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How To Know If A Guy Is Really Interested In You (or Just Flirting For Fun) Based On His Zodiac Sign

a guy is really interested

When it comes to the man you like, how do you know if a guy is really interested in you or just flirting with you? You can find all answers by his zodiac sign. 

Trying to decide whether someone is flirting with you or not is incredibly stressful. Since everyone is different, some men’s “romantic signals” are confusing. The way he acts when he’s interested in person vs how he acts with you, changes. That’s why it can look like he’s different when with one woman to the next.

However, depending on his astrological zodiac sign, he may have some personality traits that will give you some subtle indicators as to how he’s feeling about you (or if he’s NOT feeling it with you).

When you like someone it can be difficult to detect whether they’re giving you signals that they’re into you or not. You get all nervous because you want them to like you back and you don’t want to embarrass yourself. So you overanalyze EVERYTHING!

I mean, it’s not like when a guy is obviously flirting… but you’re not interested. You actually care if this guy likes you. Ugh. It sucks to care sometimes. When you actually care whether a guy is into you or not, it’s hard to read the signs because even when you see a hint you feel like “that must have been in my head. The good guys never want me back.

It’s a vicious cycle. But, just remember, all these people wouldn’t be getting together if the good guy didn’t like the daydreaming girl sometimes. Keep the faith.

When my husband and I first met, I was so oblivious to the signs because I couldn’t imagine that he liked me. He literally played with my hair, complimented me frequently, and at one point even wrapped his arm around me and I was all “Naw. He’s just nice.” So nervous, so awkward, so naive. But let’s be real, there’s only so long you can play what I call “I like you” chicken before one of you finally breaks and takes the step.

With my husband, I finally got up the nerve to friend request him on MySpace (yes, it was that long ago.) and that made him comfortable enough to confess his feelings for me. This way, I got to technically make the first move without having to say it (I’m a genius).

Find his horoscope date below and see some of the “tells” he may be exhibiting that you haven’t noticed yet or discerned if you’re just dealing with a big flirt, by zodiac sign using astrology.

How To Know If A Guy Is Really Interested (or Just Flirting For Fun) Based On His Zodiac Sign

1. Aries (March 21 – April 19)

a guy is really interested aries
How To Know If A Guy Is Really Interested In You (or Just Flirting For Fun) Based On His Zodiac Sign

An Aries guy is most likely driven by speed and competition. Therefore, he is unlikely to want to see you around other guys if he’s interested. So, be looking for him to try to get you alone. Or look for him to be touching you in front of other guys, not in a gross way, but like standing really close to you, little nudges/touches on the arm, etc.

If he’s NOT interested, he will show his short temper in front of you. Let’s be real, if he was interested, he would be more careful about the negative side to his personality being seen too early.

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2. Taurus (April 20 – May 20)

a guy is really interested taurus
How To Know If A Guy Is Really Interested In You (or Just Flirting For Fun) Based On His Zodiac Sign

Touch is usually very important to the Taurus. If the Taurus is flirting, he is likely to be trying to subtlety touch you to “test the water”. For example, he’ll start with light innocent touches like on your shoulder or upper arm when he says something nice. Then, he’ll try wrapping an arm around you briefly when it seems appropriate.

Taurus’ are usually romantic and stable by nature. So, if he’s NOT interested he’s more likely to cancel plans with you, treat you more like a “pal” than a woman, etc.

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