Why Love is not If or Because, It is anyway, even though and in spite of


Why Love is not If or Because, It is anyway, even though and in spite

The logic of love is quite simple – it’s illogical, it is much more than just the chemical reaction of oxytocin and dopamine released by our brain.

It is not a linear equation that will give you answer in few steps and it is neither some complex system, love is unexplainable, love is magic.

Love isn’t supposed to make sense but make you feel alive.

There are way too many mediocre things in life and love shouldn’t be one of them. It should make you walk on the edge, challenge you, and then hold you in arms and kiss you like there is no tomorrow.

While you may convince yourself about what type of love you want, deep down there will be a whisper telling you not to settle for mediocre on this, your feelings should be the one you cannot live without.

The one that takes you on cloud 9 and then hands you over to gravity but is there to hold you before you hit the ground.

The feeling that consumes you yet sets you free. The feeling that makes you high and takes you to the world of fantasies yet connects you more to reality. The feeling you cannot name, the feeling that burns and also soothe you.

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A love that inspires you and lifts you up, something that is not mediocre.

Something that makes you want to be better every day not because your it desires change but because you both wish greater heights for each other.

We are fools for it, and why not? Everyone needs some of it in their lives.

No matter how close we tend to keep ourselves, no matter how strong we pretend to be and no matter how busy we are with life when the world falls in dusk’s embrace and we lie there alone between the bedsheet and blanket we wish we had someone by our side, someone we could hold on to, someone who would embrace us in their arms.

This someone is ‘our someone’, you call them various names like a soulmate, the other half, and similar words but in the end, they are just that ‘the one’.

The one that makes us discover the unknown territory within us, the places we feared of, they spark something within us, a feeling we didn’t realize we were capable of feeling.

Do you know when this magic gets ruined? The moment we try to explain it. The moment we try to drive it to a logical conclusion.

It is something that can be unexplained, no science or religion can explain what it is to you, and it is just to be felt.

It is not that physical attraction, it is not the similarities between you two, it is not that one-night stand or the hook-ups, there is a fine line between love and lust.

Love is ‘the one’ the one that makes your heart skip a beat. The combination of the seen and unseen, passion and feeling, wants, and desires vision and ambition—it is a connection that binds.

The sad fact is we often ignore our ‘the one’ because we expect this emotion to be logical. We keep wandering and many times do find happiness but then that’s just happiness and it doesn’t set you on fire.

‘Happily ever after’ is cliché often making us settle for mediocre love. Love without the flames, love without the tides and clouds is not something I would settle for.

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We usually demand things to make sense and everything in life to have closure but let your love not make any sense, let it be unexplainable. We all do desire this love, just don’t let it slip once you have a hold of it.

When you feel something like this, it makes you believe in fairytales, it makes you want to be by the seashore in the evening hand in hand as the sun goes down. Lying down under the stars in silence and followed by moans. It’s that strong feeling that makes you cry, smile, and a curse- all at the same time. Something love that fills your one with a passion.

A love that is crazy and magical is not supposed to be logical but just true love. 

Love is not If or Because. Love is anyway, even though and in spite of
Why Love is not If or Because, It is anyway, even though and in spite Pin
Why Love Is Not If Or Because, It Is Anyway, Even Though And In Spite Of

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