Sociopathy 101: Understanding the Mind & Psyche Of A Sociopath

Do you know someone who is a bit off? Do they manipulate and use everyone around them to get their way? Are they really smart yet unable to live a fulfilling life? Do they act nice to you when they need something? Well, congrats! Most probably you’re dealing with a sociopath.

When we talk about a sociopath, most of us feel unsettled and worried. However, they are usually not like the psychopathic monsters shown in movies.

A sociopath can act and behave just like you and me. However, they are antisocial individuals without any moral standards or conscience. The fact remains, most of us don’t know much about sociopathy and what exactly goes on inside the mind of a sociopath. Here we are going to take a closer look inside a sociopath’s brain & psyche.

Sociopaths: Pathological users, liars, predators don’t think as we do.
Their hearts are colder than ice; harder than stone.
The trouble lies within their brains.

Sociopaths, pathological users don’t think like we do because: they can’t. The vast chasm of difference between “normal” and “sociopath” or “psychopath” is found in the brain. Sociopaths are known for their superficial charm and then a hairpin turn to nightmare behavior. This D.I.Y. Guide to a sociopath’s brain and psyche cracks the code. So… What’s going on in those heads of theirs?


Sociopaths Have a Brain That Works Very Differently than Ours

“It is not that [the sociopath] fails to grasp the difference between good and bad; it is that the distinction fails to limit their behavior.” -Martha Stout

Sociopaths and Psychopaths brains don’t work a bit like ours. It’s confusing and frustrating to try to build relationships with them, because they’re missing the building-blocks-of-bonding.

We get caught up in our own emotional reaction to what’s happening between us – because normal people use an unspoken emotional connection to gauge and measure our relationships and feel bonding. We use that unseen “vibe” of social connection to go about our lives, even with strangers – and – even with animals! Sociopaths and psychopaths do not have the brain capacity to feel any social connection or bond. We look into their eyes searching for a connection and find nothing but “empty”. Empty and hollow and devoid of humanity:
this is the real reason they have intimacy issues. Don’t believe that “abuse” story.


How Can Sociopaths Do What They Do?

Whether we call them sociopaths, con artists, scammers, liars or users – they’re all alike. It’s incredibly hard for us to imagine the vast emptiness inside their heads. Without any human social connection, they have three things going on in their upstairs hamster wheel of a brain: Survive. Take. Getaway with it. And they know it.

We have limbic brains; the brain of a mammal. Antisocial Psychopaths have what’s known as a reptilian brain.


There’s Really No One Home: But Evil

“If you dance with the devil then you haven’t got a clue; you think you’ll change the devil, but the devil changes you.” – Unknown

Sociopaths are utter without any bonding capability, they’re without genuine concern or care for any human or animal. They have no moral, ethical, spiritual concern for others or for the effect of anything they do; they have no conscience – They use our conscience against us.

These pathological predators who use others are simple creatures whose motivation is twofold:  To get anything they want – and to get away with it. That’s it.

Sociopaths: Too Often Confused for a “Narcissist” these Pathological Predators Don’t Feel What We Feel

Sociopaths and psychopaths do not “feel” any of these normal sensations in a positive way no matter how hard they pretend to and no matter how much we think they do: kindness, guilty, sorry, sweet, reminiscent, obligated, protective, parental, concerned, empathetic, compassionate, joyful, giving, wistful, regretful, magnanimous, benevolent, charitable, in love, responsible, accountable, dependable, fair, understanding, humble, thoughtful, caring, devotional, faithful, loyal – they feel no kinship or fellowship. They have no connection or love.

We, on the other hand, have limbic brains; the brain of a mammal that bonds, cares and makes connected family groups. Antisocial psychopaths have what’s known as a reptilian brain; a self-survival brain. There is real trauma when ensnared by a sociopath. We can heal our traumatized brain.

Jennifer Smith - True Love Scam Recovery
Jennifer Smith founded True Love Scam Recovery in encouragement and support of those hijacked by a sociopath in a true love scam after marrying and escaping one herself. 'The Sociopath's Scam - It Isn't Personal' in Shahida Arabi, 'Becoming the Narcissists Nightmare: How to Devalue and Discard the Narcissist While Supplying Yourself'.


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