12 Little Things That Prove Your Love Is True

12 Little Things That Prove Your Love Is True

True and lasting love in a relationship is about all the small things that you and your partner feel on a daily basis and still find it appealing.

In our topsy-turvy, stressed-out world, love may be the only thing we can count on.

Looking for that special someone has become a priority for many. Google shows over 300 million results for the search “online dating sites.” There are more than 40 million American singles heading online to find love.

It may not be easy, but most people are now able to find someone to love. But not everyone knows how to keep love alive and growing through the years. I’ve been a marriage and family counselor for more than 40 years. I’ve also been happily married for 35 years. Here are some things my wife, Carlin, and I have felt on our journey together:

12 Signs of True Love

1. Romantic love

We all know the feeling. We meet, we connect, we fall in love. When we’re in it our world is turned upside down. We’d rather be with our beloved than eat, sleep, or work. We feel on top of the world when our love is returned and crash to the depths if it looks like our love is threatened.


2. The desire to merge

Lust is connected with romance. We want to merge our bodies, minds, and spirits. Orgasmic intensity isn’t just about pleasure. It’s about wanting to share our hearts, souls, atoms, and electrons. We want to lose ourselves and find the divine.


3. It’s us against the world

We no longer feel alone. We are now part of a pair. We feel the power of two and the joy of being us. We’re still in the world, but the world seems like the background. We two are the center and the world is there to support and embrace us.


4. Longing to create

The primal creation, the reason we are each here, is that a man and a woman came together and an intrepid sperm was welcomed by wondrous egg and we were launched into life. But in a world with too many people, we also create art, music, home, healing, and other gifts for humankind.


5. Disillusionment

The honeymoon time comes to an end. Disillusionment sets in. Our partner seems to change. They are not who we thought they were and they aren’t giving us what we longed to have. We wonder if we’ve made a mistake and begin turning away and looking for what is missing.


6. Incompatibility

Incompatibility is grounds for true love. When we become disillusioned with our partner, we often feel we’ve become incompatible. But when we recognize that disillusionment can mean letting go of illusions, we can also let go of believing that incompatibility is a bad thing. It actually allows us to learn where our wounds have been hiding.


7. Discovering our wounded selves

In looking away from our partner, we are forced to look within. We feel the pain of the trauma we all experienced growing up in families that didn’t adequately meet our needs. We recognize that we were hoping that our partner would make us whole. We were looking for love in all the wrong places.


8. Embracing Illness

Everyone gets sick, but that’s not a bad thing. Sickness can be our greatest teacher, our greatest guide. I got depressed. My wife got breast cancer. We both developed heart arrhythmias. We learned the lessons of illness and healed.


9. Learning the mathematics of true love and addictive love

When we look for a partner to make us whole, we experience addictive love: “I’ve got to have him/her or I’ll die.” The math is ½ x ½ = ¼. The longer we’re together the smaller we become. When we look to our partner to help us heal and grow, we are on the path of true love. The math is 1 + 1 = Infinity.


10. Turning back towards our lover and committing to being real

Being real is not sweetness and light. It is passionate, painful, and creative. Much like making a baby and giving birth. Being real requires being part of a pair. Self-actualization is not something we do by ourselves.

7 Signs Of True Love From A Man

7 signs of true love from a man

If your man truly loves you, this true love will be reflected in his actions.

The adage “actions speak louder than words” rings truer than ever when it comes to dating and relationships.

Anyone can tell you what you want to hear – but only someone who actually MEANS what they say will make sure their actions back up their words.


7 signs of true love from a man:

1. He includes you in every part of his life.

When a man loves a woman he wants to integrate her into his life, and bring her around his family and friends. He wants them to love you, and for you to love them. He wants you to be an extension of him and include you in important events and milestones.

2. He tries to give more than he takes.

Real love is about giving and contributing to your partner’s life. A man who loves you will give to you in the best ways he knows how. He will care for you, respect you, listen to you, and adore you. He won’t drain your energy or make you feel like giving is only one sided.

Great relationships are not about give and take, they are about give and give.


3. It’s not ‘me’, it’s ‘us’.

You were two separate individuals, but now are a combined team. When a man is in love he will see you as inseparable. This includes when RSVPing to an event, talking about a vacation, or looking into the future,  Where he goes, he wants you to go and vice versa.  It is no longer ‘my life,’ it is ‘our life.’


4. He really sees YOU.

How many people really see you? How many people hear what you’re not saying?

A man who loves you will pay such close attention to you that he will notice details that nobody else does. He will learn what makes you happy, sad, angry, or ecstatic. This awareness will help him love your more. It shows him all the small details he loves about you.


5. Your happiness is his happiness.

When a man truly loves you he shares in your happiness and lends you his strength to ease your pain. Being in love is about being teammates who always supporting each other. A man in love will want to see you happy and work to make it happen.


6. He’s there for you even on the rainy days.

Life is not always sunshine and rainbows. It can be difficult. Any man can stay next to you on the sunny days, but the true test of his love will be during the rainy days.

Does he hold the “umbrella” over you on the rainy days?

There will be challenges, losses, and failures, but the right man will stand in front of you when you need protection, behind you when you need support, and next to you when you need a partner.


7. You will know.

When a man truly loves and cares about you he will make it known. He will put in the effort consistently, and back up his words with actions. You won’t have to wonder about his feelings, he will tell you and show you.


The interesting thing about love is that we all communicate and receive it in our own unique ways.

So tell me in the comments, which one of the true love signs means the most to YOU? Or if I missed one, what would you add to the list? – James

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Originally appeared in The Good Men Project

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Signs of True Love & True Relationships

Signs of True Love & True Relationships

True love

True relationships

True love. True relationships.

When I left an abusive relationship I was a young, single mother. With BIG hair! (It was the 80s!)


I thought it was too late for me to ever find love again.

When will I find love? Will I ever find love?

I wondered.


True love. Long love. Love that lasts.

The man I’d one day put my comfy slippers on and grow old with. Who’d be my companion and partner in crime?

First I had to be still within myself, recover and heal. Build my self-esteem first before I considered dating again.

Dating when insecure, dating too soon would only attract the wrong type of partner. I had to be whole within myself first.

If you’re wondering yourself:

Will I ever find love? Does true love even exist?

Yes, it does.

Yes, you can and you will. But, find and heal yourself first.


Finding True Love

When I wasn’t even looking, true love, found me in the form of this man!

We’ve recently celebrated our 30th Wedding anniversary. We’ve had a happy married life.

He’s my true love.

True Love

Friends and colleagues have often observed us together and said:

You’re so lucky! He’s such a good man.

I hear that a lot.

I know how lucky I am. The man I married before him almost killed me.

That amplifies his kindness all the more. Our relationship is nothing like that toxic one I had in the past.

This is true love. True relationships are hard to find.


Signs of True Love

1. You trust each other

Nothing is hidden. You can be honest with each other.

Vulnerable without fear. Have total trust that if you reveal your weaknesses and flaws, they won’t use it as a weapon against you later.

The more vulnerability you share, the greater the trust between you.

This is how you forge a true connection. Longtime love grows.


2. Your happiness doesn’t depend on each other

When I was in an abusive relationship my happiness depended on my ex’s moods and behavior.

My highs were euphoric when he told me he loved me, my lows were deep when he abused me.

I had low self-esteem.

Abusive relationships are codependent ones.

Two insecure people who are both looking to the other to make them happy.

This is not a recipe for true love. A love that lasts.

When your happiness depends on others you are hostage to external fortune. Your life feels out of your control.

Only when I filled that void of not feeling worthy could I find someone who treated me as such.

I had to love myself first, find happiness within.

Unless I did I would go on to repeat the pattern. Find me in another dysfunctional, unhealthy relationship.

True Relationships

Two adults can have a healthy relationship.

But, only when they are healthy and whole within themselves.

They have a strong self-esteem and sense of self-worth. Their happiness does not depend on the other.

They are complete as individuals and happy if they’re alone. Finding each other is a bonus. The icing on the cake.

Together they’re even stronger than the sum of their parts.


3. You can let each other go

You don’t play games. You don’t need to. There is no need to control.

As you are secure within yourselves first, you don’t feel threatened to let each other go. You don’t fear they’ll abandon you.

There’s no jealousy, as you have complete trust. You can love each other unconditionally.

You’re not afraid to let each other go. To live your life and let them live theirs the way they choose and makes them happiest.

My husband and I have a lot in common: our core values, dreams, and goals. But we’re also different.

I love that he has his boy time, cycling and training with other guys for the extreme sporting events he loves.

He doesn’t mind if I go out for girly nights with my friends.


4. You respect each other

What this marriage has taught me is love is a verb, not a noun.

5 Things Couples Who Are Actually In Love Do Differently

5 Things Couples Who Are Actually In Love Do Differently


This is what the REAL thing looks like.

Some couples have that glow. That glow that makes you wonder what it is they’re doing differently. Their relationship seems effortless. Everyone who knows them describes them as the ‘perfect couple’ and they use terms like ‘soul mates’ or ‘meant to be’. But the truth is, it’s very unlikely that it’s as ‘effortless’ as it seems.

Great couples put in hard work and dedication to keep their relationship running smoothly. But what does that look like? Well, everyone’s work is going to be a little bit different, but I’ve boiled it down to five core habits that are a must-have in any successful relationship.


1.  They always tell the FULL truth.

Sure. Honesty. I think we’ve all heard that it’s the best policy, but sometimes we skirt around telling the full story.

Without total transparency in a relationship, it will fail. It really is as black and white as that. And that doesn’t mean you have to describe, in detail, every moment of everything you’ve ever done and plan to do with your partner. But, it does mean full disclosure of things that are important.

You should be able to discuss all the big topics … communication, finances, how you saw your ex on the street and felt kind of weird about it. If you feel like you’re holding something back, then you probably are. It’s as simple as that.


2.  They spend time together.

That’s right! All the closest couples actually spend time together. Shocker.

You need to carve out time in your schedule to be together. No phones. No business. No kids. No excuses. Only dedicated one-on-one time between you and your partner.

It really doesn’t matter what you do. It doesn’t have to be a lavish date. It could be as simple as sitting on the couch with a glass of wine and breaking down your day for one another. As long as that time is completely yours. This is the intimacy that holds your relationship together. And if this time ends in sex … even better.


3.  They’re not scared to spend some time apart.

Independence from your partner is just as important as intimacy in a relationship.

We need time to connect with ourselves, just as much as we need to connect with our partners. There will always be a certain amount of healthy interdependence in a relationship (otherwise it wouldn’t hurt at all when you broke up) but we should always maintain our sense of self. If you don’t, you start to depend on your partner to keep you entertained. It becomes their job to create joy in your life and no one has the bandwidth for that.


4.  They are kind to one another.

No one can push our buttons better than our significant other. Because we have such a deep connection with our partners, we tend to think that they will forgive us for almost anything. And sometimes that means we’re less than sympathetic to their needs. When your partner becomes a little harsh with you, it’s best to broach the situation by assuming that they have the best of intentions. Give them the benefit of the doubt. Perhaps you’re hearing a tone in their voice that they’re not even intentionally putting forward. Maybe they’re thinking about something else that is frustrating them.

Another way to show kindness is to always fight fair. And you know when you’re not. It’s that brief second when you’re about to bring up something they did six months ago, or compare them to one of their parents… your body has this ‘I really shouldn’t say this’ moment seconds before it comes spewing out of your mouth. Listen to your body. Are you bringing your emotions to the table so that you can be seen and heard? Or are you setting out to intentionally hurt your partner?


5.  They make sure to show their appreciation.

I want to make something clear. Telling someone you love them, is not showing appreciation. It can be part of it, but the stand alone statement of ‘I love you’ can get a little worn out in a long term relationship. After awhile, you have to find more creative ways to really SHOW your love and appreciation. Which can still be a verbal thing.

This One Simple Question Will Help You Identify If Your Partner Is Truly “The One” For You

Ask this one simple question to know if your partner is truly ‘the one’ for you.

“We have to allow ourselves to be loved by the people who really love us, the people who really matter. Too much of the time, we are blinded by our own pursuits of people to love us, people that don’t even matter, while all that time we waste and the people who do love us have to stand on the sidewalk and watch us beg in the streets! It’s time to put an end to this. It’s time for us to let ourselves be loved.”

C. JoyBell C.

One of the most enchanting feelings we experience in our lives is love. No matter how hurt we get, we just can’t stop ourselves from falling in love.

It is a beautiful feeling, which makes us dream, it is a feeling which gives us the energy to live but it is also very complicated. No matter how much we achieve in our lives, our happiness remains incomplete without getting loved back.

Who doesn’t love the feeling of getting loved back by the person we love? Isn’t it such a bliss to have someone who accepts us the way we are?

With all our flaws and imperfections, with all our insecurities and vulnerabilities? But life is not always fair and human beings have complex psychology.

In a world full of negativities, fake emotions and lies, finding true love is one of the rarest of blessings we can have. But how can we be so sure that we have found ‘The One’?

You might think that it’s really difficult to judge but we have the easiest solution to this.

All you need to do is ask your partner, ‘ Do you love me or do you love the idea of me?’

The question might seem to be very simple but the answer is not just an ‘yes’ or a ‘no.’

The question measures whether your partner loves you for the person you are with all your weirdness and flaws or they just enjoy that someone like you is with them and they will try and make the relationship work out.

If ‘of course I love you’ is the answer, then just relax. Your partner loves you for the person you are. When asked, they will easily talk about the things they love about you, your qualities which make them attracted towards you so much that they are willing to go through all the turmoil, ups and downs of the relationship just to be with you.

Congratulations! You have found your true love.

But if your partner tells you that they love you because they love the feeling when they are with you, then it’s a warning sign.

Remember, when a person is saying this, it means all they want is to get loved by someone and to be pampered, complimented and treated in a very special way.

They don’t love you for the person you are; they just love to be in the relationship with a romantic partner.

If your significant other tells you they love you because you are extremely attractive or hot or you lead a very cool lifestyle, then it’s also a red alert.

Such people usually have the tendency to treat you like a trophy, showing off to their peers. They are not bothered about your emotions or the person you are.

The last one of this category of fake people will tell you that you are one in a million. This might sound extremely romantic but you need to be practical in this case.

There are millions of people in this world and you are definitely not the best of them. This ‘one in a million’ story is nothing but to flatter you.

If your partner says that there are millions of people better than you but among them, they are choosing you, then that’s a reflection of true love.

Be sure to understand the difference between ‘ you are one in a million’ and ‘ I am choosing you among millions of people’.

Love isn’t meant to be fakes. It needs to be real. You need someone who will  love you after seeing you in your good and bad phases of life.

10 Signs You’re Truly In Love With Your Partner And Not Just The Idea Of Them

Tell- tale signs you are truly in love with your partner.

Love is the most complex of all emotions that human experiences. Not because it is formed of some otherworldly matter, but because it’s formed in our minds and keeping science away- in our hearts — and our minds are incredibly complex.

There isn’t any explanation for love, depending on the intensity it can be a language, a dream or mere feeling of affection. I won’t try to explain the idea of love here as that could take nights and hundreds of pages.

The affection we feel is not always for the person, sometimes it just for the idea of who they are. Our perception here plays a major role, often what we see in a person is not what they really are but what we perceive them to be or want them to be. And there is a big difference between loving someone and loving the perception of who they are or who you want them to be.

10 Signs you’re truly In Love with Your Partner and Not Just the Idea of them

1. You make up excuses to spend more time together

You feel at home whenever you’re together regardless of where you are. You throw off your sleep schedule and make other sacrifices of things that need to be done just to spend time with them.

Finally, when you crave to get ‘home’ from work, the home is a person and not a place. You find a solace in their presence, the kind of solace an infant found in its mother’s embrace.

The comfort and peace take you back to childhood where your bedroom seemed heavenly. You just want to be there, melt in their arms.


2. You strive to make yourself and them a better person.

When you’re in love, you put in efforts to become a better person, a person worthy of their love in return.

Also, you push your partner to excel, to become the best version of themselves. You have their back and through rough times you are there holding their hands. You’re constantly encouraging and supporting them to pursue their dreams and goals.

You are always there cheering for them and taking pride in their accomplishments and you’re always there to hold them when they fall, in a nutshell, you’re always there trying to push them to excel and bring the best in them.


3. You are content with your relationship.

You don’t go on comparing your relationship with other peoples’.

You no longer care about what other relationships are like, you are happy with what you have and are too busy enjoying to be concerned with inside dealing of other relationships.

There is no point in comparing your relationship with others; you are finally living in the wonders and excitement of your own love life.


4. You have left the past behind.

Often people tend to carry emotional baggage from the previous relationship. Many times they get into a relationship looking for escape from the hurts and pains of the previous relationship.

If you have left the past behind and hopped on this train to begin a new journey you sure in love with your partner. A relationship in which one of the partners is carrying the baggage from the past relationship is bound to suffer a disastrous fate.

8 Signs You Have Found The Right Woman For You

the right person for you

Signs You Have Found The Right Woman

There are many blogs that have been helping people for so long in finding their perfect match, but choices are subjective and the standards to look for in a person might not match with the point of view of the author.

It is natural to feel that love is the only component to sustain a relationship but interestingly a relationship requires so much to thrive. Even though it is generally not possible to check out the criteria like ticking list boxes but here are some of the qualities in a person that is of importance to make you realize if she/he is worth the time or not. Besides love, the right person will make you these following things.

On the emotional front, an overwhelming feeling of affection is needed but two people must be compatible with each other, should complement each other and complete each other perfectly. Only then can a relationship survive the worst.


8 Signs You’ve Found The Right Woman for you:

Here are few ways to know that you have found the right woman for you.


1. You have completely lost interest in other women.

This is an obvious sign that you have found the right woman because your subconscious is also not signaling you to attend to other women. If you are with someone for more than a few weeks and you feel the affection, security and warm you will never feel the need to hanker for another women’s attention.

No matter how she looks, you will find her attractive and your attention will keep sticking to her instead of on other sexier, smarter, more attractive women out there. If you find yourself being sexually or emotionally drawn to other women, it’s a good sign that you are yet to find the right woman.


2. You feel a spiritual connection with her.

Staying connected with other people across the globe is not a problem in today’s modernized world. In times when we use the gadgets to stay connected to other people, spiritual connections are rare. If you feel an unworldly connection with this woman, you are with the right person.

If you are genuinely intrigued by this woman, she will often cross your mind. Her thoughts will make you smile, you will get to feel, even if from a distance that the other person is not fine. You won’t need words to communicate with her. You will fathom everything even before she speaks a word.


3. You view sex differently.

Physical intimacy is a crucial component of a successful relationship. It’s natural for people to be together to engage in sexual activities but when you feel a strong emotional connection with a woman your prioritizes will change. The basis of your attraction to this woman will not be sexual. You might as well have not had sex yet but who cares? She is by your side and that is all that matters. Your relationship is based on trust, love, understanding, and communication. Not on sex.

Intimacy will take its course but to you, somehow this woman does not provoke only sexual feelings. In fact, she produces a plethora of emotions that mentally and emotionally takes control of you. You experience surging emotions about anything related to her.


4. Your definition of happiness changes.

A single person’s definition of happiness is completely different from a person who is invested in a romantic relationship. When a person is single, happiness for him/her means freedom, being successful, recognition and achievements. But when you truly fall in love, your definition of happiness will change.

You will start considering her opinions in your life decisions. Her happiness will start mattering to you. She will become your responsibility. you will start to put her happiness alongside yours, sometimes even before your own. This will not come off to you as a duty but will naturally come to you.

If you ever argue with her, compromising your needs and accepting her’s will not make you feel like a loser. Apologizing will no more be a task. You will genuinely wish to change your mindset regarding the way you view togetherness. For you, this new journey together will be meant to be a meaningful life.

10 Signs You Shouldn’t End Your Relationship

10 Signs You Shouldn't End Your Relationship

Should you end your relationship just because it feels old?

In life, it is always easier to break things than turn around and fix them repeatedly. Would a few rainstorms be enough to compel you to pack your bags and leave for a place that offered year round sunshine?

Most of us put credibility into negativity and keep aside the positive emotions. When something bad happens, you want to end it all in a jiffy!

According to Prince EA, Don’t be so quick to end your relationship or friendship without equally trying to fix it, ask yourself

“Have I done everything in my powers to fix the problem that exists?”

Here are 10 signs that you should give your relationship a good shot:


1) Presence of great sexual chemistry

For most couples, a boring sex life is not desirable and can be a problem for both the partners. But those you bicker but have a great sex life should take a turn and think aloud!

You can be indeed very lucky to have an innovative partner that arouses amazing chemistry between you two. You should be able to keep the things interesting between your partner and you. This takes a mutual effort and consideration.


2) You are great together, stronger and fuller

Are you a better person who gets inspired and happy when the partner is around with you? Does your other half challenge and inspire you? If you are working to be the best self when around with your partner, you should never leave him/her.

One rarely finds a person who would appreciate growth and motivate the partner to push to his/her best. If you find one such muse, don’t let him/her go.


3) Your partner supports your dreams

Half of your dreams are achieved if you have someone who trusts in your potentials and finds unique ways to inspire you.

When you quit your regular job to be a smarter pastry chef and your partner supports you in that, you may be in for a great future ahead. Never leave a supportive partner.

4) When you have built something up together:

When you and your partner are building a common goal, like buying a house o even raising a family, you should intend to keep at it and work on the common goals. You should not end your relationship.

5) When you like the person you are now because of the relationship:

If you have gotten better because of the relationship and are maturing and growing a lot more, you should be happy and not compromise the relationship and the bond because of trivial fights or even misunderstandings.

In a crowd of people who try pulling each other down to destroy the other person, if your partner has helped you bloom to your best version, he/she is a genuine lover. Don’t lose him/her.


6) Your relationship problems are purely incidental and circumstantial:

A lot of the times, disagreements are circumstantial and you are merely dealing with problems external to the relationship like financial hardship, family pressures, problems in professional fields and other problems. These does not have anything to do with the conflict between you two.

You should put aside familial squabbles and stay put together.

7) You are still willing to compromise and work with each other:

One of the most important aspects of a relationship is to compromise and be adaptable to meet each other’s needs. You can sacrifice some guilty pleasures for the sake of togetherness.

You two are a strong team, giving other companions some serious relationship goals, then stick together. Your relationship has something which most bonds lack – unity.


8) There are more ups and downs and the ups are always higher:

You could go through a rough patch but a good time will always follow and good memories will outweigh the bad ones.

If the ups and downs don’t discourage you, rather influences you to learn lessons from your tough times, you are in a healthy relationship that doesn’t need to end.


9) During the lows of life, you still want each other:

Despite the rough sailing, if the foundations of love are strong and you both pull each other’s heart’s strings; you should not cave in to pressures of life in any form.

6 Signs You’re Meant To Be Together

6 Signs You’re Meant To Be Together

Love is in an intriguing mystery.

Everyone of us are secretly searching for that person who can love us to the fullest. The saddest part of the search is we often end up being heartbroken and entirely lose hope on love.

What we fail to behold under such deprivation is whether a person comes to your life for a lesson or a blessing, they always come with some signals that decide the direction of the relationship.

At times we are lost in considering the probabilities:

  • To stay or not to stay?
  • Is he/she the right one?
  • Are we compatible?
  • Can this be my soulmate?

Instead what we need to focus on is how our body is reacting to the presence of the person. Our intuition is seldom wrong.

These 6 points are sure tale-tell signs to decide if she/he is your true mate.


Respect Is At The Root Of Love

You respect each other.

Trust is the most crucial foundation of a relationship. Mutual appreciation requires a mature level of trust and respect. When your partners are considerate enough to not hide their actual self and also respect your true self, however broken your spirit is, you know you have found a keeper.

Respect comes in multi folds ways: respecting the other person’s true self, their personal space, letting them create a safe boundary for themselves, respecting their body, their insecurities; in a way respecting the whole gamut of the person.

However, respect is earned. Give the respect you think you deserve, to your partner.

When you are in a relationship that provides safety, security and doesn’t make you compensate for his/her disgusting behaviour towards you, you have found your match.


You Share Many Of The Same Interests.

Actual points of similarity made a potential partner more attractive before a first meeting, but had lesser impact as the relationship unfurled. The mere perception of being similar with a partner, even if the similarity wasn’t factual affected attraction throughout the development of the relationship. (1)

It is indeed very exciting when during the initial phase of attraction when you come to know about the similarities you share with your partner. 

It is like a Eureka moment to find out that the movies you absolutely love is also scoring their ‘hot’ list, the hobbies that you have is also their hobbies; even your mindset matches.

Having similarities not only help to easily understand each other, but also promotes a sense of union even before the relationship actually escalates.


You Tell Each Other Secrets.

Repeated loss of trust on people throughout our lives in the growing phase often make it it difficult for us to trust people as an adult.

But once you see that you can instinctively lose your guard and be comfortable with all your deepest secrets, you must know for sure that the person has created the desirable circumstances for you to do so.

A relationship should foster transparent communication without the fear of being judged, criticized or misunderstood.

If you feel snug enough to share everything with him/her, down to the most embarrassing details without being judged, there you go, your partner’s a keeper.


You’re Not Jealous.

Do you feel hot with anger when he/she talks with another person of the opposite sex? Does him getting a little too friendly with another girl, irks you?

Ask yourself, is that your insecurity at play?

Sense of belonging is absolutely important in a relationship but being to clingy and possessive because of your own insecurities is not appreciated. A co-dependency that breeds suspiciousness can drastically harm a relationship and also make the other person feel suffocated.

Let the love breathe and blossom.


You Fight Well.

Ladies and gentlemen, we all know that (unfortunately) no couple is immune to arguing. In a sense, arguments are necessities but the ones that lead to productive conclusions.

It if such arguments are leading to guilt tripping each other, blaming and shaming the other, leading to temporary estrangements, then its a sign of a disastrous union.


You Finish Each Other’s Sentences.

To be honest, even though this may sound cliche, but when two people know each other well enough to know what the other is thinking, it means both of you can be yourselves, completely. The sense of connectivity in those instances are genuinely divine.

And there’s nothing better than finding peace with someone who loves you exactly the way you are.


  1. Does Similarity Lead to Attraction and Compatibility?


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