How To Know If He Is Interested In You Or Just Flirting Based On His Zodiac Sign


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He Is Interested In You Or Flirting Zodiac Sign

When it comes to the man you like, how do you know for sure if he is interested in you or just flirting with you? The following article elaborates on how his zodiac sign will drop hints! Let’s see if he’s interested or flirting based on his zodiac sign.

Trying to decide whether someone is flirting with you or not is incredibly stressful. Since everyone is different, some men’s “romantic signals” are confusing.

The way he acts when he’s interested in a person vs. how he acts with you, changes. That’s why it can look like he’s different when with one woman to the next.

However, depending on his astrological zodiac sign, he may have some personality traits that will give you some subtle indicators as to how he’s feeling about you (or if he’s NOT feeling it with you).

When you like someone it can be difficult to detect whether they’re giving you signals that they’re into you or not. You get all nervous because you want them to like you back and you don’t want to embarrass yourself. So you overanalyze EVERYTHING!

I mean, it’s not like when a guy is obviously flirting… but you’re not interested. You actually care if this guy likes you. Ugh. It sucks to care sometimes. When you actually care whether a guy is into you or not, it’s hard to read the signs because even when you see a hint you feel like “that must have been in my head. The good guys never want me back.”

It’s a vicious cycle. But, just remember, all these people wouldn’t be getting together if the good guy didn’t like the daydreaming girl sometimes. Keep the faith.

When my husband and I first met, I was so oblivious to the signs because I couldn’t imagine that he liked me. He literally played with my hair, complimented me frequently, and at one point even wrapped his arm around me and I was all “Naw. He’s just nice.”

So nervous, so awkward, so naive. But let’s be real, there’s only so long you can play what I call “I like you” chicken before one of you finally breaks and takes the step.

With my husband, I finally got up the nerve to friend request him on MySpace (yes, it was that long ago.) and that made him comfortable enough to confess his feelings for me. This way, I got to technically make the first move without having to say it (I’m a genius).

Find his horoscope date below and see some of the “tells” he may be exhibiting that you haven’t noticed yet or discern if you’re just dealing with a big flirt, by zodiac sign using astrology.

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How To Know If He Is Interested In You Or Just Flirting Based On His Zodiac Sign

Here are the signs he is really interested in you or the guy is flirting for fun:

1. Aries (March 21 – April 19)

a guy is really interested aries
He Is Interested In You Or Just Flirting

An Aries guy is most likely driven by speed and competition. Therefore, he is unlikely to want to see you around other guys if he’s interested. So, be looking for him to try to get you alone. Or look for him to be touching you in front of other guys, not in a gross way, but like standing really close to you, little nudges/touches on the arm, etc.

If he’s NOT interested, he will show his short temper in front of you. Let’s be real, if he was interested, he would be more careful about the negative side of his personality being seen too early.

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2. Taurus (April 20 – May 20)

a guy is really interested taurus
He Is Interested In You Or Just Flirting

Touch is usually very important to the Taurus. If the Taurus is flirting, he is likely to be trying to subtly touch you to “test the water”. For example, he’ll start with light innocent touches like on your shoulder or upper arm when he says something nice. Then, he’ll try wrapping an arm around you briefly when it seems appropriate.

Taureans are usually romantic and stable by nature. So, if he’s NOT interested he’s more likely to cancel plans with you, treat you more like a “pal” than a woman, etc.

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3. Gemini (May 21 – June 20)

a guy is really interested gemini
He Is Interested In You Or Just Flirting

Geminis tend to be nervous by nature so it’s likely that if he’s interested, he will be hesitant to say anything. However, he may do some subtle things to sort of hint at his feelings.

For example, he may express affection for you without specifically saying he’s interested in dating you. He may say “you’re great to be around”, “I love spending time with you”, etc. If he’s more physically affectionate with you (i.e. hugs you when you see each other, sits close to you during hangouts, etc.) this may also be his way of hinting at his romantic feelings towards you.

It can be hard to tell if a Gemini isn’t interested as they can be extremely indecisive (so he’s probably going back and forth about it too). I’d look for how excited he seems when you try to make plans with him. That could be a good indicator of whether he’s interested in you.

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4. Cancer (June 21 – July 22)

a guy is really interested cancer
He Is Interested In You Or Just Flirting

Cancers can be a tad on the insecure side. Plus, they have a tendency toward being manipulative and suspicious. So, in an attempt to flirt he may start by saying things that are on the side of self-deprecating to see if you’ll contradict him. For example, “I’m too funny looking to pull off this piece of clothing” in hopes that you’ll say that he’s not funny looking. Stuff like that.

Cancers can be a bit moody by nature, which he will try to not let onto if he’s into you. So, if he gets super moody in front of you. That may be a sign that he sees you as more of a friend.

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5. Leo (July 23 – August 22)

a guy is really interested leo
He Is Interested In You Or Just Flirting

Leos that are into people, get easily attached to them. So, if he’s always reaching out to make plans with you, that’s a pretty good sign that he likes you. He is interested in you based on his zodiac sign

When he’s flirting, he’ll be pretty obvious about it due to how arrogant Leo tends to be by nature (he’ll assume you think he’s hot even if you’re not into dating him). Try agreeing that he’s hot and check out his reaction. If he’s not into you, he probably won’t make any effort to try to spend time with you (a pretty clear sign).

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6. Virgo (August 23 – September 22)

a guy is really interested virgo
He Is Interested In You Or Just Flirting

Virgos tend to be very practical and prefer work to play. So, if he seems to enjoy goofing around with you (i.e. “wasting time” with you), that could be an indicator that he’s into you. He’ll also compliment you on a lot of things outside of your appearance (practical things like “you’re smart”, “you’re good at this”, etc.).

If he’s NOT into you, he simply will seem to care more about being on time to work or spending time on projects around the house than he will want to spend time with you.

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7. Libra (September 23 – October 22)

a guy is really interested libra
He Is Interested In You Or Just Flirting

Libras are a very social zodiac sign so just because he’s spending a lot of time with you doesn’t mean he’s into you. However, if he tries to get you alone a lot, that could be an indicator.

Flirting from a Libra can be simple things like sharing his fries with you (ESPECIALLY if it’s only you), trying to sit close to you, finding excuses to touch you, etc.

If a Libra guy is NOT into you, he will actively try to make sure you only hang out in groups in order to avoid the confrontation of having to reject you in any way.

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8. Scorpio (October 23 – November 21)

a guy is really interested scorpio
He Is Interested In You Or Just Flirting

Scorpios are one of the easier signs to tell if they’re into you. If he’s into you he’s likely to be caught looking at you a lot and making eye contact (bordering on intense) anytime you’re talking (he’ll probably even give you a smile that you’ll notice he only gives to you). He may even playfully tease you and find excuses to touch you (little tickles, hugs, pokes, etc.).

If he’s NOT into you, he’ll probably be a bit brutal about it. Like, he’ll talk about other “hot girls” in front of you to try to make it clear he’s not into you, stuff like that.

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9. Sagittarius (November 22 – December 21)

a guy is really interested sagittarius
He Is Interested In You Or Just Flirting

Sagittarius appreciates their freedom and dislikes clingy people. So, understandably it is going to be complicated to decide whether he is interested in you or just flirting.

However, subtle little signs like being willing to hang out with you instead of going on vacations are a clear sign considering how much the Sagittarius tends to love to travel. Likely, however, the Sag fella you’re into will eventually just come out and say how he feels about you.

If he does NOT like you (in that way), he won’t make any special time with you. They’re pretty clear when they don’t like someone.

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10. Capricorn (December 22 – January 19)

a guy is really interested capricorn
He Is Interested In You Or Just Flirting

The Capricorn’s tendency towards being family-oriented tends to mean that he won’t waste a lot of time NOT telling you if he’s feeling it. A good indicator of whether or not he likes you is that he won’t be condescending towards people (especially you), which goes against how he tends to act (but he won’t want to show you that side of himself just yet if he’s into you).

If he is NOT into you, he is likely to be testy and condensing. Being practical, he’s likely to be upfront about his feelings.

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11. Aquarius (January 20 – February 18)

a guy is really interested aquarius
He Is Interested In You Or Just Flirting

Aquarius tends to run from emotional expression, which means that he is going to be hesitant with his feeling for you. To know if he is interested in you or just flirting, you have to pay attention.

You will notice little things if he’s trying to flirt. For example, he’s likely to try to get you alone and try to engage you in intellectual and meaningful conversations (this could be his way of deciding whether he can see himself with you long-term). He’ll spend most of the time listening to you.

If he’s NOT into you, he is likely to only see you in group social situations where he’ll try not to end up alone with you. Because THAT could be an awkward *wink, wink*.

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12. Pisces (February 19 – March 20)

a guy is really interested pisces
He Is Interested In You Or Just Flirting

Pisces can be tricky when it comes to telling whether they’re flirting with you or not, given the fact that they’re so friendly that a lot of times their just talking can sound like flirting.

But Pisces is also very intuitive, so he’s likely to be able to tell how you’re feeling about him and act accordingly. Try flirting a little yourself and see how it goes.

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Written by Nicole Bradley-Bernard
Originally appeared on

So, those were the zodiac secrets to know if a guy is flirting. Now you can tell if a guy is really interested in you. If you watch out for the signs, you will know whether he likes you or is just flirty based on astrology. When he is really interested in you, his zodiac behavior will tell on him.

Every zodiac sign is different and has different qualities. As long as you observe your guy well, you will be able to understand if he is interested in you or just flirting with you.

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So, now as you know how to find out if he is interested in you or just flirting, do share your thoughts in the comments below.

How To Know If He Is Interested In You Or Just Flirting Based On His Zodiac Sign
He Is Interested In You Or Just Flirting?
How To Know If A Guy Is Really Interested In You (or Just Flirting For Fun) Based On His Zodiac Sign
He Is Interested In You Or Just Flirting?

a guy is really interested pinop
He Is Interested In You Or Just Flirting?
a guy is really interested pin
He Is Interested In You Or Just Flirting?
He Is Interested In You Or Flirting Zodiac Sign detail
He Is Interested In You Or Flirting Zodiac Sign pin
Know If Interested In You Or Flirting Zodiac Sign detail

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