11 Signs He Is The Right Guy For You And Is ‘The One’


11 Signs He Is The Right Guy For You And Is ‘The One’

Every woman wants to find the right guy with whom they can spend the rest of their life, feeling content, happy, and safe. But sometimes we have something right in front of our eyes, but we still don’t see it for what it is. This rings especially true for the kind of guy you are looking for in life. Let’s find out the signs he is the right guy for you by looking at what he does differently from other guys.

You know he is the one when you will notice him putting in certain efforts, that not a lot of guys would put in for you. He will go out of his way to make you feel special and happy. Excited to know about the signs that he is the one? Let’s find out!

How to know if he is the right guy for you?

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11 Signs He Is The Right Guy For You And Is ‘The One’

1. He is the first one to make plans to go out with you.

It’s fine that you come up with ideas to go to different places on your date. But, it should not be a one-sided affair. The right guy will always be equally interested in going out with you and spending special moments with you.

One of the major signs he is the right guy for you is when pampering you and making you feel like a queen comes naturally to him.

11 Signs He Is The Right Guy For You And Is 'The One'
How to know he is the right guy

2. He can be loaded with work, but when he is free, he instantly replies to all your messages.

The right guy will always let you know what he’s up to, not because he is scared of you or feels obligated to you, but because he wants to. He is always honest with you when he is busy with work, and will never let you wonder what he’s up to.

No matter how busy he is, the moment he is free, he will call you or text you back and speak to you. He understands the importance of being open and transparent in relationships.

3. He woos you, even if your relationship is decades old.

He never takes you and your love and dedication for granted. Just because you have been together for a long time, that doesn’t mean he has let the romance die.

He woos you and serenades you just like the way he did when he first met you. So the next time you think about how to know if he is the one, then this is a major, major sign.

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4. He knows his boundaries when it comes to vices and knows when to stop.

If he is serious about spending his life with you he would never let himself get to a point where he doesn’t know how to handle vices like alcohol. Sure, he knows how to have fun and let loose once in a while, but he never lets this get to a concerning stage.

Guys like him know how excessive alcohol and immaturity can affect your life, and that’s why he knows exactly where to draw the line.

5. He never fails to tell you and show you that you’re the most important person in his life.

Another one of the major signs he is the right guy for you is when he never fails to tell you how important you are to him. And he just doesn’t tell you, he shows it too. He always gives a lot of effort to make you feel special, and he does it genuinely and not just to make you feel happy.

6. He gives a lot of effort to get along with your friends and family.

He is respectful towards everyone you love, and he genuinely gives an effort to know your family and friends. He knows how important they are to you, and he respects that.

A guy like him envisions a future with you, and he knows that’s not possible unless he shares a good bond with your loved ones. He leaves no stone unturned when it comes to winning over your close ones.

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7. He understands the importance of compromise.

He should not be stubborn and unreasonable and want to have things his own way. It is best to reach a solution that is acceptable to both of you otherwise the relationship will suffer.

You and the relationship are more important to him than his pride and ego, which is why he always tries to make things right with you. He doesn’t like prolonging any fight just because he is too egoistic.

11 Signs He Is The Right Guy For You And Is 'The One'
Signs he is the one

8. He does all the house chores with you.

He never expects you to look after the house and do all the chores, all by yourself. He is always there helping you so that there isn’t too much pressure on you.

He understands that it’s not just your home, it’s his home too. Looking after the house together, and equally dividing all the chores and errands is what he believes in.

9. He puts in the effort to look good for you.

That does not mean he should wear a suit all the time or look like a model. He makes efforts to be neat and clean and presentable. A little bit of grooming and wearing the right clothes is just enough.

Taking care of himself and wanting to look good for you is what makes him happy, and that’s why he never leaves any stone unturned in making that a reality.

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10. He takes care of himself.

He takes care of his health so that he can have a long, happy life with you. And not just his physical health, he takes care of his mental and emotional health too.

He wants to be the very best version of himself for you, and that’s why he never compromises on his well-being.

11. He is always happy to see you happy.

Whatever makes you happy, makes him feel happy too. And isn’t that what true love is? His happiness lies in your happiness, and whenever he sees you smile, his heart sings with joy.

He just cannot see you sad and morose, and he always gives his best to bring a smile to your face.

Do you see these signs in the guy you are dating? If your answer is yes, then you are truly blessed to have a phenomenal guy in your life as your partner. Hold onto him and never let him go!

Want to know more about the signs he is the right guy for you? Check this video out below!

Signs he is the right guy

signs he is the right guy
12 signs he is the right guy for you
12 Times He Takes Effort That Proves He's The Right Guy For You
How do I know if he is the one
Signs He Is The Right Guy For You pin
11 Signs He Is The Right Guy For You And Is ‘The One’

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  1. Dave Bro Avatar

    Where does one get his balls removed for this relationship?

  2. Jone Kael Avatar

    You bettet be a damn good woman if you expect these needs met. Not by me. After many tries I decided I prefer the single life.

  3. Connie Lindsey Avatar

    I’m 54. WTF? Lol

  4. Atul Thakur Avatar

    Haha…. One thought I got after reading is that this must be written by a frustrated women…. Or specially an Indian women hahaha…

  5. Bonnie L Handwerker-Horowitz Avatar

    As a woman who is one for equal rights , I can tell you that most men even good men are not wired that way especially if raised by a mother who did everything for them. Had to retrain mine with many of those things but I am a realist and know that respect is the most important thing not perfection. BTW who wrote this crap?

  6. Raphael Schäfer Avatar

    Ha, so if a dude subscribed to such a list – will he still be mucked about, lead on and eventually shut down or will those things be dealt with in Part II?

  7. Danny Joon Avatar

    Lol this was written by a needy little hoodrat

  8. Cyma Salman Avatar

    I am a woman and even i feel this article is downright irrational and ridiculous! If you are looking for all these things then you are NOT looking for a man but a ROBOT- something you can happily program according to your needs and demands! These are poisonous writings because they can easily pollute a naive mind. In this terribly entitled age, we need more compassion rather than narcissism! Love is compromise and accepting each other with our ugly bits. Love is UNCONDITIONAL!

    1. Vanderstraeten Erwin Avatar

      Well, it is said that fully working and programmable cyborgs will be there in the not so far future.
      Problem solved

  9. Vanderstraeten Erwin Avatar

    sounds like someone is confusing love with servitude.

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