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6 Signs You Are Meant To Be Together

signs you are meant to be together

Everyone wants to have that perfect relationship with the perfect person. Everyone is searching for ‘The One’. But what most people don’t understand is that having crushes and flings is easy, and getting into a relationship might be easier, but working on that relationship to make sure it lasts, is much more difficult. Whether you are meant to be together or not doesn’t depend on fate, it depends on what you and your partner do to make sure the relationship stands the test of time.

It isn’t always about physical intimacy, nor is there a fixed formula for having a healthy relationship. But there are a few signs that you can look out for, that will help you understand what being in a fulfilling and healthy relationship means. These qualities are some of the most important qualities, and without these, there’s no hope of your relationship surviving in the long run.

Here Are 6 Signs That Prove You Are Meant To Be Together

1. You Respect Each Other A Lot.

Without respect, no relationship survives, because mutual respect is the one thing that can make or break your relationship. And respecting your partner does not just mean not misbehaving them or not abusing them, it is so much more than just that.

Respecting each other means respecting each other’s values, opinions, personal space, ideologies, emotional triggers, and feelings, even if you are not always on the same page. Loving each other means respecting not just the similarities, but also the dissimilarities, and making sure that you never make the other person feel bad about their beliefs.

When you treat each other with the respect you deserve, you are working towards having a healthy, and happy relationship in the long run. Your relationship is supposed to be your safe space, and if you have a partner who respects you a lot, and understands you on a deep level, then congratulations, you guys are meant to be with each other.

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2. You Never Feel The Need To Hide Anything From Each Other.

One of the biggest signs that you’re meant to be together is when don’t feel the need to keep secrets from each other; you can talk about anything and everything, without feeling scared that you will be judged. Both of you know everything about each other and know your partner inside out. It feels amazing when you are in a relationship with someone, who knows everything about you and accepts you completely for who you are.

Your strengths, weaknesses, flaws, embarrassments, accomplishments – both of you know every intimate detail about each other and still love each other the same. Whenever something happens, be it something major or minor, good or bad, they are the first person you think of sharing it with. You can’t wait to call them and tell them what happened. Beautiful, isn’t it?

3. You Look Into Each Other’s Eyes When Talking.

Eye contact is underrated, and many people tend to dismiss it off as nonsense. But eye contact is one of those things that can help you understand whether you are with the right person or not. There is research that focuses on the importance of looking into each other’s eyes, and how it helps to foster romantic and intimate feelings. Couples who look into each other’s eyes for a longer time are said to be more in love with each other, than couples who don’t.

The presence of eye contact in a relationship signals trust, honesty, and intimacy, in the relationship, and shows how comfortable you are with your partner. So, if both of you always look into each other’s eyes while talking, then you genuinely have a very fulfilling and healthy relationship.

you're meant to be together

4. You Compromise When Needed.

Compromise is always necessary if you want to be in a mature and healthy relationship with someone, and without compromise, there’s no hope of any relationship surviving. If your ego and your need to be right matters more to you than your partner, then there’s no point in being with them. But if both of you are willing to make the necessary sacrifices and compromises to make sure the relationship stands the test of time, then you’re meant to be with each other.

And compromise is not a bad thing, as many couples tend to believe. You don’t lose your individuality and self-respect by compromising for your partner sometimes, rather this shows that this relationship matters to you more than your arrogance, stubbornness, and ego. Putting your partner first sometimes doesn’t always have to be a bad thing.

5. You Never Fight Ugly.

Every couple fights and every relationship goes through a rough patch sometimes. But couples in healthy relationships never demean their partners while arguing with them. If both of you genuinely respect each other, you will never feel the need to humiliate them or use their weaknesses against them, just because you are involved in a serious argument.

Despite fighting with each other, you still try to understand where the other person is coming from and hear them out, and not just to reply back with a retort. Because deep down inside both of you know that the relationship matters more to you than winning arguments. The love you share with each other is deep and true, and you can never bring yourself to hurt them badly, just because you are upset about something.

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6. You Have Amazing Chemistry.

Chemistry is so important, and not just physical chemistry, but emotional and mental chemistry too. And holding on to that crackling chemistry tends to get challenging, the more you settle down with each other in the relationship. Once the honeymoon period is over, chemistry becomes more of an afterthought for most couples, but not for you. If that spark is still there, and you can still look into each other’s eyes with that same adoration, then you’re meant to be together.

It’s not always about physical intimacy, it’s about the little things you do together. Laughing at the same jokes, holding hands even after being with each other for a long time, cuddling together and going to sleep after a long day, having that same excitement you had at the beginning of the relationship, and making sure that you are always there for each other, through thick and thin.

Chemistry is extremely important, and the presence or absence of it can define the course of your relationship.

If you have these qualities in your relationship, then good news, both you and your partner are meant to be with each other! You are perfect for each other and are soulmates. Keep on nurturing your relationship with the same love, kindness, and understanding like you have been doing all this while because you are truly lucky to have found each other.

6 Signs You’re Meant To Be Together
6 Signs You’re Meant To Be Together
Signs Youre Meant To Be Together Pin
6 Signs You’re Meant To Be Together
signs you are meant to be together pin
signs you are meant to be together pinop

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