How To Know If He’s ‘The One’? 11 Signs He Is Your Life Partner


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Signs He Is Your Life Partner - The Man Of Your Dreams

When you fall for someone, emotions and compatibility can be both exciting and difficult. So how do you know that he is your life partner? Well, love isn’t butterflies in your stomach but it is about finding the person who rightly deserves a place in your life.

Do you want to assured that you’ll find ‘the one’ this Happy Valentine’s Day? As a woman, there are 11 ways you might notice the signs he’s your life partner.

Here Are 11 Signs He Is Your Life Partner

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11 Signs He Is The One: Signs You Have Found Your Life Partner

1. He is your best friend.

This is one of the major signs he is the right guy for you. He’s the person you cannot wait to come home to at the end of a long day. He’s the best part of your day. No matter what’s going on in your life, you know you can depend on him to bring a smile to your face.

Whether you’re going on an awesome adventure together or having a quiet night in, you always find a way to have fun together.

You love spending time together and it always comes naturally; you can completely be yourself around him. You have your own inside jokes and you know how to make each other laugh hysterically. He’s your biggest fan and your strongest support system. You’re confident that, together, you can get through anything life may throw at you.

2. You can tell him anything and everything.

There are no secrets between the two of you. You tell each other everything. He’s the first person you want to share good news and bad news with. When you both come home from work, you talk about how your day went or whatever’s going on in the world.

You’re able to have intellectual conversations, but you also have conversations about the most random things and can just as well sit comfortably in silence.

There is nothing you’re afraid to share with him. You can talk about anything, even things that may be difficult or uncomfortable to discuss. But he will never judge you. Even if he doesn’t fully understand, he will always try his best to. 

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3. Fights are healthy and often end with a solution.

Image says you should fall in love with someone who matches your worth.
Finding Your Life Partner

Arguments and fights typically never escalate to insane blowouts. They’re the fights that either need to happen to invoke a positive change or in order for your relationship to grow even further. Some could also be a result of a buildup of stress from everyday life. Fights are totally natural in any partnership.

Think about it: if you spent every single second of every single day with a friend or sibling or co-worker, they’d be bound to irritate you at some point. It happens. Too much of anyone can be a bit daunting.

But fights with your life partner are different. You love him even when you want to hate him. And even after some of your biggest fights, you still kiss and genuinely make up, truly knowing it’ll all be okay and that this was just a bump in the road.

You may disagree often and you’ll get on each other’s nerves, but you both know life is too short to be wasting time on bickering, so after a fight, you try your best to let it go and move on.

Fights with your life partner almost always end with a sincere “I’m sorry” from both ends and a conversation about how this could potentially be prevented in the future.

4. He doesn’t just tell you he cares, he shows you and puts in the effort.

In some relationships, a lot of empty promises are made, but your life partner does what he says he’ll do, even if it’s not right away. In other relationships, the effort fades with time, and all of those surprises and little things that showed true effort slowly come to an end.

Of course, as a relationship progresses you can’t expect surprises and the royal treatment all the time because that would eventually become boring and would no longer be something to look forward to if it happened so often. But if the effort stops entirely, then that’s when the love is at risk of becoming stale or dying out.

Your life partner puts in the effort to make birthdays, holidays, and special occasions moments you’ll never forget. If you’ve had a rough week, he’ll put in the extra effort to make you a nice meal or do something that he knows will put a smile on your face. And whether that be in the smallest ways or the biggest, he’ll continue to put in the effort as the years go by because he wants to keep reminding you just how much you mean to him. 

No relationship is perfect, but that’s where the effort comes in. Your life partner will never stop putting in the effort to keep the love alive whether it is valentine special day or marriage anniversary or not. He’ll always try his best to make sure you both have a happy life together, and that is as close to perfection as you’re ever going to get.

5. He’s comfortable, but not too comfortable.

He’s comfortable enough to be his 100 percent true self around you, but not so comfortable that he stops putting in the effort or stops taking care of himself. You bring out the best in each other, and you motivate each other to stay healthy and stay on track.

You and your life partner find that balance between being so comfortable with each other that you are seriously best buds, all while still remembering to continue to put in the effort and not forget about the little things that matter most.

6. Your happiness means everything to him.

If you’re sad, he’s sad, even at times when he may not fully understand why or what you’re going through. But when life hits hard, he’ll do anything in his power to make you happy. He’ll always support you and be rooting for you.

If you’re feeling down, he’ll want you to do whatever you need to do in order to get that happiness back — have a night out with the girls, buy yourself that new dress, plan an adventure together, whatever it may be. 

He is never envious or controlling and he always has your best interest in mind. Your happiness is profoundly important to him because he’s on your team, he has your back, and he just wants to see you smile.

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7. You know in your heart you can trust him.

Trust can be a very tricky thing. But with him, you know in your heart he would never risk doing anything that may lead to him losing you. Nothing is that important. He will never stray and he will never jeopardize your love for anything.

You can trust him to come back home to you at the end of any night out or weekend away. You can trust that he won’t let you down. 

But we’re all humans — imperfect creatures — and if he ever does slip up or makes a stupid mistake, you can guarantee he will find a way to completely make it up to you and make things right.

8. You have no eyes for anyone else.

Is He The One? He is the one if he magnifies the uniqueness of your soul

I’ve always believed that when a person’s eyes start to stray or they actually consider cheating if the thought even so much as crosses their mind, that’s when they should walk away or deeply reevaluate their relationship.

If they’re willing to risk losing their significant other for something meaningless, they should either end things altogether or figure out what led them down this road and begin taking the steps towards fixing it.

What you have with your life partner is rare. You’d never even think to do something stupid that might mess it up. You’re both faithful and loyal to each other because you know what you have is real and extremely difficult to find, and you never want it to end.

9. You feel complete like nothing is missing.

You have no weight on your shoulders anymore when it comes to love. You now feel a sense of completeness, like nothing is missing. Even if you’re having a terrible day, just knowing you have him helps you get through anything. 

He brings brightness to your life. He makes you feel as though the entire world could turn its back on you, but he would still be there standing by your side. It’s you and him against the world. 

10. You cannot imagine a life without him.

Even just the thought of something bad happening to him makes your heart sing, and your stomach turn. You cannot imagine a life without him in it. He’s your world, and you wouldn’t want it any other way. ​

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11. The love you have is simple but powerful.

He comes with no ridiculousness, no bullshit, no games. It is just that simple. And what you have built together is simply because the love and care you have for each other come so naturally, it is never a struggle. 

It is also so powerful because he is your everything — through the ups, the downs, and everything in between. He is your best friend, your teammate, your rock. The love you and your life partner have has given you both the ability to overcome anything life throws your way and to get through it all together. Side by side.

When you see these signs, know that it’s the Universe’s way of telling you that you have found your perfect match. these are the signs he is the one God has for you.

Have a happy Valentine’s day!

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Frequently Asked Question (FAQs)

What does it mean when a guy is excited to see you?

Some guys are not into directly admitting what they feel, but their actions reveal a lot of their true feelings. When a guy is happy and excited to see you, it means he is into you completely and wants to be a part of your life.

Can your soulmate be your life partner?

Yes, it’s possible that your soulmate can also be your life partner. But the concept of soulmate and life partner is usually different.

What are the 3 most important things in a relationship?

The three most important things in a relationship are: 1. Commitment, 2. Intimacy and 3. Communication.

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Finding Your Life Partner? Signs You’ve Met Your Life Partner
Signs He Life Partner pin
Finding Your Life Partner? Sign He is The One
Signs He Is Your Life Partner pin
Signs He’s Your Life Partner
Signs He Your Life Partner pin
finding your life partner

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