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8 Psychology-Backed Signs Someone Secretly Has A Crush On You

Signs Someone Secretly Crush On You

Knowing the deepest feelings of a person is tricky, and once it comes to dating, figuring out if someone really has a crush on you can be actually confusing.

Ever wondered if someone has a crush on you? Does the person you like secretly like you too? Here we have come up with a guide to help you if you are finding your man/woman impossible to read. Detecting those signs can help you read between the lines properly.

Crushes can be exciting, thrilling yet frightening. But it can be confusing to understand if someone actually likes you or if they’re just being friendly. What makes it worse is that the very essence of a secret crush is that it’s kept…a secret.

Yet there’s something about this person that makes you question if they are just weird or do they actually want to date you? Sadly, we can’t read minds. But we can use some psychology hacks to look for some subtle signs that can clear our doubts.

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Psychology says that we behave and act differently around people we like despite how hard we may try to hide our feelings. Since you can’t just outright ask someone if they have feelings for you, today we are going to share some research-backed tell-tale signs that someone is secretly crushing on you.

Psychology-Backed Signs Someone Secretly Has A Crush On You

So without further ado, here are signs someone has a secret crush on you

1. They act weird around you

Your secret admirer may feel nervous, fidgety, and uneasy when you’re nearby. They may also avoid eye contact or talking to you. Research shows that crushes can cause serious anxiety.

2. They secretly stare at you

Your secret admirer may look at you while you are distracted or not looking. However, they may quickly look away when you stare back at them. Secretly gazing at someone is a sign of attraction, according to researchers.

3. Their body language is a dead giveaway

They may act more confident or be shy when you are around. They may stand differently, touch their hair repeatedly, blush, talk faster, imitate you, and look at you with their pupils dilated. Studies show that we tend to have dominant and open body language when trying to attract attention from someone we like. 

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4. They try to be near you

Psychologists believe that we try to seek proximity and closeness with the person we love. So the one who has a secret crush on you, may move physically closer to you or pretend to bump into you and initiate a conversation.

5. They find new ways to communicate

Your secret admirer will always look for ways to initiate contact and engage in intriguing or even meaningless conversations. They will try to spend more time with you by talking to you either in person, over the phone, by text, or even on social media. Studies have found that “love talk” over phone calls & social media, can help to build relationships.

6. They are always smiling

When someone is harboring feelings for you, they can’t help but smile when they see you every time. Researchers have found that “affiliative smiles”, which convey emotional attachments, involve “lip pressing”. They may even break out nervous laughter when you make a joke. 

7. They pay close attention

They are always the first ones to notice even the smallest changes in your appearance, give compliments, and listen to you with their undivided attention. Research shows that we tend to give increased attention to people we like and remember trivial things about them.

8. They share personal experiences

They may confide their personal problems and deepest secrets to you as they feel emotionally close to you. Psychology shows that we tend to share secrets only with those we feel closely connected with.

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These are just some of the subtle signs that someone may be infatuated with you. There may be more signs that your crush may display like –

  • seeking attention
  • trying to look cool
  • being clumsy
  • helping you out
  • making fun of you or 
  • trying to make you laugh

Yes, some of these signs may not make the most sense, but neither do our feelings.

We can’t hide our feelings

Crushes can be fun and scary at the same time. We don’t always have control over them and it can make someone act foolish. Although crushes are mostly short-lived, some of them can blossom into true love.

So if you think someone has a secret crush on you and you like them too, then be sure to make your move and let them know about your feelings.

You never know when a simple infatuation can turn into a loving, lasting relationship.

Have you observed these signs in someone you know? If you’re someone’s secret crush. Let us know about your experiences in the comments section below.


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