10 Clingy Things She Does That Say She Is Your Forever Person

Clingy Things She Does Forever Person

The word clingy does have a negative connotation to it, right? Most people see being clingy as an annoying and negative thing when it comes to romantic relationships. The truth is, the clingy things she does when in a relationship with you can show you that she is well and truly your forever person.

Well, I have heard so many friends of mine constantly rant about how clingy their girlfriend is and how uncomfortable this ‘clinginess’ makes them in public and what not!

I feel like everyone treats clingy to be a bad thing.

But what if I tell you that being clingy is not bad? Actually, some clingy behavior can be a sign that she is going to be with you forever.

You are laughing at me, aren’t you?

Well, don’t. Because here is a list of clingy things that prove that you have found your ‘forever’ kind of a girl.

Clingy Things She Does

Here Are 10 Clingy Things She Does That Say She Is Your Forever Person

1) She wants to know where the relationship is going.

We always think of this as clingy because modern relationships are not that secure any longer. Most of us don’t even know where our relationship is headed to.

So, if your girl is talking about or hinting at a ‘future’, she is a keeper because this means that she is committed and loyal and is in the relationship because of a purpose and just not for fun only.

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2) She wants to stay in touch.

If she constantly messages you and wants to know what you are doing and where you are going, don’t think she is trying to harm your privacy or something.

She is just trying to maintain a good communication rapport as she wants to be with you and she worries about your well-being.

3) She wants some respect from you.

She won’t let you get away with bad behavior. She wants to be respected and taken care of. You cannot easily take her for granted. You may think that she is high maintenance but remember that all the great girls are!

4) She likes it when you are around her.

She wants you to be around her, all the time if that is possible. She likes your presence and this basically shows that she adores you totally. Don’t think that she is trying to occupy your life or something; she is just trying to be around you as much as possible.

Clingy Things She Does

5) She doesn’t maintain a physical distance from you.

She likes to casually hold your hand and walk. Or just randomly keep her head on your shoulder and rest. This is not PDA for her. Her physical attraction towards you is almost organic. It is as if she cannot stop herself from touching you and feeling your presence.

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6) She shows you off on social media.

Oh! Come on. She isn’t clingy if she is showing you off on social media. It is her way of telling the world that she has found someone special. In other words, she knows where she belongs and wishes to show that she is sure about her feelings for you.

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