What Men Find Beautiful In A Woman

We’ve heard it time and again that “Beauty is in the eye of the beholder”.

This may be true – but there is still ONE key component to beauty that all men find wildly attractive in a woman.

And no, it has nothing to do with your hair, nails or perfume. It’s something much deeper.

Find out in this new video,

“What Men Find Beautiful in a Woman”.

I know this video is going to be a bit controversial, so I’d love to hear from you. Do you agree with my definition of beauty? Leave a comment below.

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Originally appeared on sexy CONFIDENCE
Printed with permission.

What Men Find Beautiful In A Woman

Written by Adam LoDolce

Adam LoDolce is the founder of Sexy Confidence. He is one of the top dating confidence experts in the world.After touring the world and speaking at over one hundred of the country’s top universities (Notre Dame, University of Alabama, University of Texas, etc.), he’s refocused his efforts to address a burning need: helping women build the right type of confidence to be successful with men. He’s been coaching, writing, and speaking on dating dynamics for over four years now.You will find that his coaching style is extremely untraditional and yet, immensely effective. He has helped dozens of self-proclaimed “helpless” women find love within weeks (not months) and has also coached some of the most powerful and successful women on this planet (foreign and national government officials, fashion experts, corporate executives, etc.). He’s an author and film producer, but quite honestly, he’s just a regular dude who’s truly found his passion.He enjoys riding his Harley-Davidson every day that the sun shines, dedicates his time to Crossfit, yoga, golf, traveling and is very close with his parents (Ann and Michael) and his brother (and best friend), Marc.

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