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Why You Need To Forget Positivity And Embrace Your Darkness

Why Need To Forget Positivity Embrace Darkness

By trying to lose our egos, or by thinking of them as solely “illusions,” we run the risk of developing a deep sense of futility with life, a pointlessness in doing anything or relating to anyone (e.g. “I don’t exist so what’s the point of doing anything?” or “Others don’t exist either, so why bother “forgiving” or cultivating deep relationships with them?”).

It is necessary to realize that transcending your “self” firstly implies developing a healthy and functional ego that operates in the world harmoniously.

To create a harmonious ego, we first need to develop inner wholeness by healing our core wounds and Shadow Selves, establishing strong self-esteem, forgiving others, and coming to terms with what has happened to us in the past.

Our ego’s will always be there, but the difference is that when they are healthy and when we are aware of their existence, we stop listening to them and blindly allowing them to influence our decisions or actions.

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Cultivating the habit of positively seeing the world makes a great difference to many people, especially if they are prone to habitually making negative judgments.

While developing the ability to see the “silver lining” of life can be very beneficial, the very nature of developing a positive attitude involves a constant judgement of the world, of what is “good” and what is “bad,” counter-attacking anything that is perceived as negative with the belief that thinking positively will make it less bad.

This can sometimes be harmful as we don’t always succeed in our positive expectations, and consequently, we can end up feeling devastated that we failed in changing the outcome.

When we stop judging the world as black and white, when we stop labelling things that happen to us as “good” and “bad,” we stop resisting life. We also become less stressed and there is no necessity for forcefully imposing a positive outlook on everything.

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It is often said that we must return to the state of being a “child” in order to experience divinity or oneness, just as we were said to have experienced before we developed a sense of self that created separation between us and existence.

The unity with life experienced by a child is not the same as the unity experienced by an adult. The child experiences a state of “fusion” with life as they haven’t yet developed a separate identity and consequently have never tasted anything else.

However, the adult who has developed, integrated, and transcended their sense of self, acquires a completely different experience of unity and deep connection with life. This unity experienced by the adult is one of responsibility, of awareness of the interconnection between themselves and existence.

This sense of responsibility is what distinguishes whether we regress to a “child-like” state where we shift our personal responsibility onto outside forces (like God or Karma), or whether we develop a “child-like being” that is fully aware of the affects of our actions due to our feeling of unity with life.

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As we progress through our lifelong process of soulful evolution, we begin to experience moments of complete inner silence, deep peace, inner revelations, and insights into our unity with existence beyond our individual sense of self. It is through these experiences that we start becoming anti-mind.

These experiences are often moments where we don’t use our thoughts, instead, we intuitively feel and experience these realizations about our true nature.

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