The Subconscious Soul Database

The Subconscious Soul Database

Why do you think sometimes we are attracted to people or dislike them for no reason? Have you ever met a stranger and felt that you have known them forever? Here comes the role of the Subconscious Soul Database.

The “All-Knowing” Subconscious Soul Database

Subconscious Soul Database

If you’ve never been to Australia, would you teach about Australia? If you’ve never swam in the ocean, would you teach scuba diving? Even historians are limited to teaching what has been written. In this way, they miss the history that went unwritten and is using a perspective of what seemed to be important at that time. This can represent a biased vision of that era.

All souls, all people, all beings, store the information of where they have been and traveled. Usually, any individual being is able to gather and share information of THEIR OWN soul group and experiences only because they’ve really never left home. Like most of us on Earth. Most of us never leave The country where we were born.

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So, just like here on Earth if I never personally experienced Australia, I would be trying to string together videos I’ve seen on the internet and books were written on other people’s perspectives to try to gauge a feeling of the country. I would fill in the blanks with assumptions and imagination based on my research. I have to piece together the visuals. I have to relate it to my experience and my own internal database that has never been there. Meaning I would constantly be comparing and limiting the space to my own self limiting beliefs and home. If someone challenges me, I can’t dig deeper because I wasn’t there. I have no grounds to dig deeper.

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A common misconception humans make is that souls are all-knowing.

That when we tap into our subconscious mind we will be able to gather ANYTHING. In this way, they are still functioning on ego and delusion or imagination. That is simply not the case.

If we immediately opened up to a space of “all-knowing” energy then there would be no point of evolution we would simply all be functioning in our highest vibration possible every time we meditated.

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It wouldn’t have taken us this long to come to completion on Earth. What IS TRUE is, when you open up to your souls database you have access to the information you have personally experienced as a soul. Places you have visited, things you have seen, beings you have met. But just like a dream, we can interfere with those visions and messages if we are untrained and unaware of our ability to project our biases into our vision. For example, if your human self is dead set on something being impossible because you didn’t personally see it.

You would override any intuition that brings you information outside of your spectrum of possibility. It is a form of self-defense because it would shatter your mental state. Seeing something you simply aren’t ready to comprehend — could break our barriers or reality in our very fragile human minds. We could go insane. So our mind begins to interfere and structure the message into what we are ready to grasp, what we are mentally and emotionally ready to handle. We interfere, as a safety precaution.

For example — I personally have never forced a connection or a vision, all of my knowing and information I share is something I channeled with a client who could verify the information. They might not remember the specific scenario, but they might have snapshots, visuals, art from when they were younger, dreams and messages that all align with the information coming through. Their personality, emotions, and story align to the reading in a way that clicks with the soul. Those are all points of deep soul acceptance.

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My only goal is it’s my gifts is to heal constantly, to remove as many biases points and perspectives and to realize anything is possible.

To check my triggers. To release judgment. To nurture my own growth and protect myself. Then to read clients in that energy. Clear. Unlimited and open to receiving free of my own personal judgments.

In this way, in this process, I have taught my soul and self not to wander, I do not use imagination to fill in the blanks. I do not make assumptions while working with anyone. I never let personal bias lead or limit me. But most importantly, I’ve learned to stay completely out of the message not forcing messages, not trying to pick topics that are “hip” to gain followers or likes. I have learned to share only what I see and only what has been confirmed through another to be true. Because of this, I will always be authentic. That is valuable to me.

That is why people feel so aligned with my messages and page. I cut out the glitter and fat. I get to the point and in the process, I help others step into a whole new pool of awareness with themselves and their soul. No fad lingo, no imagination, no assumptions. Just information that relates and resonates to you specifically! Not me or my soul, because I understand the difference.

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Written By Jessenia Nozzolillo
Originally Appeared On New England Psychic Medium

“Visit Psychic Medium Jessenia on Facebook to book your own personal session online.” 

Akashic Records are records of every soul that has ever existed, and all of the information that lies within each of these souls. Jessenia has the gift of being able to access these records and work on your soul through a process she calls “soul reintegration.” This process includes searching for any traumas and/or obstructions to the soul that would inhibit or delay your soul’s development or expression. Once these are found, they are repaired; once repaired, your soul is able to evolve to a closer state of full expression through your physical form. This is what Jessenia, the New England Psychic Medium helps her clients and followers accomplish through articles, posts, videos, and personal sessions.

The Subconscious Soul Database

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