8 Signs You Have Found The Right Woman For You

the right person for you

Signs You Have Found The Right Woman

There are many blogs that have been helping people for so long in finding their perfect match, but choices are subjective and the standards to look for in a person might not match with the point of view of the author.

It is natural to feel that love is the only component to sustain a relationship but interestingly a relationship requires so much to thrive. Even though it is generally not possible to check out the criteria like ticking list boxes but here are some of the qualities in a person that is of importance to make you realize if she/he is worth the time or not. Besides love, the right person will make you these following things.

On the emotional front, an overwhelming feeling of affection is needed but two people must be compatible with each other, should complement each other and complete each other perfectly. Only then can a relationship survive the worst.


8 Signs You’ve Found The Right Woman for you:

Here are few ways to know that you have found the right woman for you.


1. You have completely lost interest in other women.

This is an obvious sign that you have found the right woman because your subconscious is also not signaling you to attend to other women. If you are with someone for more than a few weeks and you feel the affection, security and warm you will never feel the need to hanker for another women’s attention.

No matter how she looks, you will find her attractive and your attention will keep sticking to her instead of on other sexier, smarter, more attractive women out there. If you find yourself being sexually or emotionally drawn to other women, it’s a good sign that you are yet to find the right woman.


2. You feel a spiritual connection with her.

Staying connected with other people across the globe is not a problem in today’s modernized world. In times when we use the gadgets to stay connected to other people, spiritual connections are rare. If you feel an unworldly connection with this woman, you are with the right person.

If you are genuinely intrigued by this woman, she will often cross your mind. Her thoughts will make you smile, you will get to feel, even if from a distance that the other person is not fine. You won’t need words to communicate with her. You will fathom everything even before she speaks a word.


3. You view sex differently.

Physical intimacy is a crucial component of a successful relationship. It’s natural for people to be together to engage in sexual activities but when you feel a strong emotional connection with a woman your prioritizes will change. The basis of your attraction to this woman will not be sexual. You might as well have not had sex yet but who cares? She is by your side and that is all that matters. Your relationship is based on trust, love, understanding, and communication. Not on sex.

Intimacy will take its course but to you, somehow this woman does not provoke only sexual feelings. In fact, she produces a plethora of emotions that mentally and emotionally takes control of you. You experience surging emotions about anything related to her.


4. Your definition of happiness changes.

A single person’s definition of happiness is completely different from a person who is invested in a romantic relationship. When a person is single, happiness for him/her means freedom, being successful, recognition and achievements. But when you truly fall in love, your definition of happiness will change.

You will start considering her opinions in your life decisions. Her happiness will start mattering to you. She will become your responsibility. you will start to put her happiness alongside yours, sometimes even before your own. This will not come off to you as a duty but will naturally come to you.

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