How Your Body Knows That You Have Found “The One”

This way your body knows that you have found “The One

How many times have you wondered whether you will find “The One” or not? Isn’t your whole dating history an endless procession of people who weren’t good enough to be “The One”? And what if Prince Charming is around you and you don’t even know about it?

Well, there is the cliché of butterflies in the stomach that you could peruse to know if Mr. Forever is standing next to you. But suppose we tell you that there are physical reactions to adjudge the presence of Mr. Right around you! Yes!

Sometimes, the mind and the heart may not tell you what your body knows. This means that more than the heart fluttering and the weak knees, there are other reactions that your body displays when you are around “The One”.


So what are these signs that you should look out for?

Well, this isn’t a clinical procedure. It is not like there are some symptoms which would prove the infection of love but these signs may help you to understand whether the person you are dating is special enough or not.


Anyways, it is very rare to feel these signs and it cannot happen with every guy you date.

Let’s enquire into the signs:


You feel warm and comfortable around him. His very presence makes you feel that you are free to share any secrets that you may have.

The feeling of warmth makes you feel that you are an intrinsic part of his life and your feelings and your comfort is absolutely important to him.



A great relationship will make you feel positive about yourself and the things around you.

Even if you feel blue or you feel depressed, a good partner will surely make a zillion efforts to make you feel better. So the existence of positivity between two people indicates a rare special bond that you must not let go.



Of course, if you feel positive on the inside, you will make efforts on the outside as well to improve your life.

This means that when you come in the aura of that someone special, you are motivated to do much better than before. The good partner will force you to work hard and will surely stimulate you to expand your horizons.

The good partner will force you incessantly to become a better person and this will certainly help you achieve your goals.


Be yourself:

You won’t have to present yourself as someone else. The good partner will only be interested in knowing your true self and thus there will not be any fake behavior or any attempts to be someone else.

You will be absolutely comfortable being your own self and you will let go of all your inhibitions and insecurities.



If his fragrance makes you feel weak in your knees, it is sure because you have found your match. This is also scientifically true because the smell is the strongest of all the senses. Hence, if he smells good to you, keep him!



If because of him you have started making healthier life choices and you have started focusing on yourself more, he is probably more special than you think.

If a person forces you to be the best possible version of yourself, there is no way that that person isn’t special.



Your intuition reveals more than you give it credit for.

This means that if you are around that someone special, the intuition radar will give you the strongest signals and you will know whether he is the one or not.

This may not be the most scientific way but it is surely important.



It does not happen often that we feel for someone so deeply that we would love to share their pain and even bear their pain ourselves.

If this feeling of empathy overwhelms you in his presence, he is surely your Man.

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