Rune Reading: Choose A Viking Rune And Discover What The Future Holds For You


Rune Reading Choose Viking Rune

Viking runes are symbols of magic, faith, and luck. Discover the tale of your past, present, and future with this rune reading test now!

The word ‘rune’ simply means mystery or secret a type of reading system. Runes are the letters in a set of related alphabets known as runic alphabets, which were used to write various Germanic languages (especially used by Scandinavians and the Anglo-Saxons) before the adoption of the Latin alphabet.

Runes are made of stones and many other types of materials. According to the sagas, runic inscriptions aid in protecting a person against misfortune. To be precise, it guards your destiny and tells you what is in store for you.

Instead, it is a particular combination of energy that manifest in your personality and via the things that happen in your life.

So do you know what is your birthday rune? Below is a fun test for you to reveal your secrets about the future.

RUNE READING – Choose a rune and discover what the future holds for you

Let’s start the choose a rune test.

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Rune Reading Results – Which Rune Did You Choose?

1. Rune 1 – Inguz

Rune Reading Choose Viking Rune Inguz

This ancient rune is known as Inguz – a symbol of divine energy, knowledge and perfection. It also signifies stability, fertility, financial gains, and safety. If you picked this rune, then it’s time for you to enjoy the results of your hard work and dedication. Not only material gains but this rune is associated with spiritual gains as well.

You may develop a deeper understanding of your life. Aside from that, there is a chance you may reconnect with your love or start a new love life. 

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2. Rune 2 – Teiwaz

Rune Reading Choose Viking Rune Teiwaz

This is known as Teiwaz, it is a warrior rune that symbolizes a spear. It represents justice, strength, and bravery.

If you picked this rune then, you need to get ready for great life changes! This rune indicates speed and free will and is a harbinger of new experiences and opportunities. It’s time for you to explore brand new places and horizons.

3. Rune 3 – Raidho

Rune Reading Choose Viking Rune Raidho

This Viking rune is known as Raidho, which represents the overall journey of a person’s life.

Choosing this rune means you are going to live your dreams soon. You will progress at personal, professional, emotional and spiritual levels.

Power, success and good health will be bestowed on you. If you are struggling with some controversial issues or going through mental conflict then you will discover that you were right all along. 

4. Rune 4 – Dagez

Rune Reading Choose Viking Rune Dagez

This ancient and powerful rune is called Dagez. It is the rune that symbolizes consciousness and indicates good luck or divine protection.

If you picked this rune, whenever you will be in deep-dived into problems, you don’t have to worry, you will receive help in ways you cannot image! You will defeat all your problems and come out victorious!

5.  Rune 5 – Jera

Rune Reading Choose Viking Rune Jera

This rune is known as Jera and it translates to “year”. This is placed during the Winter solstice and it represents harmony and patience.

Choosing this rune means that you will be driven by the mission to connect with people, share and spread knowledge. You are a giver and care about others. Your generosity and kindness will pay off. So, relax and wait for new breakthroughs coming your way. 

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6. Rune 6 – Algiz

Rune Reading Choose Viking Rune Algiz

This is one of the most powerful runes, known as Algiz (also known as Elhaz). This rune symbolizes the divine might of life in the universe and the protection it bestows on those who come in sight with it.

If you chose this rune then it’s time for growth, renewal, and spiritual and emotional progress. This rune indicates an end to prolonged grief and sadness. Get ready for new beginnings with new energy and lots of hope. You will be blessed with lots of love and happiness.  

Which rune did you choose? Share your thoughts about this fun test in the comments below.

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