8 Signs You Have Found The Woman You Have Been Looking For

Signs You Have Found Woman Looking For

Love is sometimes not enough to make a relationship last. Yes, love is the foundation on which a healthy relationship is built, but like it or not, there are many other things that matter in the long run. When you are looking for the right person to spend your life with, you need to look for a few signs that will tell you that you have finally found the woman you have been looking for.

Sustaining a relationship might seem like a very easy task from the outside, but it takes a lot of effort to build it, and then make it last; not every couple can do it. No relationship is perfect, and maybe that’s the beauty of it. But, if you find these signs in the woman you are in love with, then know that you have found the one you were waiting for. For real.

8 Signs You Have Found The Woman You Have Been Looking For

1. You are not interested in other women anymore.

This is an important sign that you have found the woman you have been looking for. If you are with someone for more than a few weeks and you feel her affection, security, and warmth you will never feel the need to hanker for another women’s attention. She becomes the only one you want.

She is the only one you will find beautiful, and will always crave for her attention. Thinking about being with another woman will not even cross your mind, and you will feel blissfully happy whenever you are with her. But, if you find yourself being sexually or emotionally drawn to other women, it’s a good sign that you are yet to find the right woman.

2. You will feel spiritually connected to her.

Having feelings for someone is obviously an important part of love and relationships, but when you feel a spiritual connection with someone, that is when you know that it’s real, and they are the real deal. When you feel spiritually connected to her, then that means you have found the one for you.

You will feel things that you have never felt and experienced before. You will be able to feel what she is feeling, even when you are not together. You won’t always need words and actions to communicate with each other. Her thoughts will make you smile, you will get to feel, even if from a distance when she is not fine. You will just know.

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3. You look at sex in a different way.

Physical intimacy is an important part of every relationship, and without it, a relationship falters. It’s normal to want to have sex, but when you feel a deep emotional connection with her you look at it in a different way. Sex will not be just something for physical pleasure, it will be much more. You might not have sex that much, but who cares? She is by your side and that is all that matters.

Your relationship will be based on the values of communication, understanding, love, and most importantly, trust. The sex will be amazing, but it will not just be a physical thing; it will surpass all your emotions, and make you feel complete and entirely different from what you have been feeling before she came into your life.

4. You see happiness from a different lens.

There is a stark difference between a single person’s happiness and a committed person’s happiness. When someone is single, they find happiness in their freedom, and their wants and needs getting fulfilled. As long as they are getting to do what they want to do make themselves happy, it’s enough.

But when you have finally found the woman you have been looking for, you will automatically put her first. What she thinks, what she wants, what makes her happy, all these things will start to matter to you the most. Your way of looking at happiness changes entirely; it isn’t always about you and your happiness anymore, it is about hers too.

You will think about what she wants, and what makes her happy. Taking care of her will make you the happiest. In case of any arguments, you will find yourself selflessly compromising to make her feel better, without it feeling like a punishment. You will want to be better, just for her. Her happiness and her smile become everything to you.

5. You want to be a better person.

Love is a very powerful thing in this universe. Many people struggle to find meaning in their lives, they struggle to understand what it is they need to do to make a better life for themselves. When a special someone enters your life, you will feel motivated, and energized to transform your life. You will feel your emotional strength helping you to be better, and your courage telling you to go for it.

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