How Unconditional Love Can Transform Your Relationship

unconditional love

Nowadays, dating may feel like ‘Hell’ to most people as with every passing day we feel that relationships are getting more and more complicated. However, love is actually a lot simpler. Unconditional love may seem like a Buddhist way of loving an individual, but in reality it simply means true love.

In this era of Instagram and Snapchat, where we put excessive pressure on living the perfect life, we have made our relationships far more complicated than it needs to be. As a result,we have corrupted our feelings of love with expectations, insecurities and codependency.

When we love someone without any expectations or thinking about what we can get in return from that individual, then it becomes true and unconditional love.

When we love someone unconditionally, we care about their happiness and well-being without any demands. Unconditional love in a way begins with true love for ourselves.


What Is Unconditional Love?

Unconditional love is a simple feeling where you care for the other without having any expectations. This can be easier said than done. It is basic human nature to expect, especially from loved ones and this can create cracks in our relationships which can go unnoticed. Unconditional love is selfless and offers happiness even through sacrifice, if needed. When you love the other person even when your dreams and plans regarding the relationship are not met, then you can reach a level of love and affection where there will be no pain.

Letting go of expectations and your perception of the perfect relationship will lead to a happier life for both of you.

If you love someone depending on certain factors like what they can do for you, then it is conditional love. The act of loving an individual irrespective of the circumstances is unconditional love. It means accepting them as they are without trying to change them.

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However, unconditional love does not mean being in a toxic relationship or tolerating abuse, betrayal, disrespect or hurtful behavior in a relationship. To love a person unconditionally, you should start by loving yourself without any conditions. Self-love will enable you to develop the mental and emotional strength needed to love another person without wanting anything in return. In essence, unconditional is simply true love consisting of understanding and respect for yourself and your partner.


However, unconditional love does not necessarily mean that you don’t need your partner to love you or support you when you need it. It only means that you are not dependent on someone else to feel happiness inside. This state of love can only be cultivated through a solid sense of self-respect, self-love and self-confidence.

Love Unconditionally To Build Stronger Relationships

Loving someone unconditionally is a feeling that requires us to expose our weaknesses and vulnerabilities to someone with a strong belief that we want our partner to be happy, irrespective of the outcome. It is more about how you make the other person feel instead of how you feel when they are with you. In this age, unconditional love can be an alien concept to us.

So, it is crucial that we are sincere with our feelings and observe our thoughts regarding the other person. Are your feelings for this person genuine? Does your love depend on certain factors? Can your ego result in certain situations that may hurt the person you love?

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Can You Love Someone Unconditionally?

Loving someone unconditionally is not going to be easy for anyone, unless it comes form the inside. If you are protecting your partner or the person you love from challenges and hardships, if you are preventing them from making mistakes and learning from them, if you are overprotective and keeping them from the difficulties of life, then you surely don’t love them unconditionally.

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