the little things without much ado. He wants to make your life as easy as possible.


6.He doesn’t hesitate to share Finance Matters

Finance is usually a very delicate topic and people keep their profits and losses to themselves. But if he is looking to build a future with you, he will share his financial details, past and present with you because he knows that now it is not just about him. Sharing financial information is a very crucial indicator that a person wants that you share a future with them. And thus he is not afraid of any judgment or reprimands from you because he knows that at the end of the day, it is not his money alone.


7. He Knows Your Choice Very Well

The world seems to have forgotten the real reason behind gift giving. It is never about the most expensive or shiny package, it is about the most thoughtful. And he definitely keeps your needs and likes in mind when he is looking for a gift for you. And he doesn’t even care about the occasion, if he sees something that you wanted or needed, he will get it for you, even though it might be 4 months till Christmas. Even you will be surprised at how he seems to remember the little details of your life and get you things that would actually be more helpful and useful, than pretty and shiny.

8.He Knows His Priorities Very Well

And talking about gifts, he knows that the best gift you can give someone is your time. And so you will see him giving you his time, making you a priority. It doesn’t mean that he will overlook his other commitments; just that he will manage his time in such a way that you never feel neglected or ignored.


9. He Wants to Know Everything Related to You

He is genuinely interested in knowing what is going on in your life and what all happened to make you into the person that you are today. He wants to make up for the lost time when he didn’t know you and would be equally eager to tell you everything about himself as well.


10.He Seeks Your Advice

Another indicator after the full financial disclosure that he wants to spend his life with you is how he makes plans- both short term and long term keeping you in mind. He thinks of you as his life partner and so he knows that you have an equal say in his life. So he will never decide on anything unless he knows that you will be cool with it too. And he will also give proper importance to your own vision of the future so that the two of you can create a life together.


11.His Gadgets are not private for you anymore

There is nothing in his life or his phone which he thinks is too off limit for you. He wants you to know and feel that the both of you are together now and therefore there is no longer any part of his life that he wants hidden from you. His mobile and computer are all yours to explore if you feel like it. This is just one more of the gestures that prove that he does not have anything to hide from you and therefore he doesn’t mind letting you in on all the secrets.

And most of all, you become his reason to smile. He is so much in love with you that your happiness and joy is enough to fill his own world with the same because in a way, you are his world now. He will celebrate all your victories, minor and major ones alike because he knows you’ll be there to share his as well.

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13 Things He Subconsciously Does In a Relationship Which Prove His Worth

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