Finding a Good Guy: Top 10 Qualities To Look For In A Man

Qualities Look For In A Man

As you wait to cross paths with that special someone in the dating world, it is wise that you carve out an image of what a good guy should be like.

Talking of a mental picture, the first thing coming to your mind might be the physical traits you prefer in a man, like height, hair, facial features, etc. It is very natural- physical attractiveness is one of the first things humans are drawn to.

But it’s important to remember that good looks are only skin deep. And when it comes to the question of spending a lifetime with a guy, many women prefer desirable personality traits over good looks.

Researchers have spent years trying to decode the secret that makes us fall in love. With the advent of technology, where a new date is just a swipe away, it can be difficult to commit to the right person.

So if you’re considering a long-term relationship, take some time out and reflect if your guy ticks the right boxes or not.

On that note, there are quite a few ways to know that you’ve found a genuinely good guy. Here we have identified the top 10 qualities in a guy that women must consider:

1. He’s gentlemanly:

A good guy is polite, is respectful of your opinions and considerate of your feelings. On the other hand, if he always rejects your opinions, it might be a sign that he’s having power issues- says Dr. John Gottman, an American psychological researcher on marital stability.

Classic gentleman behavior is becoming rare in today’s world, hence a man with this trait stands out and is highly valued.

Simple actions like pulling out a chair for a lady or picking up something she might have dropped, is indicative of a guy’s good manners and his respect towards women in general.

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2. He’s a man of integrity:

Having integrity means staying true to himself, his values and words.

Such men are reliable, trustworthy and usually have stable careers and personal relationships. A man of integrity is always respected and in turn, knows how to respect other people’s beliefs.

3. He’s honest:

If you find a guy who is relentlessly honest, consider yourself lucky.

Honest people are sensible enough to accept their shortcomings. They are also more transparent about their innermost feelings and expectations, which is crucial for eliminating insecurities and finding fulfilment in a relationship.

Although brutal honesty can put you off at times, isn’t it better to be with a person who speaks the truth rather than fill you with lies?

4. He’s supportive:

A man who encourages and motivates you to grow, is truly a blessing.

It is all too common to come across families where the wife has had to quit her job to be able to give more time to her children and home. Hence finding a man who’s ready to make little adjustments so that his partner can fulfill her life goals too, is essential.

5. Has a positive outlook:

Not only is it unpleasant to be around a person who’s always sulking and complaining, constantly being around negative energy can eventually turn you into a gloomy person too.

On the other hand, being with a guy with a positive attitude will make you feel brighter and more energetic.

Psychology researchers have found that couples with a positive outlook are able to cope better with hardships and work towards creating more happy moments together.

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