Giving More While Spending Less – 5 Unique Gift Ideas for Your Best Friends’ Birthday

unique gift ideas best friend

Having a best friend is like having someone that makes life easier. As such, they deserve nothing but the best, especially on their birthday. If you still have no idea what present to give her, here are five unique gift ideas that your best friend would definitely love.

Evermee Love Locket

Nothing beats the extravagance of simplicity and sophistication that a locket possesses. Nothing beats the simplicity and sophistication that lockets possess. If your best friend is into jewelry but hates the usual, then you just hit the jackpot. 

The Love Locket by Evermee infuses technology with aesthetics. There is no need to cut pictures as users can upload photos directly from their phones. Despite the love locket’s futuristic features,  Evermee made sure that they remain affordable and budget-friendly. For only under $100, you can amaze your best friend with Evermee’s lockets. 

Turtle Travel Pillow

Travels with your best friend will always be among the highlights of your life. To make every travel comfortable, give your best friend a travel pillow. 

This turtle travel pillow, made from 100% fleece, is a thoughtful gift for our beloved travelers. Weighing about half a pound, it is also portable and convenient. When your best friend is not traveling, she may use it to prevent neck strain when working for long periods. Get a comfy turtle travel pillow as a birthday present and pamper your best friend. 

Snake Plant

Do you know what other presents can pamper your best friend? House plants! An indoor house plant can bring relaxation and a calming ambiance to your best friend’s home or office. 

If you don’t know what plant to get, go for a snake plant. Aside from the chic look of the plant, it also purifies the air and eliminates pollutants. Bring life to your best friend’s concrete jungle!

Gift Coupon

If your best friend enjoys dining out or shopping, then you can surprise her with a coupon from her favorite restaurant or shop.

I know, it sounds kind of lazy to give coupons or gift checks, but they give people the freedom to choose their gifts. If your best friend often returns gifts, then this is a fool-proof gift for her. It’s a win-win situation if you ask me. 

Matching Friendship Bracelets

Remember when you were spending sleepovers making D.I.Y. bracelets as kids? Well, you can still enjoy the same activities even when you are older. 

Organize a pajama party and surprise your best friend with a bracelet-making station. You can talk about anything under the sun while making matching bracelets. Oh, just like the good old days. Although this gift is quite simple, it requires effort and tons of love. I’m sure your best friend will appreciate it big time!

Well, there you have it! Spending a lot of money to make your best friend feel loved on her special day is unnecessary. Just dig a little deeper, and I assure you that the simplest gesture can make her appreciate that she has you in her life.

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