6 Signs You’re Meant To Be Together

Love is in an intriguing mystery.

Everyone of us are secretly searching for that person who can love us to the fullest. The saddest part of the search is we often end up being heartbroken and entirely lose hope on love.

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What we fail to behold under such deprivation is whether a person comes to your life for a lesson or a blessing, they always come with some signals that decide the direction of the relationship.

At times we are lost in considering the probabilities:

  • To stay or not to stay?
  • Is he/she the right one?
  • Are we compatible?
  • Can this be my soulmate?

Instead what we need to focus on is how our body is reacting to the presence of the person. Our intuition is seldom wrong.

These 6 points are sure tale-tell signs to decide if she/he is your true mate.


Respect Is At The Root Of Love

You respect each other.

Trust is the most crucial foundation of a relationship. Mutual appreciation requires a mature level of trust and respect. When your partners are considerate enough to not hide their actual self and also respect your true self, however broken your spirit is, you know you have found a keeper.

Respect comes in multi folds ways: respecting the other person’s true self, their personal space, letting them create a safe boundary for themselves, respecting their body, their insecurities; in a way respecting the whole gamut of the person.

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However, respect is earned. Give the respect you think you deserve, to your partner.

When you are in a relationship that provides safety, security and doesn’t make you compensate for his/her disgusting behaviour towards you, you have found your match.


You Share Many Of The Same Interests.

Actual points of similarity made a potential partner more attractive before a first meeting, but had lesser impact as the relationship unfurled. The mere perception of being similar with a partner, even if the similarity wasn’t factual affected attraction throughout the development of the relationship. (1)

It is indeed very exciting when during the initial phase of attraction when you come to know about the similarities you share with your partner. 

It is like a Eureka moment to find out that the movies you absolutely love is also scoring their ‘hot’ list, the hobbies that you have is also their hobbies; even your mindset matches.

Having similarities not only help to easily understand each other, but also promotes a sense of union even before the relationship actually escalates.


You Tell Each Other Secrets.

Repeated loss of trust on people throughout our lives in the growing phase often make it it difficult for us to trust people as an adult.

But once you see that you can instinctively lose your guard and be comfortable with all your deepest secrets, you must know for sure that the person has created the desirable circumstances for you to do so.

A relationship should foster transparent communication without the fear of being judged, criticized or misunderstood.

If you feel snug enough to share everything with him/her, down to the most embarrassing details without being judged, there you go, your partner’s a keeper.


You’re Not Jealous.

Do you feel hot with anger when he/she talks with another person of the opposite sex? Does him getting a little too friendly with another girl, irks you?

Ask yourself, is that your insecurity at play?

Sense of belonging is absolutely important in a relationship but being to clingy and possessive because of your own insecurities is not appreciated. A co-dependency that breeds suspiciousness can drastically harm a relationship and also make the other person feel suffocated.

Let the love breathe and blossom.


You Fight Well.

Ladies and gentlemen, we all know that (unfortunately) no couple is immune to arguing. In a sense, arguments are necessities but the ones that lead to productive conclusions.

It if such arguments are leading to guilt tripping each other, blaming and shaming the other, leading to temporary estrangements, then its a sign of a disastrous union.


You Finish Each Other’s Sentences.

To be honest, even though this may sound cliche, but when two people know each other well enough to know what the other is thinking, it means both of you can be yourselves, completely. The sense of connectivity in those instances are genuinely divine.

And there’s nothing better than finding peace with someone who loves you exactly the way you are.


  1. Does Similarity Lead to Attraction and Compatibility?


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