12 Traits of An Unforgettable Woman

Traits Unforgettable Woman

Do you think you are an unforgettable woman?

People will forget what you said. People will forget what you did. But people will never forget how you made them feel.– Maya Angelou

You have done so much for the world taking the dark carbon dioxide in and spreading oxygen around you. Women like you do exist, women who are wonderful, brave, beautiful…women whom we can’t simply forget. The world has not been fair to you. Perhaps you are still single, perhaps lonely. People haven’t been wise enough to understand your value. But let us tell you, that we do know how precious you are and you will always be an unforgettable woman for us.

We know there are so many of out there. You are probably tired of falling in love with men and then getting ditched; hate all the drama, the back-bitching, the defamation that follows. Must have grown immune to false promises and sugar-coated lies. Might have dated quite a few men, some mediocre, some extremely –creative, some workaholic. But the end result has been the same. You were left with nothing but memories woven with lies.

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You are tired of being taken advantage of, lied to; scared to lose your self-esteem now. Now You know, that’s all that you have at the end of the day.

But let us tell you, that you are a good soul. You might have to leave the people you loved but they have never forgotten you. They are probably blaming themselves for losing you. They might not probably come back to you and apologize because that involves letting go of their ego, which is quite a difficult job for them but you are someone they will never forget.

Sadly, our world underestimates exemplary people, be it a man or a woman. Driven by the seven sins, these exemplary people are despised by the mediocre ones. That’s what happens to women like you.

No matter what others say, we love you. So, we have identified a list of traits which make you so special, for which we can never ever forget you.

(1) You are Empathetic:


You understand others more than us and don’t need to go through a similar problem to feel what the other person is experiencing. You simply realize it. That’s what makes people open out their hearts to you.

(2) You hardly express your pain:

You got cheated by the person you loved and you are dwelling in that trauma. But your cousin is getting married in a month. You know how heart-wrenching it is, but you don’t intend to ruin the fun for others. You are there actively participating in the wedding preparations while you are dealing with your loss alone.

(3) You are the epitome of kindness:

The kindest soul around is you. Crossing your limits to help people in need is very common for you. Your own needs never get a priority. First, you need to help others and then you will think about yourself.  You are always there for us and support us selflessly.

(4) You are forgiving:

No matter how much you have been hurt by others, you still believe in forgiveness. You have given second chances to people and they betrayed you again. This, however, didn’t stop you from forgiving another person. You know that forgiving is the best way to let go of negative emotions.

(5) You are fiercely independent:

Your independent encourages everyone else. Your partner doesn’t need to validate your independence. You earn it yourself by being yourself. There’s no need for you to depend on others. Even if you don’t know how to do work, you try to learn it yourself. You are independent and unique.

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(6) You are zealous:

You are bursting with energy. For any positive work, we can get your full support. Your energy spreads such a positive aura that we can’t help but give our best.

(7) You are passionate:

You are passionate about each and everything you do. Be it choosing the perfect bath soap or organizing the fund-raising concert for the homeless, you are extremely dedicated and you enjoy everything you do. Your passion inspires people and they remember you for ever.

(8) You love unconditionally:

Don’t care if you are loved back or not. You are so full of love for others; not necessarily the person has to be really very close to you to get your love. You love everyone and your expressions of love make others feel positive about themselves. You are always there by our side and can do anything for the ones you love.

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(9) You provide deep insights:

You have gone through a lot yourself. Wisdom is an ornament you wear. Your insights solve a lot of complications in your lives. You provide people with deep insights and that makes you an unforgettable woman.

(10) You have confidence in yourself and in us:

You are confident not only about yourself but also about us, too. Probably because you have suffered so many traumas and have been successful enough to overcome them, you know your strengths well. You also believe that we can do it too. You have faith in us and you know we are capable of doing things even though we are unsure of ourselves.

(11) Your beauty comes from within:

You are beautiful, not because of that peach lipstick you wear or that black eyeliner you use; you are beautiful because you are genuinely a good soul; whatever you say, you mean it from your heart. You have a grace which overshadows all the colors of the make-up. Your elegance is something we all admire.

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(12) You are persistent:

No matter what has happened to you, you have always been persistent. Nothing could change you. You might have got hurt a million times but that didn’t provoke you to hurt others. You have retained your ingenuity and morality amidst everything. No storm could blow you away. That’s what makes you an unforgettable woman.

You are special. Thank you for being such a wonderful woman. When the night is dark, you shine like the vibrant star and your light keeps on glowing in our lives for eternity. We love you.

12 Traits That Makes You An Unforgettable Woman
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