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10 Signs You Shouldn’t End Your Relationship

Signs You Shouldn't End Your Relationship

Should you end your relationship just because it feels old? How about you look for reasons why you shouldn’t end your relationship?

In life, it is always easier to break things than turn around and fix them repeatedly. Would a few rainstorms be enough to compel you to pack your bags and leave for a place that offered year-round sunshine?

Most of us put credibility into negativity and keep aside the positive emotions. When something bad happens, you want to end it all in a jiffy!

According to Prince EA, Don’t be so quick to end your relationship or friendship without equally trying to fix it, ask yourself.

“Have I done everything in my powers to fix the problem that exists?”

Here’s how to know if you’re in a rough patch with your partner vs. if you’re in a bad relationship. Though your gut probably already knows.

Here Are 10 Signs That You Shouldn’t End Your Relationship

Signs Shouldnt End Relationship
10 Signs You Shouldn't End Your Relationship

1) Presence of great physical chemistry.

For most couples, boring physical life is not desirable and can be a problem for both the partners. But those of you who bicker, but have a great intimate relationship should take a turn and think aloud!

You can be indeed very lucky to have an innovative partner that arouses amazing chemistry between you two. You should be able to keep things interesting between your partner and you. This takes mutual effort and consideration.

2) You are great together, stronger and fuller.

Are you a better person who gets inspired and happy when your partner is around you? Does your other half challenge and inspire you? If you are working to be the best self when around with your partner, you should never leave him/her.

One rarely finds a person who would appreciate the growth and motivate the partner to push to his/her best. If you find one such muse, don’t let him/her go.

3) Your partner supports your dreams.

Half of your dreams are achieved if you have someone who trusts in your potential and finds unique ways to inspire you.

When you quit your regular job to be a smarter pastry chef and your partner supports you in that, you may be in for a great future ahead. Never leave a supportive partner.

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4) When you have built something up together.

When you and your partner are building a common goal, like buying a house to even raising a family, you should intend to keep at it and work on the common goals. You should not end your relationship.

5) When you like the person you are now because of the relationship.

If you have gotten better because of the relationship and are maturing and growing a lot more, you should be happy and not compromise the relationship and the bond because of trivial fights or even misunderstandings.

In a crowd of people who try pulling each other down to destroy the other person, if your partner has helped you bloom to your best version, he/she is a genuine lover. Don’t lose him/her.

6) Your relationship problems are purely incidental and circumstantial.

A lot of the times, disagreements are circumstantial and you are merely dealing with problems external to the relationship like financial hardship, family pressures, problems in professional fields and other problems.

These do not have anything to do with the conflict between you two. You should put aside familial squabbles and stay put together.

7) You are still willing to compromise and work with each other.

One of the most important aspects of a relationship is to compromise and be adaptable to meet each other’s needs. You can sacrifice some guilty pleasures for the sake of togetherness.

You two are a strong team, giving other companions some serious relationship goals, then stick together. Your relationship has something which most bonds lack – unity.

8) There are more ups and downs and the ups are always higher.

You could go through a rough patch but a good time will always follow and good memories will outweigh the bad ones.

If the ups and downs don’t discourage you, rather influence you to learn lessons from your tough times, you are in a healthy relationship that doesn’t need to end.

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9) During the lows of life, you still want each other.

Despite the rough sailing, if the foundations of love are strong and you both pull each other’s heart’s strings; you should not cave into pressures of life in any form.

However hard it is, if you still crave each other’s physical and emotional presence, then you surely need to be with each other.

10) You are not ready to call it quits.

It is a simple aspect that needs consideration. You may not be able to think about life as a single person, as the love between you both is too strong. This is a strong reason for not calling it a day at any time!

In case there’s abuse in a relationship, that is not healthy and no one should subject themselves to that quality of life. It is better to get out then and seek help. Never be apprehensive to ask for assistance. It is not okay to face abuse and keep mum.

If you want to know more about how you shouldn’t end your relationship, then check this video out below:

Shouldn't End Your Relationship
Signs You Shouldn't End Your Relationship Pin
10 Signs You Shouldn't End Your Relationship

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