10 Totally Confusing Signs He Likes You


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Totally Confusing Signs He Likes You

Men can give off mixed signals when they like a woman, and many times, you might not even know that they have a huge crush on you. Their body language and facial expressions can sometimes confuse you to the point you might think that they hate you. Not every man is expressive, and that’s why he tends to have a hard time talking to you about his feelings and can end up displaying a few confusing signs he likes you.

If you want to know whether he likes you or not, look at the way he behaves when he is around you. Is he hanging on to every word you’re saying? Is he laughing out loud even when you haven’t said anything particularly funny? Does he get nervous whenever he is around you? Does he try to sit beside you every chance he gets whenever both of you are out with your friends?

Look out for these confusing signs that point towards the fact that he has a massive crush on you, and maybe wants to be in a serious relationship with you.

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10 Confusing Signs He Likes You And Wants To Be With You

1. He gets irritated whenever you talk about other men.

Whenever you talk about other men or show any kind of interest in them, if you notice him getting angry and annoyed, then it’s a sign that he’s feeling jealous. If you see his face tighten up whenever you talk about having a crush on another guy, know that it’s heartbreaking for him to imagine you with someone else.

He might pretend not to care, but his feelings will be clear as day on his face and his body language will always give away his true feelings. If a guy is not interested in you romantically, then it will obviously not bother him in the slightest who you are talking about or hanging with. Getting angry and showing jealousy is a major sign that he likes you and wants to be with you.

2. Whenever you’re around, his friends tease him about you.

If this happens, then it’s guaranteed that he likes you! Men normally pull each other’s legs the most whenever one of them has a crush on a woman, so if you find his friends teasing him about you whenever you’re around him, know that he is crushing on you hard. On top of that, if their jokes get to him and he acts awkwardly, then it further cements the fact.

Even though he feels awkward and uncomfortable when his friends tease him about you, he never attempts to stop them, because deep down inside, he loves that he is being linked with you.

3. He hangs on to every word of yours and cares about what you have to say.

When you speak, he listens to every word of yours very attentively, instead of just pretending to listen. He is always intrigued to know you more and on a deeper level; who you are on the inside, how you think and perceive the world is important to him. Unlike some other men who could care less about what you have to say, he is always there unfailingly whenever you’ve something to say.

And no matter what you talk about, he remembers even the smallest detail to the T. Is your standard order a Salted Caramel Frappuccino at Starbucks? He knows. Is your favorite book ‘The Seven Husbands Of Evelyn Hugo’? Be rest assured, he knows it very well. He likes you a lot, and this is evidence enough of his feelings for you.

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4. Whenever you talk about what you like in a guy, he tries to live up to that ideal.

This is one of the most elusive ways of expressing his feelings for you, and one of the biggest signs he likes you a lot. When you talk about what you find attractive in a man, he will try to be like that with you, because he doesn’t just want you to fall for him, he wants your approval too. Even if he is not like that, he will try to be. Just for you.

For example, if you say that you love it when a man pulls up his sleeves till his elbows, you will find him do that the next time he sees you. If you tell him, you like guys who have a good sense of humor, he will try to make you laugh every chance he gets.

5. He wants to meet you whenever he can.

He is always looking for reasons to see you, no matter how irrelevant his reasons might be. Did you borrow a spoon from him? He will turn up at your house to ‘return’ it. Even though he lives on the other side of town, he will call you up and will want to hang out with you because he was ‘in the neighborhood’ (he wasn’t!). Seeing you matter to him a lot, even if it means coming up with adorably stupid reasons.

He will make all sorts of excuses to see you and spend time with you because he is absolutely smitten. So whenever he gets a chance, he rushes to see your beautiful face!

6. He turns bright red if you ask him if he likes you or not.

Men are not known to feel embarrassed that easily when it comes to love and relationships unless they are head over heels in love with someone. If you ask him directly whether he has feelings for you or not, he will not just blush, he will turn red like a tomato and will look like he wants to be anywhere but here.

No matter how much he likes you when you ask him this question on his face, it makes him feel exposed and awkward. So the next time you want to know whether a guy likes you or not, ask him outright. He will say a lot without saying much!

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7. Attention-seeking behavior becomes a habit of his.

If he likes you, he will want to attract your attention every chance he gets. He is someone who hates going to the gym, but suddenly he is working out every day because he wants a have a hot body. He is doing everything he can to make you feel special whenever he gets an opportunity to do so. One of the major signs he likes you is when he will do all those things he feels will win you over.

He just wants to be in your good books and hopes that you will reciprocate his feelings. His attention-seeking behavior is just a means for him to win your heart and make you realize just how much you truly mean to him.

8. He tries to help you out as much as he can.

Whenever you are in a sticky situation or need help with something, he’s always there for you through thick and thin. He never shies away from helping you out, nor does he ever behave selfishly when it comes to solving any problem of yours. He considers you one of his own and never lets you go through anything negative alone.

You had a bad day at work? He will get you your favorite cupcakes. You had a fight with your best friend? He will be there for you as a sounding board. Because he likes you he will give it his all to make sure that you feel better.

signs he likes you

9. He is always making fun of you.

This might sound contradictory and hypocritical, but this is one of the most subtle signs he likes you and is crushing on you. Men tend to make fun of the women they really, really like because they feel intimidated to open up about their true feelings. So this is their way of engaging with you, but at the same time not disclosing the feelings they have for you.

No matter how immature this might sound, this is the truth. The next time ‘that guy’ keeps on pulling your leg, you will know what’s going on, but don’t tell him that you know. Let him think that you still don’t know. *wink wink*

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10. You just know.

Gut feelings are rarely wrong, so if you feel in your bones that he likes you, then believe it. When your soul speaks out to you, try not to refute it. You might have noticed him doing all sorts of thoughtful things for you, and you can’t help but think that there’s more to the story. Sure, he might simply be a nice guy, but deep down in your heart, you know that’s not all.

When you feel like this, look out for more things that he does for you, that no other man does. Trust your gut and see where it takes you with him; you never know, it might just be a beautiful journey.

If you see most or all of these signs in a man, then be rest assured that he really and truly likes you. Even though these signs might come across as confusing, but the fact remains the same – he has a huge crush on you, and dreams of having a future with you!

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