23 Unromantic Signs That You’ve Found Your Soulmate

unromantic signs that you have found

Love is beautiful. Love is passionate. Love is all-encompassing. Love is romantic. But what is romance, really? Flowers, chocolates, and candlelight dinners? Yes, these things are romantic, but sometimes true love exists in the ‘unromantic’ things too. Conventional ideas of romance are not the only way to make your better half feel happy and mushy; the little but meaningful things and unromantic signs can also show that you’ve found your soulmate, and how much you really love each other.

23 Unromantic Signs That You’ve Found Your Soulmate

Unromantic Signs Found Your Soulmate
23 Unromantic Signs That You’ve Found Your Soulmate

1. You have great fun shopping for groceries, going to the pharmacy, calculating and filing your taxes, and even cleaning your house.

2. More than romantic dinners, eating takeaway on your couch is something you enjoy.

3. You love to eat whatever you like in their presence without having to care to look cute and that is what you enjoy the most being with them.

4. You can’t help falling in love with them in their most unguarded moments. For example, when they sleep open-mouthed.

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5. And you are equally comfortable being yourself.

6. While you appreciate each other when you dress up, your favorite version of each other is when you are in your sweatpants and old worn-out t-shirts.

7. For you, their cards and casual notes are lovelier than any expensive gift they have given you.

8. They don’t hesitate to ask you for help when they need it, and the same goes for you.

9. You don’t display your affection publicly, not as a principle but because you really don’t need to. You have those smiles and eye contact that lets you communicate with each other just fine.

10. They are there to pep you up when you are down but won’t ever mollycoddle you.

11. You can be open and even laugh about things related to your bodily functions.

12. Sometimes attending a wedding is more about getting drunk and acting stupid for the sake of fun than the ceremony and the emotional toasts.

13. A very significant indicator of a deep emotional bonding is the relationship lexicon, which both of you create. It’s personal and sweet as the words and phrases hold special meanings most of which no one understands.

14. There is perhaps nothing that you don’t know about each other. You can answer 9/10 questions correctly about each other.

15. Your ‘terms of endearment’ are different and seem like nicknames.

16. You aren’t disgusted when they fall sick because you are too worried about them and just want to take care.

17. You never shy away from expressing annoyance when you irritate each other. But both of you never get too serious over it.

18. You can spend a lot of time together without saying a word and still not feel weird about it.

19. When you are with them you can completely relax and chill. You don’t need to think about how to make the time more interesting or engage in small talk.

20. You won’t do anything alone which your partner enjoys too. It’s a kind of betrayal, you think. Whether it is binge-watching a television series or eating something, you would do it together and won’t break the deal ever.

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21. You get the regular supply of your favorite candy and snacks but then you also get flowers and you really like it that way.

22.  ith them around you can burst into laughter in the most unlikely of situations.

23. You can spend a lazy day just being with each other without feeling the need to do something exciting and adventurous.

Love is not always about grand gestures and extravagant gifts; sometimes love is in the small, unromantic moments that you share with each other. After all, it’s the little things that matter, doesn’t it?

Unromantic Signs Youve Found Soulmate pin
Unromantic Signs
23 Unromantic Signs That You’ve Found Your Soulmate
Unromantic Signs
unromantic signs that you have found pinop
23 Unromantic Signs That You’ve Found Your Soulmate
unromantic signs that you have found pin
23 Unromantic Signs That You’ve Found Your Soulmate

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