March 08, 2016


We are all searching for many things in life, and one of the biggest is our soulmate. This is the person who completes us and helps us reach goals we never thought possible. They help us forgive and love ourselves when we can’t. Together as a team the realm of influence and experience exponentially grow.

Easily Recognized

As soon as the two of you met there was, at the very least, A suspicion of this character being the ‘one’ for you. Both of you can see it and express this possibility with one another without directly mentioning it. Taking a leap of faith, both parties opened up to each other and found soulmates.


You Have The Same Haunts

You both have the similar interests and interconnected wavelengths, You’ve been connected to this person far before you physically met. Ask your soulmate and you’ll see, you both have been to a lot of the same places at different times.


You Met At The Right Time

It may not be the perfect time of your life in other aspects but it was the perfect time to meet the love of your life. It could have a relatively stress free time in your lives or it could have been a particularly rough patch for both or one of you. Regardless of the ‘how’, the scenario surrounding your meeting went, it helped to make room for one another.


The Silence Spent Between You Is Comfortable

All you need to feel comforted, id hid or her mere presence. The silence provides a different back drop for ‘viewing’ your partner. You can sit in each other’s silent presence for hours.


You Recognize Each Other’s ‘Flaws’ And Work With Them

Everyone has ‘imperfections’ or ‘flaws’. Through love and compassion these aspects are seen as simply traits that society has deemed one way or the other. Your soulmate doesn’t see these other definitions, only the beautiful and capable you.


You Can Drop Your Shields Around Each Other

There is no need to be ‘on your guard’ when your with this person who loves you so much. Their natural instinct will always be to protect you. If they have proven that you are not their top priority, or they would not go out of their way to protect you, then you should really examine your relationship.


You Have Similar  Life Goals And Interests

The two of you  naturally fit together like a hand in a glove. You both prioritize life in similar if not exactly the same. You work as a team so if one of you wants it, the other will delight in helping to achieve it.


The Desire To Spend Time Alone Isn’t Threatening

Same as you two can pass away time in silence with one another, you don’t need to be with each other 24/7. This doesn’t mean that you don’t want to, just that your team can work separate from another.


You Challenge One Another

Growth occurs from enduring hardships. Knowing this, dome pf the strongest relationships are constantly challenging one another. This a safe way to test convictions and ideas.


  1. Don’t need signs. You just know. You can never find a soulmate. Your energies just draw you to each other. It’s never romance. Romance demands reciprocation. Love demands nothing but love and yet it makes not even that demand. Souls don’t need mates either. The soul is completely sufficient by itself. When someone closely matches your higher frequency it just feels good to resonate with them. That’s why lower frequency people never encounter someone like this. It’s not about two people. It’s about one God being expressed between two creations of that same Divine Being. Without God it becomes romance which is selfish. Love is not a silly fairy tale like the ones they hook women on in childhood and set their expectations for men too high. There is no obligation or expectation with love. Trust is natural. It doesn’t have to created or earned with love. It is love. Most people never have it including our parents but they would still know it if they saw it because love can only be love. It extends beyond the grave. It is multidimensional and timeless.

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