Jennifer Smith - True Love Scam Recovery

Jennifer Smith founded True Love Scam Recovery in encouragement and support of those hijacked by a sociopath in a true love scam after marrying and escaping one herself. 'The Sociopath's Scam - It Isn't Personal' in Shahida Arabi, 'Becoming the Narcissists Nightmare: How to Devalue and Discard the Narcissist While Supplying Yourself'.

The 5 Stages of True Love Scam and How To Recover From It

If you experienced the five stages of true love scam, consider yourself as targeted and ensnared by a pathological user, a predator, a sociopath. That’s the beginning of finding answers.

7 Signs That You’re Dating A Sociopath

Sociopaths can be very charming and this makes it hard to identify them. And all the more easier to fall in love with.

Are You Being Emotionally Abused By A Sociopath? Here’s What You Need To Know

Most of the victims of emotional abuse ignore the red flags and tell themselves that they are overreacting. But when you listen to your inner voice, you will realize that you are in a toxic and emotionally abusive relationship

Sociopathy 101: Understanding the Mind & Psyche Of A Sociopath

"It is not that [the sociopath] fails to grasp the difference between good and bad; it is that the distinction fails to limit their behavior." -Martha Stout

20 Characteristics of a Con Man Sociopath

Characteristics of a sociopath are distinct. There’s a good reason for this: a sociopath has a brain significantly different from yours or mine.

PTSD is a Thing After Life with a Sociopath

PTSD is a thing after a sociopath or a narcissistic abuser. What we’re feeling is normal, unavoidable, not permanent and there are hope and healing.

17 Signs We Are Used or Abused

17 Signs We’re Used or Abused in a (So-Called) Relationship

5 Things You Must Do When Leaving A Sociopath

Leaving a sociopath is no ordinary break up. It’s an escape from terror, abuse, and harm. We’re not in denial. – We’re scared out of our minds.

You Know He’s A Con Man If…

Con Men Are Not Normal People. They’re Sociopaths. You feel like you met your soulmate! The love is deep and fast and amazing. He wants things to get serious. Now. Right away. He texts, calls, wants to see you everyday. Chances are – you just met a con man.

5 Ways To Disarm A Love Bombing Sociopath

Love bombing is an explosion of contact. Contact is how the life-hack happens. Contact is how sociopaths get inside our lives.