10 Reasons to Love a SCORPIO

Reasons to Love a SCORPIO

Have you ever been in love with a Scorpio, or experienced a relationship with them? Find out some of the reasons to love a Scorpio.

Scorpio is the eighth sign of the zodiac, born between October 23 and November 21. They are among the most misunderstood of all the horoscope signs because so much mystery surrounds their very persona, including their much-talked-about sexual mystique.

Scorpios have a wonderful intensity about them, which helps explain why—one moment they are loved, and the next they can be hated.

There are many things to know about them, especially if you are dating one or already in love with one. Here are some of their special qualities.

Here Are Few Reasons to Love a Scorpio

1. They love with great depth.

There is nothing superficial in the way they love a person. When they love, it is with a fierce intensity. But, first, they must let their, almost impenetrable, guard down. They choose very carefully whom they will give their heart to. Being betrayed after they have opened their hearts is one of their biggest fears.

That is why they will constantly test a lover to make sure they are worthy. When they do choose to love a person, it’s a serious decision because they plan on loving and cherishing their partner until death does them apart. This is one of the most important reasons to love a Scorpio.

2. Nobody does “intensity” better!

They enjoy socializing but are not much for “weather talk.” When they meet a person at a party they can be both introverted and extroverted depending on the topic of conversation and who attracts their interest. At first, they may seem quiet and intense, but they are always feeling their feelings. So, when they are feeling good, engaged, and in the mood, they display their great sense of humor and can be the life of the party.

When they are fully engaged with someone, they like to get straight to the point, preferring deep and meaningful discussions about any topic they are interested in. They don’t waste their time on small talk or idle gossip. Don’t ask a Scorpio what they think about something unless you’re prepared for a very blunt and sometimes tactless answer.

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3. They are funny.

Scorpios have a blunt sense of humor, which can be offensive to some, but hilarious to others. If you are sensitive you might end up rolling your eyes, being shocked, or finding your feelings hurt. Their sense of humor comes from a place of truth, so they enjoy witty, intelligent conversations. When a topic arouses their funny bony they can make a very insightful joke.

Their type of humor is not likely to be light and slapstick. Scorpios have a quick-witted sense of humor that can be dark, prone to being acerbic, and even sarcastic. Their intelligence and style of humor give them the ability to see the irony in just about any topic they discuss with you. They can shake up any dinner party when they get going with shocking or titillating comments.

4. They are amazingly resourceful and never quit.

There is no sign in the zodiac more resourceful than Scorpios. They are modern-day “MacGyvers” who can use whatever resources available to them to solve any problem. (Note: MacGyver was a television action hero who could thwart an enemy with his vast scientific knowledge—sometimes with little more than a paper clip and the duct tape in his pocket.)

They are persistent and will relentlessly tackle any challenge, never quitting until they have reached their goal. For them—giving up is not an option, especially if they are in romantic pursuit.

5. You can trust them to keep your secrets.

By nature, Scorpios are very private and secretive people, never fully revealing their deepest and darkest secrets. They don’t put their business or yours on the street for the public to know. They make those they are intimate with earning their trust. Conversely, when you love a Scorpio they are loyal and trustworthy, and will never divulge your secrets.

They don’t appreciate anyone prying into their personal life. Yet, they have amazing investigative abilities. So, if you are keeping a secret, they will find out. This is a gift they have that makes them great researchers, detectives, and spies.

6. They need to be in control.

Scorpios are natural leaders who like to assume control in order to get things done in their way. This is what makes them feel most comfortable and secure. Being out of control stresses them. Ironically, their need for control is both their strength and their weakness. On one hand, it allows them to accomplish a great deal.

On the other, it can produce power struggles in their relationships with a partner (or an authority figure), especially if they fear being dominated by them. If necessary they will resort to all kinds of manipulation to make sure they get their way and remain in control. Even if they make you feel like you are in charge—you aren’t really.

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  1. 1. They love with great depth = They will stalk you.
    2. Nobody does “intensity” better! = They will act psychotic at the drop of a hat.
    3. They are funny = They are sarcastic, rude, and judgmental to which “they” think is funny.
    4. They are amazingly resourceful and never quit = They never quit making your life hell.
    5. You can trust them to keep your secrets = Maybe, but they sure as hell love to hold it over head every chance they get.
    6. They need to be in control = They need to know where you are 24/7 – say goodbye to your friends.
    7. They are mysterious = They are manipulative liars to cover up the truth about themselves.
    8. They have a volcanic temper = Put the police on speed dial cuz you’re gonna need them.
    9. They have psychic abilities = They have psychotic abilities.
    10. They love intimate sex = They are sex addicts.

  2. “They need to be in control. Scorpios are natural leaders who like to assume control in order to get things done in their way.” <—that is why true mutual love is a struggle with and for them

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