He Might Not Be the One for You, Unless He Puts Effort Into These 12 things

He Might Not Be the One for You, Unless He Puts Effort Into These 12 things

1.  He should make plans to go out with you. It’s fine that you come up with ideas to go to different places on your date. But, it should not be a one-sided affair. He should be equally interested in making things special. Occasionally, he should take you for shopping and treat you in a new restaurant.


2. Your boyfriend can be loaded with work, but when he is free, he should reply to your messages. He should let you know of his whereabouts, and if he cares to do this all the time you can trust him easily. Being open in a relationship is the best way to build trust.


3. Even if your relationship is decades old, he should try to woo you. He should never take your love and dedication for granted.


4. He should make sex pleasurable for you by doing a lot of foreplay and giving you oral. It’s not necessary to have an orgasm every time, but you should climax most of the times you have sex.


5. He should have control over his urge for alcohol and other vices and save money for your future together. If he is serious about spending his life with you he would do that. He should be putting equal efforts as you at work and accumulate funds for a house.


6. You are the most important part of his life and he should make you feel that way. He should tell you all that is happening at his job. He should take you for dinner or outings with his friends.


7. All your friends and family may not be easy to deal, but he should make efforts to get along with them. He should be respectful towards everyone you love. If your dad is rude, he should put his best efforts to gain his approval.


8. As a couple both of you should be ready to compromise. Your boyfriend should not be stubborn and unreasonable and want to have things his own way. It is best to reach a solution that is acceptable to both of you otherwise the relationship will suffer.


9. Both of you should have equal participation when it comes to cooking, cleaning and doing other household work. He should not expect you to wash his clothes, cook and provide everything he needs only. Rather both you should take care of each other’s needs.


10. A woman always wants her man to look good. That does not mean he should wear a suit all the time or look like a model. He should make efforts to be neat and clean and be presentable. Lit bit of grooming and wearing the right clothes are just enough.


11. He should make an effort to keep himself healthy. If he loves you, he’ll take care of himself, so that you two can have a long life together.


12. He should be happy to see you happy. He should love your smile and make efforts to bring it on your face as many times as possible.


  1. I am a woman and even i feel this article is downright irrational and ridiculous! If you are looking for all these things then you are NOT looking for a man but a ROBOT- something you can happily program according to your needs and demands! These are poisonous writings because they can easily pollute a naive mind. In this terribly entitled age, we need more compassion rather than narcissism! Love is compromise and accepting each other with our ugly bits. Love is UNCONDITIONAL!