14 Indicators of a True Gentleman: Signs You’ve Finally Found a Good Man


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Signs You Have Finally Met A Good Guy

Finding a genuine guy can be a challenge in today’s world, but he’s worth the effort. Here are 14 signs of a good man and how you can consider him a catch.

This is how you will know that you have met a good guy. Tired of the games you’ve built walls so high that absolutely none can get in?

But there is this guy that keeps trying to get over that wall to reach you while everyone else gave up halfway. Should you trust this guy or is he the same?

Are they all the same?

Yes, these questions arise in your mind when you’ve fallen too many times and fell too hard. But ladies, not everyone is the same and there are good guys out there who at some point will cross your path.

14 Sure Signs Of A Good Man

Signs Of A Good Man
How to know if you’ve met a good guy? Here are some signs he’s a good guy

1. No more games

You plan a date with him and he will be there on time. All your texts are replied and your calls are answered. No excuses and no games, all that you faced before happens no more.

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2. He makes you realize your true worth

He shows you how horrible your past is but doesn’t repeat it. You have been through rough and horrible relationships and now you realize you never needed to tolerate all that bullshit. You’re worth what you are getting now.

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3. The insecurity starts to fade away

You had really rough experiences which forced you to cover yourself in layers and build walls around you but he makes you feel comfortable and secure.

The haunting experiences made you feel insecure but his warmth has now started to replace it, you feel confident and at home now.

4. He clears your doubt with actions and not just words

You still have that insecurity within you and you doubt him but he keeps his words. The simple act of standing by his words gives you immense pleasure.

5. You no longer need to be apologetic

Your past relationships made you think it’s always your fault and you did something wrong, but this guy teaches you that don’t need to be sorry always. He forgives you because you have no reason to apologize.

6. He is patient

He knows you have been through some real hard times and you’re guarded now, he doesn’t hurry but is patient and waits until you put the guards down.

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7. You feel deep inside that he won’t hurt you.

one of the signs you found a good man is that he makes you happy not hurt
one of the signs you found a good man is that he makes you happy not hurt

It scares you to put your guards down and open up to someone but what you’re more scared of is falling for this guy. Deep down you know he won’t hurt you and bring the walls down anyway.

8. He’s nice all the time

Well, this might sound scary because we lived in so much screwed up world that kindness and compassion have become a rarity, and when we come across someone kind or nice all time we find it weird.

This is kind of a new experience for you but then you realize this is how things are supposed to be.

9. He is honest

Another rare trait in a world full of lies. What you are used to is lies and now this honesty makes you feel uncomfortable. The honesty, you will see it in his eyes.

10. A fight doesn’t end it

Arguments and fights in a relationship are inevitable but in your past experiences those fights resulted in walking away from people and hurling abuses at you but that doesn’t happen anymore.

An argument ends where it started and he doesn’t let it poison the relationship.

11. He makes sure ‘no more tears!’

It takes a lot of bad experiences to get to a good one. Finally, you realize not everyone will hurt you and what you deserve is this, the bliss.

12. He doesn’t leave even when you’re at your worst

You break down crying, you hurl objects at him and break things, you lie there at your lowest but he will always be there beside you. He will appreciate you for letting him see this side of yours and he will comfort you. Hold you until you’re whole again.

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13. He respects you

Love cannot really exist without respect. He respect who you are in your true self, he respects your decisions and choices, and if he has to disagree he tells you instead of disrespecting you. When he respects you he cares about your sentiments and not just what he has to gain from you.

14. He loves you

signs of a good man and why he is the right one for you
signs you’ve met a good guy and he is the right one for you

You are head over heel in love with this guy and the best part is he reciprocates everything you feel. He loves you for who you are and for your every action he has a reaction, in fact, he goes the extra mile to make you feel loved.

Could you relate with the signs he’s a good man for you? Leave your thoughts in comments. Till then happy Valentine’s day!

good guy
14 Signs You Have A Good Man For Valentines Week
14 Indicators of a True Gentleman: Signs You've Finally Found a Good Man
14 Signs You Have Met A Good Guy
Genuine Signs Of Good Man In Your Life pin
14 Indicators of a True Gentleman: Signs You’ve Finally Found a Good Man

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