A Real Man Doesn’t Hesitate When He Finds The Right Woman

A Real Man Doesn't Hesitate When He Finds The Right Woman

We spend most of our lives looking for the right woman, yet when we find her, we hesitate. We fail to take that necessary step before we can truly call her our own.

What exactly that step may vary between couples, just as it varies between the stages in any relationship. You’d think that once you make some sort of commitment, the next commitment you need to make would be easier — that’s not usually the case.

Whether you’re deciding to call your girl your girlfriend, to tell her you to love her, to have her move in with you or to call her your wife, these are all decisions you’ll need to inevitably make.

Hesitation is not your friend. Sure, you need to give such decisions sufficient thought, but you should never hesitate without true cause; real men don’t do that.

Real men make difficult decisions because they understand such decisions need to be made. A real man won’t hesitate when he finds the right woman because:

1. He understands how lucky he really is.

A real man is an experienced man; he’s been through enough failed relationships and met enough wrong women that when he meets the right woman, he knows what he’s found.

He won’t hesitate because — as far as he’s concerned — he just won the lottery, and what guy waits to cash in the winning ticket?

Why would he wait to tell her how much she means to him? He just doesn’t see a point.

Luck doesn’t last forever, and he should feel the need to lock her down before some other guy manages to wiggle his way in between them.

With billions of people on this planet, finding someone whom you believe you can share your life with is surprisingly rare.

Just as lightning doesn’t often strike the same place twice, neither does he want to take the gamble by rolling the die once more.

2. He’s mature enough to face commitment.

It’s not necessarily that he doesn’t fear commitment — most individuals do — it’s that he is ready to take that plunge nonetheless. He’s ready to make all the tradeoffs required because he believes his woman is more than worth it.

He may fear commitment, but he doesn’t run from it; he faces his fear — as a man should. Likewise, he may be more than ready to commit, with no frightening thoughts whatsoever.

He may want nothing more than to settle down and love his woman with all his heart. He may be ready to devote himself and his life to her. Regardless of whether or not he fears commitment, as long as he’s ready to dedicate himself to her, he’s a real man.

3. He wants her to understand how wonderful she is and how much she means to him.

Most people, for whatever confused reason, believe that a woman understands how much she means to you. Sadly, the exact opposite more often proves to be true.

Unless she’s some sort of oracle, you need to use your words — and your actions. You need to be there for her, tell her you to love her and show her how much she means to you.

A real man understands this and, moreover, understands how important it is for his partner to know he loves her.

Hesitation shows her your uncertainty. It shows that although you may say you’re going to always be there for her, you may very well one day get up and leave.

You may feel as if hesitation is unnoticeable, but in reality, it often causes incredible damage.

4. He’s afraid of losing her.

That’s right. A real man is afraid of losing the woman he loves and is not at all scared to admit it. When you meet the right woman, you should be afraid of losing her, whether it be to another person or to one of life’s many tragedies. He’s afraid.

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  1. Avatar of Javari Nama

    I don’t like using terms like “real” man and “strong” woman. They are subject to interpretation and opinion and everyone has their own. Many women say a real man is a sensitive one that takes care of his family and provides for them but then date thugs. Many women say they are strong but in reality they are actually just mean. Let’s just be precise in what the words mean by citing examples of behavior. If the behavior is bad then it’s a lie to obscure that with a positive word.

    1. Avatar of Ma El Apa

      Thank you so much for this, I wanted to say that as well but you nailed it already…again, thank you.
      Btw the article was good despite of the description “real”.

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