11 Signs Your Ex Still Loves You

Ex Still Loves You

The relationship might have ended but there are a few signs that can tell you that your ex still loves you, and wants you back.

“Once sailed, neither the ship nor the shore ever remains the same again.”- Shamsir Alam

Breakups are devastating experiences and one of the most painful things that happen during a breakup is that people say and do things they don’t mean.

There are anger, frustration, and a whole bunch of other emotions that take over a person and makes them react in the way which they regret later. They will say they don’t love you anymore as if the love you both cherished died overnight.

Maybe they regret the decision they made in rage, maybe they still love you, maybe more than ever and maybe they want to come back.

Love doesn’t die overnight, no matter what the person did. Somewhere you want them back too, somewhere you wish you could go back in time and undo a few things so that you could be with them.

Here are 11 signs your ex still loves you

Signs Your Ex Still Loves You
11 Signs Your Ex Still Loves You

1. He stays in touch with you.

This is an obvious sign that he still loves you. Men don’t really cling to exes but if he keeps texting you every once in a while or calls you once in a blue moon for some reason, he still misses you and still loves you. If he craves your attention it’s only because he loves you.

2. He keeps on talking about the reasons for the breakup.

He keeps on trying to explain the breakup. He keeps on texting or saying to you why he left you. He brings it up even when it doesn’t make sense.

This shows that he is still not over it and is trying to sort it out in his mind. He keeps on analyzing where things went wrong and what could have happened instead. His need to keep talking about it shows that you’re still on his mind.

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3. His friends try to talk to you in his favor.

If his friends keep telling you about how he misses you and how you guys used to be good together, it’s probably because of his rants.

They push you to be together because they can see the love in your hearts and also they are tired of hearing him talking about you every time. If your ex still loves you, his friends will know and they leave no stone unturned trying to bring you both back together.

4. He still wants to be friends with you.

Taking about still being friends is nothing but the inability to cope with the loss.

Saying these words are not enough, if he genuinely wants to be friends with you, then he will dedicate time to you and make efforts to maintain the friendship.

Trying to be friends with your ex can be a painful experience as the demons from the past will keep haunting you and not all the exes deserve to be friends. Some may be toxic and you need to be careful when it comes to this.

5. His feelings for you are extreme.

The more you love someone the more intense you feel pain or anger. Below the surface of this intense anger or hate lies the love, the love that has you two attached.

During a breakup people show a certain rage, the fire of anger in those moments is too extreme but suddenly they are back in love again. Anger is a tricky emotion during a breakup because what it really is- is hurt.

The anger does nowhere, in this case, indicate hurt. He feels for you a lot, and no matter what emotion it is, he feels it with a lot of intensity.

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