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What Is Your Birthday’s Rune? What Does It Mean For You?

your birthday rune

What’s your birthday’s rune? What are the Runes? Why are your Runes so important in magical practice?

I’m pretty sure you’ve already seen the use of runes for divination. However, the runic alphabet is not just encoded riddles of magic used in crafting talismans and casting spells.

The Runes echo archetypical Magical forces and Elements of the universe. This is why nearly everything can be traced back and be associated with at least one Rune, hence, your birthday’s Rune.

Everyone has a personal Rune. What’s yours?

Your Birthday’s Rune

All parts of the Zodiac Circle correspond to one elemental Rune. Keeping the Order of the Runes as we know it so far for divination, you will find out, what’s your Birthday’s Rune is and what it really means!

Runestones, (sometimes cards), are used as tools of divination – a way to predict one’s future. The Rune you pick has a message for you! Pick A Rune and Find out What It Means For You

Using your Birthday’s Rune:

Once you find your Birthday’s Rune, you can apply some Witch’s Oil (Clavis Aurea) and meditate on its importance. It’s your birth-right to use it. Tap into its power and see how things can help you grow and evolve.

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What’s your Birthday’s Rune?

1. 29th June – 14th July: Fehu

Fehu - 1. 29th June – 14th July: Birthday's rune
types of runes – Fehu birthday rune

Your magic Rune symbolizes the animal kingdom.

Ever-moving, ever-creating, ever-feeling, these are the basic principles of this Rune and those who are born under its dominion. Prone to fraud when emotional turbulent. However, you have the power to reveal the truth like no one else, yet you need emotional clarity.

  • Rune’s Magical Powers: Promotion, Prosperity, Rewards from Work
  • Sun between 7.5-22.5 degrees Cancer (find where your Sun is here – free Birth Charts)

2. 30th March – 14th April: Ehwaz

birthday rune
birthday runes

Your magic Rune symbolizes a strong horse.

Your heart is true, and when you place your loyalty to something, you are amongst the few who keep their promise. You are trustworthy and friends seek out your company and guidance. Your marriage demands your vital energy and is always a vortex of power that needs to be directed in a creative way.

  • Rune’s Magical Powers: Mobility, Transportation, Energy comes and goes, Will
  • Sun between 7.5-22.5 degrees Aries (find where your Sun is here – free Birth Charts)

3. 28th December – 13th January: Eihwaz

Eihwaz -  birthday rune
Eihwaz birthday’s rune

Your magic Rune symbolizes a yew tree.

You have the power to keep secrets and receive spiritual messages from above and beyond. Your intuition is extremely powerful and your spirit thirsts for freedom. Make sure you stay alone sometimes in pure and perfect silence. This sometimes is all the ‘medicine’ you need. Finally, keep a dream journal, it will help you decode the messages you receive!

  • Rune’s Magical Powers: Death, Initiation, Sudden Change, New Beginning after destruction
  • Sun between 7.5-22.5 degrees Capricorn (find where your Sun is here – free Birth Charts)

4. 28th September – 13th October: Gebo

28th September – 13th October: Gebo-  birthday rune
Gebo birthday’s rune

Your magic Rune symbolizes a gift from Gods.

You are a divine gift to this world and your generosity is uncanny. Your karma is blessed with fortunate events once you discover that reciprocation and gratitude is the key to your happiness. Unfortunately, others may betray you, and this foretold prophecy may haunt you from time to time.

  • Rune’s Magical Powers: Good Luck, Love, a Divine Gift
  • Sun between 7.5-22.5 degrees Libra (find where your Sun is here – free Birth Charts)

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5. 29th July – 13th August: Thurisaz

29th July – 13th August: Thurisaz- birthday's rune
Thurisaz birthday rune

Your magic Rune symbolizes a strong giant.

You are blessed with a strong mind which always plans strategic moves toward your evolution. Your aura is a source of the consistent and persistent enchantment of others around you.

Therefore, with the right calculations and with some good luck success arrives. Do not be disappointed if unexpected events break your dreams. Your Birthday’s Rune foretells of a sudden loss in your life. However, you are blessed with all the tools, to pick yourself up and move on!

  • Rune’s Magical Powers: Discipline, Introspection through Hard Work
  • Sun between 7.5-22.5 degrees Leo (find where your Sun is here – free Birth Charts)

6. 29th April – 14th May: Laguz

Laguz Birthday Rune

The power of your Rune comes from the Water and the balance it bestows wherever is present.

From time to time as you need to stay alone and reflect on your inner thoughts and emotions which you often try to hide. However, your inner magic cannot stay hidden for long.

Unfortunately, humiliation and bullying may affect you in young age, and you need to heal these emotional scars and strengthen yourself.

  • Rune’s Magical Powers: What’s Hidden, Intuition and psychic abilities, Fears & Emotions
  • Sun between 7.5-22.5 degrees Taurus (find where your Sun is here – free Birth Charts)

7. 28th January – 13th February: Algiz

Birthday Rune Algiz

Your magic Rune symbolizes a strong elk.

Do you have the power to overcome any resistance and all kinds of problems on your path to success?

Moreover, you can conjure protection from other Realms when is needed, and make yourself a shield against darkness. This is something others see about you and ask for your help and guidance.

  • Rune’s Magical Powers: Protection, Assistance, seen and unseen Support
  • Sun between 7.5-22.5 degrees Aquarius (find where your Sun is here – free Birth Charts)

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8. 28th October – 13th November: Hagalaz

Birthday Rune Hagalaz

Your magic Rune symbolizes a powerful expression of Mother Nature, the hail.

You have the power to deal with even the worst situations and survive from them. When you are angry you can conjure unimaginable amounts of energy. Please learn to use this energy in a creative way and avoid further damage to yourself and others around you.

  • Rune’s Magical Powers: Sudden Change & Loss, Clearance, a tough Karmic Lesson
  • Sun between 7.5-22.5 degrees Scorpio (find where your Sun is here – free Birth Charts)

9. 29th August – 13th September: Raido

Birthday Rune Raido

Your Magical Rune symbolizes the riding of a horse. You are blessed with enthusiasm throughout your life and this is actually the true source of your inner power. Please avoid criticizing others as this could damage your karma and harm your path. Although this may sound like a silly advice, in witchcraft this might be the most important advice anyone can give you. Putting blame on others can spiritually harm you. Let go and move on your glorious path.

  • Rune’s Magical Powers: Quest, Destiny, Progress through Karmic Lessons
  • Sun between 7.5-22.5 degrees Virgo. (find where your Sun is here – free Birth Charts)

10. 14th June – 29th June: Dagaz

Birthday’s Rune Dagaz

Your Magical Rune symbolizes the bright day.

You are a source of hope and optimism and you radiate the light of the day in this world. Therefore your fortune is going to be blessed once you realize this light and let it flow through you.

However, others may feel jealous about your progress, your success, and your marriage and this is why you have to protect this light. Please remember that anything you begin can be blessed with unimaginable good luck once you believe and shine your light on it.

  • Rune’s Magical Powers: Happiness, Satisfaction & Success
  • Sun between 22.5 degrees Gemini – 7.5 degrees Cancer (find where your Sun is here – free Birth Charts)

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11. 27th February – 14th March: Teiwaz

Birthday’s Rune Teiwaz

Your Magical Rune symbolizes a sword.

You’re honorable and when the need arises you can conjure an unimaginable amount of power to fight for what is worth. This is why you are often victorious in your goals. However, you need to choose your battles in order to maintain an appropriate amount of energy in you. Remember that feelings of revenge may damage your higher self.

  • Rune’s Magical Powers: Sacrifice, Wound, Discipline, Inner Strength
  • Sun between 7.5-22.5 degrees Pisces (find where your Sun is here – free Birth Charts)

11. 28th November – 13th December: Isa

Isa rune

Your magic Rune symbolizes the ice.

You are blessed with an unprecedented ability to find spiritual clarity when is most needed. This is what actually helps you to overcome any obstacle that may come your way and resist even the toughest and most complicated situations. Victory is in your blood. You are destined to succeed.

  • Rune’s Magical Powers: Blockage, Rest, Stagnation, Patience
  • Sun between 7.5-22.5 degrees Sagittarius (find where your Sun is here – free Birth Charts)

12. 13th September – 28th September: Kenaz

Birthday’s Rune Kenaz

Your magic Rune symbolizes a torch.

It is actually amazing how much you can find out when you’re focused. You have the natural skill to clarify any situation and find out the truth that is lying beneath. Your destiny is blessed with at least one moment of clear and undoubtable illumination. Therefore, you will experience the very truth that holds this world together, as a bridge to other realms.

  • Rune’s Magical Powers: Inspiration, Wisdom, Creativity
  • Sun between 22.5 degrees Virgo – 7.5 degrees Libra (find where your Sun is here – free Birth Charts)

13. 29th May – 14th June: Othila

Birthday’s Rune Othila

Your magic Rune symbolizes inheritance.

Your destiny is blessed with strong yet sometimes complicated family traditions. Wealth coming from real estate businesses is common as well as good luck coming from dealing and working with your past.

Use this power to count your blessings and wisdom from your past life and set the foundations of a new, exciting, and successful life.

  • Rune’s Magical Powers: Land, Home, Property, Family, Roots, Heritage
  • Sun between 7.5-22.5 degrees Gemini (find where your Sun is here – free Birth Charts)

14. 14th March – 30th March: Berkana

Birthday’s Rune Berkana

Your magic Rune symbolizes birch.

Your destiny is full of opportunities to experience the realms of pleasure and joy. Therefore, you will often find yourself at emotional crossroads, doubting whether your decisions were satisfactory enough or ethical.

Fertility, pregnancy, and having children are always a source of both satisfaction and anxiety. Connecting with Mother Earth can help you deal with these insecurities.

  • Rune’s Magical Powers: New Beginnings, Fertility, Growth, Remarkable healing
  • Sun between 22.5 degrees Pisces – 7.5 degrees Aries (find where your Sun is here – free Birth Charts)

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15. 13th December – 28th December: Jera

Jera Birthday’s Rune

Your magic Rune symbolizes the harvest.

You came to this life to complete a circle of experiences that started many many years ago. The harvest symbolizes the benefits and the good results of all these efforts made in your life and your past lives.

You are extremely successful in finding the ones who can assist you in this journey. Your marriage may not be full of passion but you both profit emotionally and physically from this union. Finally, you are born with magical healing abilities. Your touch is liberating.

  • Rune’s Magical Powers: Slow Change and Development, Reward, Fertility
  • Sun between 22.5 degrees Sagittarius – 7.5 degrees Capricorn (find where your Sun is here – free Birth Charts)

16. 13th August – 29th August: Ansuz

Ansuz Birthday’s Rune

Your magic Rune symbolizes Wisdom. Hence, your spirit came into this world to complete a circle of experiences and this is why you first for knowledge and inspiration. You never stop looking for answers studying and trying to find creative ways to reach for the truth.

  • Rune’s Magical Powers: A Leader, Wisdom, Power
  • Sun between 22.5 degrees Leo – 7.5 degrees Virgo (find where your Sun is here – free Birth Charts)

14. 14th May – 29th May: Inguz

May: Inguz
Birthday’s Rune Inguz

Your magic Rune symbolizes the hearth.

You have a natural instinct to discover what can bring profit to your life in multiple ways. Furthermore, your destiny is to slowly build in the physical Realm the foundation to provide stability and guidance toward your spiritual evolution. You’ve got creative hands and many depend on them literally or metaphorically.

However, you’re naturally inclined toward physical luxuries can create scandals and gossip regarding for example secret relationships.

  • Rune’s Magical Powers: Soil, Productivity, Hard Work, Balance
  • Sun between 22.5 degrees Taurus – 7.5 degrees Gemini (find where your Sun is here – free Birth Charts)

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15. 13th February – 27th February: Sowulo

Birthday’s Rune Sowulo

Your magic Rune symbolizes the Sun.

Hence, an unimaginable amount of earthly and divine energies run into you. As you can clearly understand this is an amount of energy many feel jealous about.

Therefore, many would like to steal this energy and benefit from it. This is why you have to cut off parasitic relationships and free yourself by mastering self-control. By doing that you are destined to succeed.

  • Rune’s Magical Powers: Success, Energy, Victory, Increase
  • Sun between 22.5 degrees Aquarius – 7.5 degrees Pisces (find where your Sun is here – free Birth Charts)

16. 13th November – 28th November: Nauthiz

Birthday’s Rune Nauthiz

Your magic Rune symbolizes necessity.

You are destined for great discoveries in this world. This has always been the deal from the moment you were born.

However, this karmic necessity usually comes with a difficult lesson or maybe more than one. Therefore, you have to understand your higher purpose in this life and ease your inner rebellion which may lead to solitude and isolation.

  • Rune’s Magical Powers: Poverty, Frustration, Confronting obstacles
  • Sun between 22.5 degrees Scorpio – 7.5 degrees Sagittarius (find where your Sun is here – free Birth Charts)

17. 14th July – 29th July: Uruz

Uruz Birthday Rune

Your magic Rune symbolizes the primordial force.

Hence, your inner fire is what fuels your goals and dreams in this physical realm. However, sometimes your fiery passion may go out of control.

Consequently, you get into a ‘frenzy’ mode until you find again your inner balance. When you’re motivated nothing can stop you but please do try to maintain emotional balance in order to avoid hurting others.

  • Rune’s Magical Powers: Libido, Passion, Instincts, our Wild side
  • Sun between 22.5 degrees Cancer to 7.5 degrees Leo (find where your Sun is here – free Birth Charts)

18. 14th April – 29th April: Mannaz

Birthday’s Rune Mannaz

Your magic Rune symbolizes a (hu)man.

You are an autonomous person who gets satisfaction and inspiration by spending on your own. Frequent yet short-time isolation for meditation and other occult practices replenishes your magical energy which can later be used for creative reasons. Sometimes you feel that no one understands you. These feelings may come from past hurtful memories and possible betrayal. Learn to let go.

  • Rune’s Magical Powers: the Man, the Community, and our Relationships, Family
  • Sun between 22.5 degrees Aries – 7.5 degrees Taurus (find where your Sun is here – free Birth Charts)

19. 13th January – 28th January: Perthro

Perthro - What Is Your Birthday's Rune? What Does It Mean For You?
Birthday’s Rune Perthro

Your magic Rune symbolizes the dice.

For many reasons, fortune plays interesting games in your destiny. Hence, you often recognize the importance of synchronicities and lucky circumstances. As you grow up you understand that good luck can be channeled.

Thus, you try to find ways to always bless your life and conjure opportunities. Your best ally is your intuitive powers.

  • Rune’s Magical Powers: Mystery, Change, Magical Energy
  • Sun between 22.5 degrees Capricorn – 7.5 degrees Aquarius (find where your Sun is here – free Birth Charts)

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20. 13th October – 28th October: Wunjo

wunjo What Is Your Birthday's Rune? What Does It Mean For You?

Your magic Rune symbolizes satisfaction.

You may not easily understand it but good luck he’s always been by your side. Hence, this ‘good luck’ might be disguised in form of a person or fortunate opportunities which can change your life in a blink of an eye.

Furthermore, your karma often saves you from traps and helps you avoid danger. Your destiny foretells success in your career.

  • Rune’s Magical Powers: Joy, Success, Recognition, Achievement
  • Sun between 22.5 degrees Libra – 7.5 degrees Scorpio (find where your Sun is here – free Birth Charts)

Originally appeared on Magical Recipes Online
Republished with permission.
What Is Your Birthday's Rune? Find Out Here
What Is Your Birthday’s Rune? What Does It Mean For You?
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