What It Feels Like When Two Souls Are Meant For Each Other

What It Feels Like When Two Souls Are Meant For Each Other

There are many who feel that it is not even possible that two souls are meant just for each other. The fling culture has made sure that most people in this day and age don’t associate dating and love, or rather love with permanence.

But what happens when, despite all the skepticism, two souls which are meant to be together, come together? Thus begins an enchanted journey, which will see them always coming together because the universe itself wants to see them with each other.

And when the universe itself is making sure that your paths will always cross, it is futile to say no. even their romance is one notch higher than those of the others because it is backed up by the most inexplicable and powerful source, the cosmos itself.

So what does a relationship like this feels like? Read on-

1)  You can be your most original self:

You finally have a person in front of whom you don’t have to hide any aspect of your personality. They accept and love you, every bit of you, flaws included.

And when you are comfortable enough to let them see your shortcomings, they will also be happy enough to help you get over them.


2)  There is a lot of spontaneity in your conversations:

You never have to wait and weigh your words when you are talking to them. You know that they will understand the meaning beneath your words and not focus on the words themselves.

This also means that you will be spontaneous in your exchange with them, and many a bright idea will be shared among the two of you.


3)  There is equal freedom for both the partners:

True love is when the relationship allows both individuals to grow separately as well as together. Personal space is very important and when you have someone like them in your life, they won’t ever second guess your motive, nor will you second guess them.

There will be fights and misunderstandings but at the end of the day, all can be resolved because both of you would know the importance of each other.

Source – Limitless Minds

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What It Feels Like When Two Souls Are Meant For Each Other

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