7 Ways An Alpha Woman Stands Out From The Rest

 November 16, 2016

Ways in which an alpha woman stands out from the rest.


1. Emotionally Intelligent

An Alpha women knows how to identify a potential toxic relationship and back away from it. Moreover being aware of emotions, people and situation is important part of being an alpha woman or having a strong personality. They make decisions based on experience rather than emotions. They always dive in their knowledge from experiences while making important decisions so that they don’t get into some mess which they cannot come out of. Having the potential to identify a harmful or toxic relationship they pull out of it before it takes some ugly turn which saves a lot of time and drama for them.


2. They say it, the way it is

While most people exaggerate or sugar coat things to earn appraisal or to avoid hurting someone’s feelings, the alpha woman says it the way it is.

Not everyone likes the bitter truth, and for this, an alpha woman may not always be endearing but still she will certainly be respected. People who can see her honesty will develop an admiration for the same.


3. Natural confidence

The positivity in her attitude, brings along a natural confidence in her and this confidence causes people to follow wherever she goes. The confidence is for her ability to get the work done, this confidence is of a class and not some lame reason which gets bravado or cocky with times.

This confidence doesn’t make her loud, but makes her calm, and the way she treats people and conduct her to others earn her more appraisals.


4. Her actions appear effortless

The alpha woman seem to have it all time, it takes a great deal of hard work to get to the point where your actions seems effortless. This establishes a faith in her underlings as they are impressed by her ability to remain on point and not fall apart while others do.

She doesn’t force a decision but lets everything go with the flow, she knows nothing works when forced so she is balanced in making decisions. She knows exactly when to put that extra impound and when to pull back and let things fall in place. After all it’s the balance that makes actions seem effortless.


5. Work-life balance

It is really not easy for average women to get the right balance between their work life and personal life but this has never been an issue for an alpha woman. She has a broader perspective to things, and lives not in the Future but in the Now. They know when they need a break and they also know when they should extra effort in the work to success. They don’t let one take over another. 


6. Ability to utilize constructive criticism

While average women become defensive, standoffish and irritated on hearing criticism, what makes an alpha woman stand out from them is their ability to hear the truth and introspect and work for betterment of self. She may throw out criticism and she has no problem accepting it in return, in fact she appreciates constructive criticism.

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