Pick A Rune and Find out What It Means For You

Pick A Rune and Find out What It Means For You

Did you know that a choose a rune, meaning a rune test can reveal your destiny or future? Read the following article carefully to know more about this esoteric practice.

What Is A Rune Stone?

Rune is any of the characters of the alphabet set used by the Germans during the time period between the 3rd and 13th centuries. And a rune stone is a raised stone or any boulder with a runic inscription. This practice of inscribing stones with runes was prevalent between the 4th and the 12th centuries.

Rune stones, (sometimes cards), are used as tools of divination; a way to predict one’s future. Rune Stones come in a set of 24 ancient alphabetic symbols. They can be made of different materials, but the ones made of wood or glass are the most common and attractive. Runes are usually kept in a pouch or box and they usually come with a book of instructions defining the symbols.

How To Do A Pick A Rune?

Ideally, runes are cast on an East-West axis or facing the sun. A white cloth is laid down and used to determine the direction of the casting. From here the focus should lie on the pressing question.

After casting the stones onto the cloth the ones which have fallen the right side up are read. Depending upon whether the rune is reversed or not the rune stone meanings will be interpreted accordingly.

An Alternative To Casting The Rune Stones

Pick a rune stone randomly for a day reading; you can also do what is known as a 3 rune spread. Things to remember:

  • Some feel that the day rune is a good way to get an answer to a single question.
  • The 3 Rune Spread is used for asking broader questions
  • The single rune can be drawn on a daily basis.

To start your rune test, select a rune from the image below and find your personal message. You can also try it with actual runes stones and read the meaning here.

When casting runes, if a rune stone falls in an inverted or reversed position, it has a different meaning (as mentioned below each rune) from the upright one.

Pick A Rune and Find out What It Means For You
Rune Stone Symbols And Meanings

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Pick A Rune And Rune Meaning

Rune stone symbols: Meanings and interpretations of each rune stone are shown below.

1. FEHU – F: Cattle

Pick A Rune Means For You FEHU F Cattle

Upright: Abundance through effort, inheritance of self and self-value, material gain, and earned income. Success, happiness, and wealth.

Reversed: Abandonment of plans, loss, disappointment, frustration.

2. URUZ – U: Brute Strength

Pick A Rune Means For You URUZ U Brute Strength

Upright: Strength, peace at home, love, health, positive changes, and a forceful masculine archetype.

Reversed: Missed opportunities, weak willpower, lack of motivation.

3. THURISAZ – TH: The seeing of the future

Pick A Rune Means For You THURISAZ TH The seeing of the future

Upright: Opening the door or gate to see the future, luck, reflection for action, and protection. You will see the truth.

Reversed: Not willing to heed information given, having a stubborn mindset.

4. ANSUZ – A: references the ancestral god, Odin

Pick A Rune Means For You ANSUZ A

Upright: Message from within (listen to your ‘little voice’), advice from others, a chance encounter, and careful thought so you will know what to do from this point in time

Reversed: Watch out for trickery, the dark side of yourself when others interfere with your plans, or there will be failed communication.

5. RAIDHO – R: Journey

Pick A Rune Means For You RAIDHO R Journey

Upright: You’re about to embark on a journey – either in the physical world or a journey of your soul to heal something that needs healing.

Reversed: Unexpected, unpleasant journey, transit problems, upsetting plans, lost tickets, communication problems.

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6. KENAZ – K: Beacon or torch

Pick A Rune Means For You GEBO

Upright: When you feel in the dark – this rune will bring an opening, to help you open up to who you are and your highest possibilities. From the darkness – light will come.

Reversed: Withdrawal, anxiety, abrupt endings, and loss.

7. GEBO – G: Gift of Harmonic Relationships

Pick A Rune Means For You GEBO

Upright: Unity with self and all others – especially with our higher selves, nature, and all things around us.

Cannot be reversed.

8. WUNJO – W or V: Bliss and Glory

Pick A Rune Means For You WUNJO W

Upright: You do not need anybody. Peace, pleasure, self-worth, joy and serenity, happy results, harmony, and prosperity.

Reversed: Sorrow, dissatisfaction, disappointment, friction, delay, possession by malevolent forces.

9. HAGALAZ – H: Destructive forces

Pick A Rune Means For You HAGALAZ

Upright: This refers to the destructive forces of nature and things that are out of our control.

Cannot be reversed.

10. NAUDHIZ Or NAUTHIZ – N: The Negatives of Human Needs

Pick A Rune Means For You NAUDHIZ

Upright: Caution, hold, coming in touch with a side of you that you may not like, resistance, distress, delay, constraint, or restraint. Reflect on how bad things can be and appreciate what you have.

Reversed: Improper course of action, think twice before acting, don’t make hasty judgments!!

11. ISAZ Or ISA – I: Ice

Pick A Rune Means For You ISAZ I Ice

Upright: Frozen in time, calm, non-action, everything on hold, letting go of ego and seeking your inner truths, and being blocked by your emotions.

Cannot be reversed.

12. JERA – J or Y: The Cycle of One Year

Pick A Rune Means For You JERA

Upright: Reaping of a reward when your world seems stagnant, harvest the seeds you have planted, gain, fruition, things happening in their own time and space when they are supposed to!

Cannot be reversed.

13. EIHWAZ – EI: Yew Tree

Pick A Rune Means For You EIHWAZ EI Yew Tree

Upright: Stability, doing the right things, patience, perseverance, endurance. Decide upon what is the right way to accomplish things in your life.

Cannot be reversed.

14. PERTHRO – P: Initiation, Things Unexplained, Something Hidden

Pick A Rune Means For You PERTHRO P

A hieratic or mystery rune pointing to the mysteries of the creation which are beyond our frail manipulative powers.

Perth is associated with the Phoenix, the mystical bird which consumes itself in the fire and then rises from its own ashes. Its ways are secret and hidden.

Upright: Powerful forces of change are at work here. What is achieved is not easily or readily shared. After all, to heal and become whole is a profound secret. On the side of the Earthly or mundane, there may well be surprises, gains, or rewards that you did not anticipate.

On the side of human nature, this Rune is symbolized by the flight of the eagle. Soaring flight, free from entanglement, lifting yourself above the endless ebb and flow of ordinary life to acquire a broader vision; all this is indicated here.

Perth stands for the heart of Initiation. Nothing external matters here, except your inner reflection. This rule is concerned with the deepest stratum of our being, the bedrock on which our destiny is founded.

For some, Perth means experiencing some form of death or transition. It means letting go of everything, no exceptions, no exclusions. Nothing less than the renewal of the Spirit is at stake.

Hidden information and truths, mysteries, esoteric, that which is unknown on a conscious level, could come into the light and you would understand the ‘higher meaning’ of things.

Reversed: Events stalled, you need to clear out something, unpleasant surprise, the old way has to come to an end. Do not focus on outcomes nor bind yourself with memories of past achievements, or you will deprive yourself of the true present. When your inner being is shifting and reforming, on a deep level, patience, constancy, and perseverance are called for.

Do not repeat the old – let it go!

The initiation – the veils of the illusion are being lifted – let the old ways go!

Stay centered, see the humor and keep your faith firm.

15. ALGIZ: Z: Protection

Pick A Rune Means For You ALGIZ Z Protection

Upright: Spirit guides – (How interesting as my guide is Zoroaster and I call him Z!) – protection, fortunate new influence, making the connection with spirit, and working through your issues.

Reversed: Cannot be reversed.

16. SOWILO Or SOWELO – S: The Sun

Pick A Rune Means For You SOWILO S The Sun

Upright: The circle is about to complete; wholeness, the sun, the path to awareness, and self-knowledge. See your dark side – that which makes you destructive to yourself and others. Seek a chance to heal and be complete with yourself.

Reversed: Cannot be reversed.

17. TIWAZ Or TIEWAZ – T: Tyr, the sky god.

Pick A Rune Means For You TIWAZ T Tyr the sky god

Upright: To be successful in competition, very motivated, and finding the spiritual or transcendental self.

Reversed: Low energy and lack of enthusiasm.

18. BERKANA – B: Birch-goddess

Pick A Rune Means For You BERKANA B Birch

Upright: To be prepared and cautious in what you do. Also, reference to your family and home.

Reversed: An unfortunate domestic situation – so use caution.

19. EHWAZ – E: The Sacred Horse

Pick A Rune Means For You EHWAZ E Sacred Horse

Upright: The balance of things in the universe, stability, moving forward, and carefully focusing on the tools that will help you get there.

Reversed: Sudden unexpected change that is not wanted.

20. MANNAZ – M: The nature of Humanity

Pick A Rune Means For You MANNAZ

Upright: The self and its place in the collective conscience of humanity. We are all part of the collective unconscious and we are all One. Your attitude towards them and their attitudes towards you. Take this time for personal reflection.

Reversed: Cannot be reversed.

21. LAGUZ – L: Water – Emotions

Pick A Rune Means For You LAGUZ L Water Emotions

Upright: The moon, the flow of emotions, and all things into the collective unconscious – all bodies of water – Aquarius – feminine energies – higher mind, spirituality, health, and healing – a time of cleansing.

Reversed: Not listening to your inner voice, doing something you know you should not do or are not capable of doing.

22. INGWAZ Or INGUZ – NG: Fertility

Pick A Rune Means For You INGWAZ NG Fertility

Upright: Fertility of the joining of human beings, usually for a new life – a pregnancy. Finish what you are doing, tie up loose ends, and start something new.

Reversed: Cannot be reversed.

23. DAGAZ – D: Daylight or Dawn

Pick A Rune Means For You DAGAZ

Upright: A new day begins and you go to work. You become more insightful by breaking through your new ideas. Light is all around you.

Reversed: Cannot be reversed.

24. OTHALA – O: Ancestral property – Inheritance

Pick A Rune Means For You OTHALA

Upright: Freedom and independence through releasing ideas and things that keep you ‘stuck’. You will feel ‘free’. You will inherit from someone.

Reversed: Not letting go of outmoded ideas and concepts. You will feel ‘stuck’.

25. BLANK RUNE: Sometimes called “Odin’s Rune”

Pick A Rune Means For You BLANK RUNE

Upright: Anything is possible and can happen. The sum total of who you are, what you have done, and what you have become. Choose a direction and go for it. The blank Rune was added to the others in the 1980s.

It shows that as humanity has grown – the possibilities are beyond what was conceived by the original Runes. Some people include the blank rune in a reading – while others leave it out! I prefer to leave it in as the Universe has limitless possibilities!! If you get this Rune – and you believe in yourself – you can manifest anything.


Which rune did you choose?

Let us know which rune did you choose and whether it resonated, by commenting down below.

Find Out What The Rune You Picked Means For You2
Pick A Rune And Rune Stone Meanings
Pick A Rune and Find out What It Means For You
Pick A Rune Stone
Pick A Rune and Find out What It Means For You pin

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