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Are You Under A Psychic Attack? Symptoms and Ways To Protect


Symptoms of Attack:

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I have already listed some of the most common symptoms, some others being,

  • Nightmares, night terrors
  • Panic attacks all the time on even irrelevant things
  • When alone, an eerie feeling as if someone is there with you or that you’re being watched
  • A heaviness in your body and mood
  • Prone to too much anger
  • Nothing moves as per your plan, always there’s some of the other setbacks
  • Accidents happening to you all the time

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So, the question is, “How to protect oneself at all times, even in sleep?” There are certain ways in which we can distance our self from these attacks, like the ones listed here below, but know that it’s not enough. The cords need to be cut every day and your energy protected which is why it’s important you have a tool handy that you use. You will get more than one tool in my Free E-book.

  • Don’t let fear rule you
  • Don’t blame anyone
  • Don’t try to send the attacks back in any way, as it will create far more strong attacks which lasts a long time
  • Don’t feel or think like a victim, nor judge yourself
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Know that the most important first step is to not – judge the other person nor yourself, or fearing that these attacks have real power over you, or they are that you have to counter-attack or destroy.

Why? Because then you’re lending your own energy, focus, and power, which will make them far stronger than they actually were!!!!

What else can you do???


5 Ways to protect yourself from a Psychic Attack

1. Work with your Shadow-Self

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Whenever there’s an attack that affects you, it’s kind of an indication from the Universe and your Angels to start working on that side of you which got triggered due to this attack, or that which attracted this.

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Analyze well, and don’t ever think, “oh I must be very vulnerable which is why I’m affected”, “It’s because I smile too much or I seem happy that people are doing this”, or to this effect. What is important isn’t about “why”, what is important is all about “What”. What is the darkness in me that is Attracting them to me, is the right step towards freedom from these attacks forever.


2. Consciously un-focus from fear thoughts

When you know something “bad”, your subconscious will completely and totally become obsessed with thinking about it. Whatever you do, however much you try, your thought-gates will be opened and these compulsive obsessive thoughts will start lining around.

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The best way to deal with it is to come back to your center with the knowing that “fear” will only increase the effects on you. Don’t get angry, don’t be frustrated with your fear-based thoughts, just treat them as a child, with care & love and keep re-directing them to your core, the center of your being, knowing that nothing is going to harm you ever, as when you’re centered your Angels have more power to protect you.


3. Work with the e-book

Always make sure, that you’ve cut the cords and shielded yourself the right way. Use the e-book which has many options on shielding and protecting you.
If you can’t spare much time there’s a protection shield for you, if you want to improve your power over these attacks, there’s a practice for you, if you don’t want to actively engage in shielding for a day, there’s a practice for you too 😄


4. Work with your Inner-Power

Inner Power

Acceptance is the key to your inner-strength. When we refuse to accept things, our shadow-side, our subconscious starts to have a field day. They will keep throwing on your thoughts and emotions that will create confusion and chaos and you’ll constantly feel miserable, victimized, which isn’t the right way to be.

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