7 Reasons Why An Alpha Female Will Be The Best Girlfriend You’ll Ever Have

7 Reasons Why An Alpha Female Will Be The Best Girlfriend You’ll Ever Have

Why an Alpha Female is the Best Girlfriend you’ll ever have

Alpha women are the independent, entrepreneurial, confident women with the power to make independent decisions.

They do not seek validation from anyone. They have a mind of their own and never think twice even when they have to stand alone. Her courage and confidence often intimidates and scares away men from a relationship. But the ones who dare, truly know her worth.

Here are a few reasons why an alpha female is the best girlfriend you ever have.

1. Simple, clear, to the point.

While with other girls yes means no, a no means yes, a yes means maybe, maybe means no and continues… with alpha females yes means a yes and no means a no. This saves a lot of time and drama. When they say a thing they mean it, no hidden tricks or anagram. Simple, clear and to the point.

2. Never backs down.

There will be times when even your guy friends may flee on the first sign of danger. But she will be there by your side till the end. Once she commits, there’s no going back.

3. Self and collective development-oriented.

She not only works her ass off to bring out the best in her but also you. She keeps both motivated and helps you bring the best qualities forth. Alpha means a leader and leaders work for collective upliftment.

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4. She is self-sufficient.

There are no boundaries for her love for you, but she does it only because she wants to not because she needs you. If you’re someone who needs to feel needed, sorry but she gonna burst that ego bubble. She is self-sufficient, independent and prides herself. In such relationships, you don’t feel tied.

 5. She makes the first move

Alpha female is not hesitant or shy. While you scratch your head thinking how to initiate, she will have made the first move. sex with alpha females is always amazing because not only it’s full of passion and intimacy but she will actually be the one to initiate most of the time. Win-win.

6. Self-loving and ever positive

How can you love someone if you cannot love yourself first OR how can someone love you if you cannot love thyself first? Alpha females are always positive and self-caring. They don’t need one to remind them of it every time. They love themselves thus they know what’s best for them.

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7. Full of life

They live their life in the fast lane. There is no time for melodrama and negativity. They are full of positive vibes and positive energy. They are the do-ers and no talkers, they can face different challenges and boy they won’t ever give up. Adventure is what turns them on, they are not happy sitting on the sidelines.

7 Reasons Why An Alpha Female Will Be The Best Girlfriend You’ll Ever Have2
7 Reasons Why An Alpha Female Will Be The Best Girlfriend You’ll Ever Have

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  1. Hi, Thanks for posting 😀 I mostly agree with you by my experience, and I appreciate that i had similar conclusion once i thought about girls. Do you know how to meet and attract an alpha girl? How to recognize she? Any tips? All the best, Krzysiek.

    1. An awakened/ awakening woman <3 A Goddess! Deep, fierce, broken yet strong as she is ... Without limits to love, without judge for others - One right on her enlightened path

  2. I can relate to all of these with the possible exception of #3. I have no problem staying at home and make no apologies for that. I don’t always have to be on the go to be happy. In fact, I am an introvert and time alone strengthens me. Just sayin’

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