15 Unmistakable Signs He Is Madly In Love With You


Unmistakable Signs He Is Madly In Love With You

Are you on cloud nine after finding the man of your dreams? He’s everything that you had hoped for and if you can see these signs, he feels the same way about you. So, what are the signs he is madly in love with you?

Lucky are those who could give their heart away to another person because they have experienced the highest of human emotions; being able to give unconditional love. And to love someone and be loved by the same person is just a divine blessing!

True love is intoxicating and it makes life worth living. When you’re head over heels in love with a guy, it’s natural for you to get swayed away by emotions and see the world through rose-tinted glasses.

As women tend to be more open and expressive about their emotions compared to their male counterparts, you might be struggling to keep your feelings hidden from your love interest.

You might wonder whether you two are on the same page, are the feelings mutual? You don’t want to freak him out by coming off too strong and admitting your emotions prematurely. So, you try to look for clues in his behavior, signs he is in love with you.

When men hopelessly fall in love with a woman, they sometimes fumble with the right words and can’t articulate their feelings. But make no mistake, they will leave ample evidence of their passion and affection for you in their action.

So, if your man has still not opened up and declared his love for you, watch out for these tell-tale and unmistakable signs he is madly in love with you without saying it.

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15 Unmistakable Signs He Is Madly In Love With You

If you are not sure how your person of interest feels about you, look for these hints. These are subtle signs he is in love with you madly.

1. There’s No One But You

Whether you have talked about going exclusive or not, you realize that there’s no one but you in their life.

He has put out all ex-flames and no other woman is as much important to him as you. You do not have to fight for his attention and he always makes you feel emotionally secure.

2. He Appreciates Your Natural Beauty

Is your man crazy about your natural beauty? Does he find you attractive in a clumsy tracksuit or with a messy ponytail?

If you don’t have to worry about fixing your makeup or buying the right dress for your man to notice you, girl, you’ve found a keeper! His appreciation for your natural beauty is surely one of the signs he is in love with you, not your body.

3. He Wants To Know You More

If your person spends the whole night talking to you, asking about your childhood, enquiring about your dreams, convictions, likes, and dislikes, he is definitely trying to get to know you better and on a deeper level.

This is one of the undeniable signs he loves you madly and you’re not just an option for them.

4. He Prioritizes You

When a guy feels strongly about you, he will prioritize you, no matter how crazy his schedule is. He will sneak out some time from his busy day to send you a text now and then. He will make plans to see you and stick to them.

He even won’t mind adjusting or changing his plans to accommodate you in his life. Shared time is the best gift and one of the main signs he is in love with you.

5. He Thinks About You All The Time

Along the same lines, if your man thinks about you all day and not only when it’s convenient for him, then this is one of the prime signs he is in love with you. When someone loves you, you will always be on their mind and your thoughts will intrude on their days and nights.

How would you know whether you’re on their mind all the time? Simple, if he sends text messages, images, quotes, songs, or memes during the day and can’t wait to share with you how their day was, then these are proven signs he is in love with you, hook, line, and sinker.

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6. He Takes Care Of You

One of the major signs he is madly in love with you.

We agree that today’s empowered women do not like to depend on their men to get their things done. But when a man falls in love with a woman, he cannot get over his compulsion of becoming the hero or the fixer.

He would want to be there for you, protect you, and take care of your every need and whim, not because you are helpless without him, but because you mean that much!

7. He Treats You With Respect

Does your significant other value your opinion and seek your suggestions and feedback? Does he treat you with respect? These are sure-fire signs he is in love with you.

When a man genuinely loves his gal, he not only takes care of her but also treats her with respect. Respecting someone doesn’t only mean pulling the chair, getting the door, or being chivalrous.

It extends to:

  • How he sees you as a person
  • How much trust he has in you
  • How important your opinion is to them
  • How far they will go to support you
  • How he stands up for you
  • How he treats you during a conflict or disagreement

8. He Doesn’t Shy Away From PDA

Most guys have no problem initiating physical contact or getting intimate in private. But proudly holding your hand on the streets or wrapping one’s arms around you in the movie theatre, are nothing but physical signs he is in love with you.

These physical touches in public mean:

  • He is declaring that you are together
  • He is being protective of you
  • He is more than willing to offer hugs and kisses without any expectation or anticipation of sexual favours
Signs he is madly in love with you
Look For The Signs He Is In Love With You Not Your Body

9. He Changes His Ways

Maybe your boyfriend loves Chinese and you love Mexican food. Maybe you don’t like him spending a lot of time playing video games. Or maybe he has some vice or weakness, such as drinking or gambling, that is putting a strain on your relationship.

Love will make him either meet you in the middle or completely change his negative habits. And if he indeed mends his ways or makes compromises for the sake of your relationship, then these are phenomenal signs he is in love with you and he is not goofing around.

10. You’ve Met His Friends And Family

One of the biggest unmistakable signs he is madly in love with you. 

When a man seriously loves you, he starts thinking about you in long term. He will get you introduced to his friends and family and will want them to adore you. He will do everything in his power to make sure you are getting along with them.

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11. He Tries To Impress Your Loved Ones

Similarly, when you will introduce your partner to your loved ones, he will pull out all the stops to make a good impression on them. Not only that, one of the signs he is in love with you is his taking interest in knowing your friends and family members.

He will try to forge a solid relationship with them so that he can get closer to you and know you even better.

12. Fighting And Making Up, Both Seems Easy

Arguments are unavoidable, even in the most stable relationships. However, when a man loves his woman, he will not hesitate to make his stance clear during a fight and will always be quick to apologize.

He will check himself when things go out of control and will hate to see you cry. Even after getting angry at you, he will come around and patch things up. He will never allow his ego to come between you two.

Your relationship will be free from abuse or toxicity. He will never want to lose you, no matter how mad he gets. He will forgive you easily and these fights and making up afterward will seem like practical signs he is in love with you.

Signs he is madly in love with you
15 Unmistakable Signs He Is Madly In Love With You

13. You’re A Part Of His Future Plans

If you are a part of his future plans, whether long or short term, your man is serious about you.

If he proactively plans for your future dates, invites you to his cousin’s wedding next year, or discusses his life goals where you are included, these are signs he is in love with you and he is in for the long haul.

14. He Is Attentive

A man in love with you will pay close attention to you. You will never feel ignored in your relationship and you will observe:

  • He never misses your birthday
  • He never zones out during a conversation.
  • Even after a long day at work, he asks you about your day and listens to everything you say.
  • He keeps in mind your likes and dislikes
  • He gets you thoughtful presents

15. His Actions Says A Lot

After all said and done, it’s the action that matters and not empty promises.

If your man keeps his words and takes action that makes you feel loved and secure in the relationship, then all these are signs he is in love with you and he is moving toward a committed relationship.

Here Are Some More Signs He Is In Love With You:

  • He doesn’t mind waiting for you
  • He always maintains contact with you
  • He is always upfront and honest with you
  • He does various acts of service such as cooking for you, giving you foot rubs, taking care of your pets, etc.
  • He is giving and considerate in the bedroom
  • He takes a genuine interest in your career, hobbies, or passion.
  • He supports you to achieve your goals
  • He opens up to you and shares every detail of his life
  • He doesn’t judge you for your weird or crazy habits
  • He makes a space for you at their home

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How Does He Make You Feel?

Signs he is madly in love with you
15 Unmistakable Signs He Is Madly In Love With You

If you want to know whether your feelings are reciprocated by your love interest, pay attention to how they make you feel.

If you feel you are protected, heard, respected, valued, and cared for in your relationship, then these are enough signs he is madly in love with you and you have nothing to worry about.

If you want to know more about the signs that a man loves you, watch this video below:

15 Unmistakable Signs He Is Madly In Love With You pin
15 Unmistakable Signs He Is Madly In Love With You
15 Unmistakable Signs He Is Madly In Love With You pin
15 Unmistakable Signs He Is Madly In Love With You
he is madly in love with you
15 Unmistakable Signs He Is Madly In Love With You

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