Why You Feel Like You’re Not Doing Enough: 8 Reasons


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Do you ever feel emotionally overwhelmed by the things you do, like you’re not doing enough? No matter how hard you try, things don’t feel right. Perhaps you anticipated that you would be somewhere better in life than you are now, or maybe you have a list of things you haven’t accomplished yet.

You know that there’s always room for improvement, but there is this feeling where life is a never-ending battle, you’re constantly chasing the next big thing. You have an uncontrollable need to fit in and do everything, all at once. If you’ve been feeling this way lately, here are some of the reasons why you feel like you’re not doing enough.

Not Doing Enough

8 Reasons Why You Feel Like You’re Not Doing Enough

1. You’re Not Pausing To Appreciate Everything You’ve Already Accomplished.

you are not pausing to appreciate everything you have already accomplished

You’re always so fixated on what needs to be done tomorrow that you never take the time to reflect on what you’ve accomplished today. Enjoy the present while it lasts! When you’ve accomplished something great, instead of moving on to the next thing, take a moment to pause and celebrate.

You must remind yourself that even the tiniest thing can be meaningful. Say, “I did my best today.” Acknowledging your efforts is a first step toward feeling confident. Sometimes you have to take a step back and remember that your small steps are part of a bigger picture. Taking a break doesn’t mean you’re not doing enough.

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2. You’re Putting Too Much Pressure On Yourself To Succeed.

you are putting too much pressure on yourself to succeed

Your definition of success is different from others, and until you get there you don’t want to slow down. But remember to be gentle with yourself.

You don’t want to push yourself to the point you’re burned out. Even if you haven’t reached your ultimate goal, you’ve accomplished plenty of smaller objectives along the way. Being successful doesn’t mean you won’t experience failure. There will be ups and downs, but you must take a breather and concentrate on yourself.

3. You’re Comparing Your Accomplishments To Everyone Around You

you are comparing your accomplishments to everyone around you

When it comes to relationships and careers, everyone moves at their own pace. Your friends may achieve their goals at an earlier age, but that doesn’t mean you’re falling behind.

If you dwell in self-doubt, take into account what you’ve achieved in the last year. You’ll find that you’ve changed and grown so much and all that matters is that you don’t give up on yourself. So stop comparing your life to everyone else’s and their goals.

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4.You Feel As If You Don’t Deserve A Break.

you feel as if you do not deserve a break

You shouldn’t resent yourself when you sit down and watch your favourite tv show or take naps. You don’t want to overwork yourself till the point you have a mental breakdown, you are allowed to rest!

It’s detrimental to your health if you keep pushing and pushing without resting. You must allow yourself to take breaks, it’s not a waste of time, but rather an important way to recharge your batteries. 

After all, you shouldn’t be working every hour of the day. Try to be reasonable about how much time and energy you have to devote to each task and work your way through it.

You’re Not Doing Enough

5. You Had Certain Expectations Of Where You Would Be At This Age.

you had certain expectations of where you would be at this age

We all have preconceived notions about what we will accomplish as we grow older. You, too, might have certain aspirations but life is filled with uncertainty and you had no idea what it had in store for you.

You handled every situation to the best of your ability and you still have a long way to go, your efforts will not be wasted. So, here’s a reminder to stop thinking about what you haven’t achieved and start thinking about what you might achieve in the coming years.

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6. You Keep Criticizing Yourself For The Mistakes You Make

you keep criticizing yourself for the mistakes you make

As humans, we all make mistakes. But sometimes after making those silly mistakes you begin to constantly criticize yourself. You wouldn’t do that if it were your friends? Instead, you would calm them down and have a good laugh about it. That’s what you should be doing with yourself as well, instead of feeling like you’re not doing enough.

You have to stop thinking so negatively about yourself. Remind yourself how amazing you are, and it’s okay if amazing people make mistakes.

7. You’re Never Satisfied With The Work You Do

you are never satisfied with the work you do

There is a difference between being dissatisfied with your work and believing that no matter how hard you try, it will never be enough. You’ll always feel you could have accomplished more or you could have been more productive. Working more than 60 hours a week on a roll and still thinking it’s not enough is irrational. It will exhaust you and is harmful to your body and mind. 

Stop being so hard on yourself because you’ve accomplished far more than you give yourself credit for. Take a deep breath, you’re doing great!

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8. You Surround Yourself With Critical People

you surround yourself with critical people

Some of us don’t even need negative thoughts to make us feel inadequate. We allow others to do our work by choosing toxic friendships and dysfunctional relationships.

So choose your friends wisely, and make sure to vent your frustrations to someone who knows you well. A supportive relationship is all you need. You might not get the advice you were looking for but you might gain the confidence to get through the difficult times.

Final Thoughts 

No matter what you do, it’ll seem like you’re not doing enough if you continue to set unreasonable expectations for yourself. You should slow down the thought process once in a while and gradually restore it to boost your creativity. Remember to treat yourself with extra love and care whenever you are feeling down.

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